Cannabis Event Arizona Vendor Pricing

Errl Cup & 710 Degree Cup Pricing
Vendor Pricing Cannabis Events Arizona:  Errl Cup Events
Arizona is one of the best market for Vendors of Cannabis Products.  Arizona is ranked #4 for Patients, Cannabis Sales, and Investments country wide.

Errl Cup Events are designed differently than most Cannabis type events.   All Patients pay nothing for admission, we secret shop dispensaries for their medicine out of pocket and we celebrate twice a year with free medication, live music and Vendors like yourself.

Come experience a different way to do a Cannabis Event.


Errl Cup

Annually in January, we celebrate clean Cannabis at the Errl Cup! Our 100,000 sq ft outdoor venue complements the Arizona weather perfectly. A classic event that sends everyone home with a smile. 

710 Degree Cup

Held annually in July the 710 Degree Cup celebrates clean medicine during the hottest part of the year. This indoor venue is always packed with award winning Cannabis & a ton of fun.Exit Visual Builder

Errl Cup Colorado

Heading to Denver, Colorado.  Errl Cup plans to bring its “Clean Cannabis” motto to the rocky mountain state!  Come celebrate with a great recreational cannabis communiuty.

Our Vendor Philosophy

Errl Cup considers Vendors to be more of Partners with our company. Without your support, time, effort and belief in this industry and most of all your products we would not have our events.

That why our philosophy is to make our Partners profitable at our events and beyond.  We still work with you even after the event is over.

710 degree map

Event Information

710 Degree Cup Arizona

Date: 7/13/19

Time:  11:00 am to 6:00 pm (10:30am for VIP)

Address: TBA

Venue Information


  • Over 65,000 sq ft
  • Grand stage
  • Food Court
  • No-Parking use mass transit, Uber or Lyft.

Vendor Contact Us

Vendors be part of the Errl Cup experience and see what we have to offer.  Our events are like none other, our patients are like none you have seen and we know that your business will benefit from a partnership with any Errl Cup Event.

See you at the Cup!

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