The 6th annual Errl Cup entries are listed below by Secret Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entries.

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Errl Cup Testing Results Instructions

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All Entries -Errl Cup

All entries are from Dispensaries and Caregivers/Patients. All samples were Lab tested and judged by MMJ patients for the Errl Cup 2021

Errl Cup Dispensary Entries

Errl Cup Dispensary Entries.  All these entries for the Cup were entered by each Arizona Licenced, individual dispensary, dispensary extraction company, dispensary cultivation companies, dispensary edibles company, and dispensary topical companies.


Number Category Dispensary Strain TYPE
422 Beverage Baked Bros Mango Syrup Indica
487 CBD Tincture Wellfield Lavender Lime CBD
583 CBD Tincture The Green Halo Chronic Health: 1:1 High CBD Tincture CBD
447 Concentrate Venom Pie Hoe LR Hybrid
453 Concentrate Venom Sundae Driver Hybrid
454 Concentrate Venom Mimosa Hybrid
478 Concentrate Highfield Grape OG x Dragon Fruit Hybrid
480 Concentrate Highfield Gelato #33 Hybrid
500 Concentrate Aeriz Gorilla Butter LR Hybrid
501 Concentrate Aeriz Gorilla Cookies LR Hybrid
502 Concentrate Aeriz Jenny Kush LR Hybrid
503 Concentrate Aeriz Mac 1 LR Hybrid
504 Concentrate Aeriz Strawberry Jelly LR Hybrid
505 Concentrate Aeriz Sundae Driver LR Hybrid
506 Concentrate Aeriz Watermelon Gelato LR Hybrid
531 Concentrate High Grade Pineapple Upside Down Cake BAtter Hybrid
591 Concentrate Earths Healing Sour Cakesickle Hybrid
626 Concentrate Item 9 Tres Leches Hybrid
449 Concentrate Venom LA Confidential Indica
452 Concentrate Venom Gods Gift Indica
456 Concentrate Untaimed Herbs Grape Cream Indica
458 Concentrate Untaimed Herbs Cherry Cream Indica
460 Concentrate Untaimed Herbs Grape OG Indica
476 Concentrate Highfield Member Berry Indica
479 Concentrate Highfield Northern Lights x King Indica
507 Concentrate Aeriz Blueberry LR Indica
508 Concentrate Aeriz Face Off OG LR Indica
509 Concentrate Aeriz GMO LR Indica
510 Concentrate Aeriz Purple Urkle LR Indica
511 Concentrate Aeriz Puta Breath Indica
512 Concentrate Aeriz Tri-Fi OG Indica
532 Concentrate High Grade Forumn Cookies Batter Indica
559 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Zkittles Mints #5 Indica
592 Concentrate Earths Healing Hells Bells Indica
610 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Black Mamba Indica
611 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Skunk OG Indica
613 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Purple Larry Indica
614 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Ghost Cookies indica
624 Concentrate Item 9 Animal Cookies x Kush Mints Indica
627 Concentrate Item 9 Cherry Doku Indica
628 Concentrate Item 9 Blueberry Indica
451 Concentrate Venom Mandarin Cookies Sativa
457 Concentrate Untaimed Herbs Jack Herer Sativa
459 Concentrate Untaimed Herbs Lemon Heads Sativa
482 Concentrate Highfield Blue Dream Sativa
513 Concentrate Aeriz East Coast Diesel LR Sativa
514 Concentrate Aeriz Glue LR Sativa
515 Concentrate Aeriz Jack & Jenny LR Sativa
516 Concentrate Aeriz Mimosa LR Sativa
530 Concentrate High Grade Headband Haze Batter Sativa
558 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Super Glue Sativa
590 Concentrate Earths Healing Manderain Sherbert Sativa
609 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Hollister Kush Sativa
625 Concentrate Item 9 GG4 Ambrosia Sativa
629 Concentrate Item 9 Mac Lemon Sativa
486 Derivative Wellfield Lavender Lime HYBRID
485 Derivative SAP Sap Cap Indica
586 Derivative KAYA Kaya Health Oil: Mixed Indica Indica
483 Distillate SAP Gelato #33 Hybrid
497 Flower Arizona Organix In The Pines CBD
429 Flower Shango Alien Cookies Hybrid
430 Flower Shango Tropical Punch Hybrid
431 Flower Shango Sherb Crasher Hybrid
470 Flower Curaleaf The Juice Hybrid
471 Flower Curaleaf Tangie head #19 Hybrid
472 Flower Curaleaf Watermelon Sunset Hybrid
