General Sponsorship Arizona Marijuana Event

Errl Cup Sponsorship

Our Limited Errl Cup Sponsorship Programs

Patient Gift Bags Contribute merchandise, & products, FREE For Patients

Promote Your Business Online & Event

Give to the Patients Outside Banner Sponsor Outside Banner $100.00 Limited One Sponsor Sponsor Errl Camp

Promote Your Business Online and Event

Sponsor Outside banner

Sponsor Banner Sponsor Media Guide Sponsor of our Event Media Guide $250.00 Limited to One Media Guide

Promote Your Business Online and Event

Featured Sponsor Media Guide

Media Guide Sponsor Remote Sponsor Three Types of Remote Sponsors $500.00 Remote Sponsorship Remote Sponsor

Water Booth: Free water will be given out in your name, your paraphernalia will be placed around the booth.

Testers Lounge:Your product will be set up and placed in the booth for patients to test and use.

Sample Station: Your product samples will be displayed and distributed to patients at the Errl Cup.

Volunteer to man your station. (Branded clothes required for volunteer)

Reserve Remote Sponsorship

Errl Cup Testing/Lab Partner & Marijuana Doctor Sponsorships

Sponsor for our Testing/Lab & Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Testing Partner Official Lab for Errl Cup Testing $2500.00 Event Sponsorship

Partner for Laboratory Testing of Cannabis Products

Top Sponsor on All Promotional and Marketing Material

Provides Labatory Reports for all Errl Cup entries

Booth at Event

Check Availablity Marijuana Doctor Sponsorhip Only One Per Event $1200.00 Sponsorship per Event

(1) 10×20 Reserved area at The Errl Cup

With Tents, Tables, and Chairs

Partnership advertising and promotion, in The Errl Cup Events. It’s social media, website, print material and more.

Full Page Media Guide Ad

Only Doctor Sponsor at Event

(Requirement of this package: you must provide $25-$50 discount to patients who mention the Errl Cup Events)

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Covid-19 Update 😷Know Before You Go

Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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