Patients Class

Patients Class How to Enter to Win Cup

    • “Open” Patient class is available to any caregiver or patient with a valid MMJ card that is “Authorized to cultivate” in the their state. Id or driver’s license and Valid MMJ card need to be presented during sample submission.
    • Person’s authorized to cultivate can enter as many entries as they would like into the best Indica, Sativa, solvent and non-solvent categories. Person’s not authorized to cultivate but carry a valid MMJ card may enter only into the solvent and non-solvent categories
    • The patient class categories will have the same judges as the dispensary class and will be graded on the same 10 question 10 point model. Patient class samples will also undergo testing at our partnering lab.The cost for the patient class includes: testing, media, awards and entry.
    • To enter Flower: 25, 1/2 gram samples need to be pre-packaged with no identifying marks, labels, coatings or powders. With an additional 1 gram packaged for testing.
    • To enter Concentrate: 25, 0.20 gram samples need to be pre-packaged with no identifying marks, labels, coatings or powders (.35g for hash) With an additional 1/2 gram packaged for testing.
    • It is $150 per entry to cover full testing costs.

Person’s entering into the patient class are asked to attend the event. However if your state prohibits patient to patient sales then any attempts to sell or facilitate business that would lead to the sale of cannabis or cannabis related products is strictly prohibited. You will be removed from the event and your entries removed from the award ceremony and publication. There will be no refunds for this illegal action.

Let us know if you are interested and what you want to enter so we can get you the right forms.

Thank’s for your interest
The Errl Cup Team
See you at the Cup

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