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Sponsors that would like to sponsor/participate in the Errl Cup events have many options to suit their individual needs. Sponsors can have packages like: beverage station, outside banner, media guide, gift bag and more. Or go big by sponsoring the entire event or a section like the Patient VIP Area.


Please contact us if you would like to speak about becoming a sponsor for any Errl Cup event.

The Errl Cup.  480-442-4384 – sponsor@theerrlcup.com



Here is the list of alternative ways to support your brand at Errl Camp.

  • Gift Bag (Giveables to Patients) – FREE     We love our patients and would love any Vendor/Dispensary to provide any free merchandise, products, coupons, and/or samples
  • Media Guide   – $250.00   Media Guide/Event Guide is a 40 Page guide to event with up to half information and half Vendor/Dispensary ad’s.  Sponsorship will be front and back cover and throughout on lower footer logo/brand placement
  • Outside Banner – $100.00  Logo is placed on outside banner that will be located at the entrance and exit of the event.


Remote Sponsor – (For Sponsors who want a presence and can not attend) 

10×10 Reserved area
Branded with your logo/banners (provided by you)  in one of three configurations.

  1. Water Booth: Free water will be given out in your name, your paraphernalia will be placed around the booth.
  2. Testers Lounge: Your product will be set up and placed in the booth for patients to test and use.
  3. Sample Station: Your product samples will be displayed and distributed to patients at the Errl Cup.

$500.00 – including a volunteer to man your station. (Branded clothes required for volunteer) Click Here to Order


Call or email for more information on sponsoring The Errl Cup.  480-442-4384 – sponsor@theerrlcup.com

Covid-19 Update 😷Know Before You Go

Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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