Phoenix tears

Whatever the name chances are you’ve heard of Phoenix Tears at one time or another.

Phoenix Tears History


Chances are also high that you’ve heard about it curing a friend of a friend of cancer and putting them into remission; but what do you really know about Phoenix Tears, Marijuana or the cure?

The original recipe comes from. Yep, you guessed it. Rick Simpson.

In his sensational video Run From The Cure he goes into great detail about this mythical oil he used to cure his own skin cancer and the cancer of many others.


How to make Phoenix Tears 


Starting with high grade Indica bud he drowns it in Naphtha, a highly flammable distilled oil. After crushing the buds in the mixture for two to three minutes Rick then strains the buds through coffee filters and separates the fused solvent.

Moving the dark mixture to an electric rice cooker he places it in an open field with a fan blowing over it. Rick places extra emphasis on avoiding sparks, static or flame which will ignite the fumes and the solvent. After reducing the slurry in the rice cooker and adding a few drops of water.

Rick moves the jet black mixture to a smaller container and over to a coffee warmer for a few hours to finish evaporating off the rest of the solvent.



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Simpson suggests if you started with a pound of good material. It should yield two ounces of high grade oil, and this two ounces is enough to cure most serious cancers. The process is indicated to take 1-2 months to be cancer free.

However the trick is to build up a tolerance fast enough so you can begin taking the therapeutic dosage of 1 ml/gram per day.  Starting with the size of a ½ of a grain of short rice, 3x a day. You do your best to stay productive as you stumble through afternoon naps and midnight kale smoothies.

Once you reach the 18 grains of rice per day (1gr) and the total of 56 grams (your two ounces) you are said to be cancer free.




Phoenix Tears Curing People


Now if this sounds too good to be true, there are several others who doubt the holy oil with you. However there were some who were willing to put their already fragile lives in the hands of Phoenix Tears Marijuana, hoping for their cure for cancer.



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Amazingly enough there are many well documents cases of patients going into full remission from several types of cancer. All from using cannabis and following Rick Simpson’s directions for Phoenix Tears.



Phoenix Tears Documented Cases


Documented cases like Sharon Kelly who cured her stage IV terminal lung cancer.

  • Wallace Rose who cured his stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
  • Mark Chavarria who cured his stage 4 colorectal cancer.
  • Stephanie LaRue who cured her stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.
  • Tommy Chong who cured his prostate cancer.
  • 7 year old Mykayla Comstock who cured her leukemia.
  • Michael McShane who cured his squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer.
  • Emily Sander who cured her Lymphoma.
  • Lincoln Horsley who cured his stage 4 stomach, throat and pancreatic cancer.
  • Stan Rutner who cured his lung & brain cancer
  • Mike Cutler who cured his liver cancer.

All these people and hundreds more have two thing in common. They are free of cancer, and they did it using cannabis extracted oil.





Phoenix Tears Cure for Cancer?


So it seems cannabis may be the cure for cancer.

Unfortunately though as long as cannabis remains schedule 1 federally. It can only be made in the back yard in secrecy, for fear of federal and state prosecution.  So don’t expect to pick up RSO at your Walgreen’s anytime soon.

The reverse is true and you should take caution when acquiring your black gold cure. As there are no regulations, testing and guarantee on what you may pick up off the street.


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