Errl Cup Secret Shopping Process

for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Our Process to Secret Shop Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and All Other Marijuana Product Producers



How our secret shopping program began

Originally started in 2015, by two Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients. They set out to help patients get safe access to clean and consistent medicine in Arizona. This was after Jim Morrison one of the owners lost his sister to MS. She used cannabis to treat her symptoms but always had trouble getting clean and consistent medicine. Shortly thereafter in 2015 Jim and Jay started their plight the Errl Cup out of their pockets bringing the first company of this type legally into Arizona. 

Errl Cup Arizona 

At the time we start there had been no Medical Marijuana Cannabis Awards or Festival in Arizona that was put on successfully and be totally legal.   The dispensaries where very hesitant to be involved in our event and Cup.

We figured it would be best to go out and purchase all the medication off the shelf in Valley of the Sun.  That way we would have a fair and accurate representation of the medicine that was available across Arizona.

Initially buying a eighth of their best flower medication that had available.   We went to over 35 different dispensaries our first event in the Maricopa County area.

Errl Cup Nevada

We have continued our secret shopper process into Nevada for Errl Cup Nevada.  Where we will be secret shopping all dispensaries that produce their own flower and marijuana product/cultivation companies that supply flower medicine to dispensaries.


Wanted: Patient Judges

Sign Up for your Chance to Win a Judges Spot


Our Process

How does our secret shopper process work

Lab Selection

Before the year’s festival starts. Errl Cup interviews all local labs in the State our event will be held in.  We evaluate their machinery, skills and staff for possible testing for the Errl Cup. We then laboratory test each sample secret shopper and self entered sample. The details on what we test for, our limits and more are available under Laboratory Results Explained

Only one lab can be chosen due to the high cost of testing and out of pocket costs on the secret shop entries and event. Once all interviews are completed the lab is chosen to test all the samples for the Errl Cup. When the lab receives the samples, they are in unmarked containers with simple lettering/number combo. Essentially they are blindly entered to the lab, only the Errl Cup knows whose sample is whose.  

Secret Shopping

After selecting our lab,  Errl Cup starts secret shopping dispensaries and marijuana product producers/cultivators in the State the event is being held. 

Dispensaries medicines are broken down and number and sent to the lab for analysis. The remainder of the samples are broken down into judge kits.

Errl Cup is open for self-entries where dispensaries, marijuana product producers/cultivators and caregivers can enter their flower, CBD, concentrate, vapes, edibles or hand crafted products to prove they have the cleanest and best medicine in the state.

Arizona Secret Shopping

Errl Cup Event in January we Secret Shop for Flower and Edibles

710 Degree Cup Event in July we Secret Shop for Concentrates


Judging Selection

While submissions are being tested, the Errl Cup recruits patient judges on their website through a sign up application. Also on social media through promotions. Once a large enough judge pool of PATIENTS are amassed. (With duplicates and past winners deleted) A random number generator is used to pick 25+ judges.

Those Judges chosen from our website sign up are emailed and called and given 24 hours to respond with ID, MMJ card and answer to the requirements. If no response is received within the time frame, those judges are dropped and the random number generator is used to pick replacements, and if no response on second picks are received we will repeat the process until all judge spots are filled.  Winners of Social media judge spots are announced on the platform they won on and connected with directly.

By this time submission deadline has hit and all blindly labeled samples are at the lab undergoing testing. The remainder of the submissions are broken down into flower, concentrate, edible, vape and HCP judge kits. Labeled with a number and type (I, S, H, CBD). After verification of each Judges MMJ status they are able to pick up the judge kit and get started. All results are tracked online through a secure survey system. Each category has its own set of questions that are answered on a 1-10 scale 10 being best.

Scoring Process

After all the judge and lab results are back to Errl Cup, they are combined within an algorithm to produce our winners.  Both the test results and judges survey play large parts in who takes home the cup as do any level of residual solvents. (The closer to 0 the better)

Event Day

Finally it is event day and time for the winners and losers. All entries and test results are displayed in a huge area for patients to review. We fill the rest of the festival area with cannabis related vendors and dispensaries from all over the country.  Winners are announced through out the day of our event.   

All Errl Cup events are FREE to attend for MMJ Patients from any state, event goers are required to have valid ID and MMJ card from any medical state (recreational users not accepted) and are allowed to bring with them their legal limit to medicate. Although plenty of samples are available at the events.  



We hope that you join us for a celebration of Clean Medicine with your cannabis community.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have on the process



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