Top 10 4/20 Gifts for Cannabis Smokers

4/20 season is here and we are checking out the top 10 4/20 gifts for cannabis smokers!

We first set out on this journey because we were not sure what we wanted to get our best buds so we starting trying out some of the coolest cannabis gifts to give this 4/20 season.

We looked at value, innovation, and functionality to come up with our favorites! That we will dubb the Errl Cup’s Top 10 4/20 gifts for cannabis smokers!

GoldLeaf – Cannabis Journals

One of the coolest gifts we found for the cannabis aficionado is the Gold Leaf Cannabis Journals. We found this gift in a great price range with options to fit a variety of interests. They have journals for patients, growers, tasters, chefs and one of the most exciting areas…intimacy.

Each of these books are tastefully crafted to be functional and look good on any table. So whatever kind of cannabis smoker you are buying gifts for the GoldLeaf journal is a great gift for a great price.

Veil – OG Odor Eliminator

We are super psyched about the Veil OG odor eliminator because it keep us incognito and feeling classy! This small bottle packs a big punch with notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper and Virginia cedar.

This fragrance beat out several others working in perfect harmony with the cannabis smoke odor to mask it and leave behind a fresh fragrance!  We really like this gift as a stocking stuffer to keep your cannabis fan’s smoking on the down low!

Bud Grower – Complete Grow Kit

We really like the BudGrower indoor grow kit and consider it the best gift for the hands-on cannabis folks that are interested in growing their own cannabis. This kit comes with everything needed to grow 1 to 9 plants per kit, it even includes the soil!

We also love this gift because it includes some great components in the bundle that saves you upwards of 70% off of the retail individual costs. Best part is they have 5 different kits to match the level of grower you are gifting!

Grobo – All-In-One Grow Box


The Grobo kit really caught our attention as the ultimate in low maintenance grow options on the market. We found this gift amazing for the person who wants to get into growing but does not have the time or knowledge to learn how to grow. The Grobo is the ultimate all-in-one kit that connects through your phone for 100% digital-dial-in control.  

The Grobro only requires less than 20 minutes of maintenance per week. Making it is the ultimate set-it and forget-it kit! The Grobro is perfect gift for your busy cannabis enthusiast that wants to grow but does not have a lot of time.

The Genius – Pipe


The genius pipe is so cool we had to include it in our list as one of the best gifts for your cannabis techie! We love it so much because it uses patented technology (used in cooling nuclear reactors) designed for maximum smoke draw and extreme cooling!

Every time we hit this pipe it tasted fresh and smooth. Making this discreet pipe the perfect gift for the high-tech smoker or the smoker that already has everything! Be sure to get them a FG-stone as well so they can vaporize their concentrate and really taste the flavor.

Cannalock – Stay-Fresh Jars & Sanitizing Boxes


We added the Cannalock stay-fresh jars & sanitizing boxes to our list as a great gift for the cannabis smoker always on the go. Their patented stay fresh jars remove air and maintain humidity to keep the buds fresh and inconspicuous.

Equally awesome is their sanitizing box, it works with UV-03 disinfects your pipes, lighters, vape pens, dab tools and more, keeping you safe from germs and viruses. Making this our number one gift for the traveling cannabis smoker.

Ardent – FX Portable Countertop Decarboxylation Device

The Ardent FX is quite possibly a game changer, so we had to add it to our list of best gifts. We especially like this one for the heavy smoker or gadget lover. This little table-top device decarboxylate’s your cannabis buds and concentrates into a more potent product!

By performing decarboxylation you are utilizing the key process that makes THC, CBD and CBG ultimately ending up with a much stronger product that can be smoked or put into food. This is for sure an amazing gift for the heavy smoker that wants to get the most of their cannabis.

Bay Area Tree Kings –Eye Chronic Grinder

We fell in love with this ultimate grinder and immediately added it to our list. A perfect stocking stuffer and great gift for any cannabis enthusiast! We like this grinder so much because it not only grinds your buds and separates the kief.

It also has an attached stash jar with magnifying glass and 3 led lights! All this makes this one of the most functional, aesthetically pleasing grinders on the market. Pushing it past the hundreds of grinder options and right onto our top 10 list!

Hakuna Locking Stash Boxes

We are excited to share the Hakuna Locking Stash Boxes with you. These showed up like an elephant on our radar and we just could not look away. Everyone in the office found a lock box design that fit their office perfectly.

With over 30 stash box types to choose from you too will find the perfect one for your cannabis fan! We really think their faux book boxes stand out among the rest and the new fingerprint scanner on the legacy series is a great touch!

Smelly Proof – Storage Bags

The Smelly Proof Storage Bags are a classic gift idea that never gets old. Any cannabis enthusiast knows that cannabis odor is distinct and you need to keep it in something that seals well.

The Smelly Proof bags do that the best with their compact size and inexpensive design. These work great as a stocking stuffers, they are reusable, durable and so inexpensive that you can get some for everyone.


That’s it! We are at the end of the Errl Cup’s Top 10 4/20 Gifts for Cannabis Smokers.

It was a blast checking out all the different products available on the market. We are super psyched for our gift list and hope you are too.

I know this list is a dead giveaway and all my cannabis friends now know what they are getting from Santa this yea, but at least they are the best gifts for them!

If you have some other great gifts ideas that should of made it to the top 10 4/20 gifts list let us know in the comments below. We will check it out and maybe it will make the next top 10 issue!

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