Top 10 Non Solvent Arizona


We have complied our list of Top 10 Non Solvent Arizona Entries into the 2017 Errl Cup.  We have broken them down from 1 to 10.

The combined judges score and testing results was used to determine these results.

Non Solvent Arizona?

These are concentrates that are made without using a solvent to make them.

For example, a BHO extraction is a solvent used to make concentrates that would be considered solvent.

A non solvent is a concentrate that was made with a press like a Rosin Tech Product Heat Press.

Judging, Testing and Scoring

This list was compiled from the results of the 2017 Errl Cup.

We total the judges score and testing score and listed them in order.  From highest and lowest.

The results was gather from about 30 entries into the Non Solvent category.  Testing was done by our testing partner C4 Labs.

Top 10 Non Solvents 

#1   Blueberry Kush Rosin    Dispensary:  Natures Medicine

#2   Rosin Tangie Glue    Dispensary: Encanto Green Cross

#3  Lemon x Private Reserve    Dispensary: Dicot Farms

#4  BTY OG   Dispensary:  Ponderosa Relief

#5  Private Reserve Sift    Dispensary: Dicot Farms

#6  Tangie Rosin   Dispensary:  Yavapai/Clean Concentrates

#7  Snowman Rosin   Dispensary:  Natures Medicine

#8  Catus OG Rosin   Dispensary:  Natures Medicine

#9  Diablo OG    Dispensary:  Level Up

#10  King Louis   Dispensary:  Level Up

top 10 non solvents

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