The Errl Cup is looking for Volunteers needed at The Errl Cup for the following areas:

    • General Help Volunteers – booth assistance, set up, and other tasks that might need to be completed on, before or/and after The Cup.
    • Security Volunteers – check id’s, maintaining crowd, monterimg any unauthorized conduct at The Cup.
    • Event Volunteers– help with setup and event coordination (looking for experience people.
    • Set up and clean up Volunteers – set up booths and tear down at end of event. Pick up event hall and put away rentals.
    • Errl Cup Girls – girls that would like to attend the event as a Errl Cup Girl – promoting the event, providing patient service by sure our patients are having a good time and other duties of promotion and patient service.

Contact errlcup@gmail.com subject “volunteers” please give us a brief description of what you would like to volunteer for, what experience you might have in volunteering area, times and days available to volunteer and best way to contact you.

Thanks for volunteering at The Errl Cup.

We value and appreciate our volunteers and we show it.

See you at The Cup!
The Errl Cup Team
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Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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