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Once you have opt-in and got your confirmation email, you are automatically set up to get all our deals and to be an Errl Cup judge! We draw for judges about a month before each event and contact the winners by phone and email.

Please remember Errl Cup is a free event because of the support of people like you; but we need your continued support to keep it free. So anytime your thinking about making a purchase or a recommendation to a friend. See if Errl Cup can help you, by shopping through us you will get even better deals and be supporting a FREE community festival promoting Clean Cannabis & Dispensary accountability!!

Don’t forget you also can increase your chances of being chosen to be a Judge by completing the FREE “Intro to Cannabis” Course at Errl University & further increase your odds by completing one of the Judging 101 classes.

Thanks again for your support, keep a look out for our next email packed with deals and ways to win all kinds of cool stuff from ERRL!

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