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This is the list of the Top Arizona Dispensary Flowers that were bought as part of an Errl Cup Event. We have complied a list of the Top Dispensary for Flower that we had secret shopped for the 2017 Errl Cup.


Our events focus on providing the best possible information, testing and results for Medical Marijuana medicine in Arizona.

Held twice a year in Arizona, the Errl Cup and the 710 Degree Cup provided patients with valuable information.

One of the process we use to insure the quality of medication that patients are getting is our Secret Shopping Process.

Combined with testing from our Approved Lab and judging done by MMJ patients and industry leaders.  We come up with the winners and losers.

Here we have complied the list of the 35 Dispensaries that we secret shopped for Flower for our January 2017 Event.

You can see all the Errl Cup Results for every event we have done with the testing reports provided for your review.


Secret Shopping Process

For our January event we went out and purchased from 34 different Dispensaries in Arizona, there best Medical Marijuana Strain they offer.

When we enter the dispensary we would only know if we need a Indica, Sativa or Hybrid.

We would ask the budtender for their best strain they have. Making it a budtenders choice.  Which it should be, if they dont know the best medication they have to offer.  Who would?  We have been using this same process since January 2016 Errl Cup.



This year for the 2017 Errl Cup we secret shopped all Maricopa Dispensary that grow their own medication.  We also, went to Tucson and secret shopped all dispensaries in Tucson that grow there own medication.

Dispensary Top Flower list for secret shopped dispensaries used the combined testing and judges score to come up with this list.


Dispensary Secret Shopped Ranking and Overall Ranking

These are the 34 different Arizona Dispensary we went and secret shopped for the 2017 Errl Cup.   They are shown with there ranking level for Secret Shopped Flower and Overall Ranking for all flower entered into the 2017 Errl Cup.  There were 187 entries for flower for our Best Flower Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.


Ranked #1 (SS)   Ranked #6 Overall

Level Up   Strain: OG #18


Ranked #2 (SS)   Ranked #7 Overall

Natures Wonder  Strain: OG Chem


Ranked #3 (SS)   Ranked #8 Overall

Phoenix Relief  Strain: Chem 4


Ranked #4 (SS)   Ranked #13 Overall

Swell  Strain: Kong


Ranked #5 (SS)   Ranked #20 Overall

Natures Medicine  Strain: Cactus OG


Ranked #6 (SS)   Ranked #50 Overall

Yilo Superstore  Strain: Fruit Salad


Ranked #7 (SS)   Ranked #51 Overall

Harvest of Tempe  Strain: Verde Electric


Ranked #8 (SS)   Ranked #72 Overall

The Giving Tree  Strain: Ghost Train Haze


Ranked #9 (SS)   Ranked #76 Overall

High Desert Healing  Strain: Blue Frost


Ranked #10 (SS)   Ranked #78 Overall

All Greens  Strain: VN white


Ranked #11 (SS)   Ranked #80 Overall

W.A.M  Strain: Gorilla Glue


Ranked #12 (SS)   Ranked #92 Overall

Trumed  Strain: Purple Kush


Ranked #13 (SS)   Ranked #112 Overall

Emerald Palace  Strain: Amnesia Haze


Ranked #14 (SS)   Ranked #120 Overall

Desert Bloom  Strain: Desert Bloom OG


Ranked #15 (SS)   Ranked #121 Overall

Yavapai  Strain: Purple Urkle


Ranked #16 (SS)   Ranked #125 Overall

AZ Natural Selection  Strain: Double Dream


Ranked #17 (SS)   Ranked #136 Overall

The Green Halo  Strain: OG Ghost Train Haze


Ranked #18 (SS)   Ranked #137 Overall

Monarch  Strain: Cantaloupe Haze


Ranked #19 (SS)   Ranked #145 Overall

SWC  Strain: NYC Diesel


Ranked #20 (SS)   Ranked #146 Overall

White Mountain  Strain: BBB


Ranked #21 (SS)   Ranked #149 Overall

The Green House  Strain: Raskal OG


Ranked #22 (SS)   Ranked #151 Overall

Natures Meds  Strain: Chocolope


Ranked #23 (SS)   Ranked #157 Overall

Sunflower Med  Strain: Rare Dankness #8


Ranked #24 (SS)   Ranked #162 Overall

Earths Healing  Strain: EG Pineapple Express


Ranked #25 (SS)   Ranked #163 Overall

Urban Green House  Strain: Wonder Woman


Ranked #26 (SS)   Ranked #171 Overall

Health for Life  Strain: Blueberry Muffin


Ranked #27 (SS)   Ranked #172 Overall

Downtown Dispensary  Strain: Tangistan Kush


Ranked #28 (SS)   Ranked #175 Overall

AZ Organix  Strain: Papas OG


Ranked #29 (SS)   Ranked #176 Overall

Bloom  Strain: Tangie


Ranked #30 (SS)   Ranked #178 Overall

Encanto  Strain: Blue Dream


Ranked #31 (SS)   Ranked #179 Overall

Valley of the Sun  Strain: AZ Super Skywalker


Ranked #32 (SS)   Ranked #184 Overall

The Prime Leaf  Strain: OG Kush


Ranked #33 (SS)   Ranked #185 Overall

SAINTS  Strain: Cheese


Ranked #34 (SS)   Ranked #186 Overall

Purple Med  Strain: Jack Cheese



Well there you have it.  The list of secret shopped flower in for Arizona Dispensary.  

This is complied from all the entries and secret shopping entries for Errl Cup 2017.  

As you will see every dispensary is different.

This should give you a better understanding of what medication that each dispensary are offering there patients.   Not the medicine that they enter to win the Cup, but the ones that matter the medication that you the Patient purchases every day.

Hope this helps you make a better choice and understanding how what dispensaries offer there patients.


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