Patient Choice Categories

The Patient Choice Awards at Errl Camp 2016


  • Patients Choice Best Bud Tender – Male
  • Patients Choice Best Bud Tender – Female
  • Patients Choice for Best Overall Dispensary
  • Patients Choice for Customer Service
  • Patients Choice for Knowledge
  • Patients Choice for Environment
  • Patients Choice for best “Bang For the Buck”
  • Best Flower
  • Best Concentrate
  • Best CBD
  • Best Pen
  • Best Edibles


Flavor Dome Awards

  • Best Flavor Flower
  • Best Flavor Concentrate



Patients Choice Awards

All Dispensaries will compete in The Patient Choice awards and will be voted on over the next month at each dispensary. Each dispensary will have a voting box for patients to vote for “The Best Of” on bud tender, dispensary, customer service, knowledge, environment and “bang for the buck” while they are at your dispensary. We will pick up and tally the votes prior to the event and award the Patients Choice winners at Errl Camp on the final day. The final two flavor awards are decided on-site in the Flavor Dome by patients in attendance.


The Errl Cup Dispensaries
All Dispensaries can compete in 14 different categories for the best flavors, flowers, concentrates, CBD, bud tender, dispensary, customer service, knowledge, bang for the buck and environment. The Flavor judging takes place in the Flavor Dome at Errl Camp. The Judging is done by all Arizona patients in attendance; on site. Each table in the Flavor Dome is allowed two flavors of the same medicine type. You may reserve 1 FREE table per brand.  *See entry info for additional table opportunities 


The Errl Cup Judging

We believe at Errl Cup; that the Patient are number one, and that a patient should have the chance to test, judge and ultimately decide who is the “Best” in Arizona.

There will be no paid judges, or paid judging packet.

Covid-19 Update 😷Know Before You Go

Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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