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One of the main things people enjoy about Errl Cup is that it is free.  Free to attend.  Free to Judge and Free Medication at the event.  

One of the ways we offset out costs is to send you emails based on your interests.  

These emails are either from us or our partners.  Your engagement with our emails, us and our partners is a key to our business.  

If you don’t wish to receive an email from us please unsubscribe at any time.  

If you do want to be a judge, receive special membership offers and deals from our partners then you are on the right email list. 

Signed up to be an Errl Cup Judge?

Thank you for signing up to be a judge for the Errl Cup. 

We have included information about what you need to do to improve your judging chances, how to maintain being a judge and other information/resources for your judging experience. 

Signed Up to be a Errl Cup Member?

Thank you for being a member of the Errl Cup.

Benefits Received

  • Special Offers
  • Exclusive Events
  • Increased Chance of being Judge
  • and other Member Benefits
What you can Expect from Signing Up

Thanks for supporting the Errl Cup.

What to Expect?

  • Weekly Emails 
  • Subjects: Free Information, Offers, and Partners emails
  • Winner of Judges boxes
  • Announcements and Special Events
  • Sponsored Content Emails
  • Sponsored Emails
What you can Expect from Signing Up to Receive Emails.

We will respect your email address and information.  

We will not sell your information

You will receive email from us, our partners and other merchants offering information, products or services. 

Unsubscribe at any point (if you unsubscribe you will not be able to be the pick as a just)

How you can Improve your chances of being a Judge

Be engaging with our sponsors, partners, emails and social media

Follow us on social media

Take our Free and Paid Cannabis Judging Education Courses

Spend your money with our partners and sponsors

Be a helpful community leader, but helping others in any way you can

What we need you to do after you Sign Up

We need you to be an engaging member.  

Promote and support the Errl Cup

Share your experience online by reviewing us on Google, Facebook, and other review sites

Invite your friends to join and get a chance to win a judge cup

If you plan on buying some smoking product, smoking apparel or any other product or service we encourage you to work with us or our partners.

Remember without you and our partners we would have no event. 

Add Our Email Address to Your Email Address Book

In order to ensure you receive your email, we would suggest you put us in your address book.  

Fact:  We have drawn judges 4 different times because the winner does not respond.  One reason email ending up on spam.  

This is a way to fix that

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