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Event:              Errl Cup Spring

Location:           Scarizona – 1901 N Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85201

Date:                    Saturday March 11th & Sunday March 12th 2022


Volunteer Contact:    Pineapple            602-794-7814                     Sam                       480-669-3623


Volunteer Parking: Is merged with vendor parking, enter through the vendor parking area under the

bridge. Each volunteer will receive 1 parking pass.


Staff Shirts: Are given at volunteer check in booth which is next to vendor check-in.

  • Before your shift check-in at the volunteer booth to get your staff shirt.
  • Make sure your department lead signs off on your wristband at end of your shift.
  • Be sure to check-out after your shift to return your staff shirt and get your event shirt/etc.



Every Volunteer enters into a Volunteer agreement with Errl Cup and the other volunteers. The agreement is that we all rely on each-other to have a smooth and enjoyable volunteer experience. That means arriving on time, sticking to your break and lunch time as well as completing your shift is not just crucial to the festival but crucial to the other volunteers who are sharing the responsibility with you.

*Our goal is to ensure everyone has the best experience and that means no one position/job is less important than another.

All Volunteers could receive at completion, an event Shirt, VIP food and drinks, a gift bag, and entry into volunteer raffles including the judge kit. Also included is DL Lodge Access & this event will counts towards your volunteer achievement awards. IE Jacket, Pendent, Polo, Bong, Etc


A huge thank you for all you do for Errl Cup and the cannabis community. Without your help we would not be able to host such amazing events.  Any help, advice or suggestions you might have is valuable. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly and let us know any feedback you have.


Jim Morrison                                                                      Jay Neri

602-540-6283                                                                     602-320-5989                                            

Volunteer Party’s at Dl Lodge

To register for an upcoming Volunteer Party you must be a current volunteer. Click the below link to register for a party you qualify for. 

Volunteer party event schedule below 

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