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Travel Magazine Phoenix  Travelmag New List of Things to Do in Arizona

Thanks for the mention

Errl Cup would like to first thank for mention Errl Cup and 710 Degree Cup as festivals and events to do in Arizona.

Travelmag article showed the best things to do in Arizona.  Out of the list of 22 things was our events, the 710 Degree Cup and Errl Cup showcasing Arizona is the Travel Magazine Phoenix area.

Other things to do in Arizona

Also listed

  • Pot of God
  • Italian Festival of Arizona
  • Great American BBQ & Beer Festival
  • Phoenix Pride Festival
  • Brufest
  • Phoenix Improv Festival
  • and a lot more..



Can be thankful enough for mentioning us in their latest Arizona Things to Do.  Go check out the list and all the other things Arizona has going on.





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