473 Flower Curaleaf Boomtown #3 Hybrid
496 Flower Arizona Organix Strawberries N Cream Hybrid
535 Flower High Grade Sour Larry Lime Pebbles Flower Hybrid
536 Flower High Grade Grease Monkey Hybrid
538 Flower High Grade Wookies OG Hybrid
552 Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Modified Grapes #11 Hybrid
576 Flower Abundant Organics Crunch Berries Hybrid
577 Flower Abundant Organics Bubblegum Chem Hybrid
587 Flower KAYA Gummy Bears Hybrid
588 Flower KAYA SFV OG Hybrid
599 Flower Farm Fresh Tang Breath Hybrid
618 Flower Item 9 Tres Leches Hybrid
620 Flower Item 9 Mint Smash Hybrid
621 Flower Item 9 Orange Kush Cake Hybrid
636 Flower Natures Medicine Citral Glue #1 Hybrid
637 Flower Natures Medicine Citral Glue #2 Hybrid
638 Flower Natures Medicine Citral Glue #3 Hybrid
639 Flower Natures Medicine Citral Glue #4 Hybrid
432 Flower Shango Modified Banana Indica
466 Flower Curaleaf El Alquimista Indica
467 Flower Curaleaf Gorilla Grapevine Indica
493 Flower Arizona Organix Crunch Berries Indica
494 Flower Arizona Organix Vanilla Gorilla Indica
537 Flower High Grade Dosido Indica
539 Flower High Grade AMF OG Indica
551 Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Zkittles Mints #5 Indica
554 Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Weeding Mints Indica
572 Flower Sunday Goods Las Vegas Triangle Kush Indica
598 Flower Farm Fresh OG 18 Indica
600 Flower Farm Fresh Koffee Cake Indica
605 Flower Clean Concentrates Kimbo Kush #9 Indica
606 Flower Clean Concentrates Black Mamba #8 Indica
619 Flower Item 9 Larry Cake Indica
622 Flower Item 9 Dosido 22 Indica
623 Flower Item 9 GMO Cookies Indica
640 Flower Natures Medicine Papaya Cake Indica
641 Flower Natures Medicine Bear Candy Indica
642 Flower Natures Medicine La Wedding Pop Indica
643 Flower Natures Medicine Ice Cream Cake Indica
468 Flower Curaleaf Whire 99 Sativa
469 Flower Curaleaf 99 Problems Sativa
495 Flower Arizona Organix Alcapulco Gold Sativa
553 Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Sour Cup Cakes #3 Sativa
555 Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Jilly Bean Sativa
571 Flower Sunday Goods Lemon Brulee #420 Sativa
575 Flower Abundant Organics Timewreck Sativa
644 Flower Natures Medicine Animal Face Sativa
498 HCP Arizona Organix Blueberry Indica
556 HCP Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Grape Punch Snow Cone Indica
557 HCP Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Grape Punch Pre-Roll Indica
529 Isolate Aeriz THCa Isolate Crystals Hybrid
560 Isolate Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Strawberry Cheescake Hybrid
448 Isolate Venom GMO Indica
477 Isolate Highfield OG Pie Breath Indica
445 Isolate Venom Lemon Pie LR Sativa
450 Isolate Venom Hawaiian Haze Sativa
612 Isolate Clean Concentrates Killer Queen Sativa
433 Non-Solvent Shango Alien Cookies Hybrid
608 Non-Solvent Clean Concentrates Orangeaid Live Rosin Hybrid
434 Non-Solvent Shango Modified Banana Indica
601 Non-Solvent Farm Fresh Devils Food Cake Indica
602 Non-Solvent Farm Fresh LA Cactus Indica
607 Non-Solvent Clean Concentrates Stinky Oranges Dry Sift Rosin Sativa
455 Sauce Venom Ice Cream Cake Indica
481 Sauce Highfield Mama Mia Indica
528 Sauce Aeriz Puta Breath LR Diamond & Sauce Indica
533 Sauce High Grade Ice Cream Cake Diamonds Sauce Indica
534 Sauce High Grade Dosidos Diamonds Sauce Indica
561 Sauce Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Strawberry Cheesecake Indica
446 Sauce Venom Lemon Pie LR Sativa
589 Sauce Earths Healing Golden Lemons Sativa
585 Savory Edible KAYA Kaya Health Oil: AC/DC CBD
581 Savory Edible The Green Halo Cannabliss: 420 Green Pepper Sauce Indica
491 Savory Edible Bakedfield Treatos Sativa
424 Sweet Edible Baked Bros 5:1 Gummy Bears CBD
615 Sweet Edible Clean Concentrates Pucks PM CBD
579 Sweet Edible Industry Extracts Nano Variety Gummies Hybrid
603 Sweet Edible FLAV Watermelon Sour Gummy Belts Hybrid
604 Sweet Edible FLAV Blue Raspberry Rings Hybrid
616 Sweet Edible Clean Concentrates Pucks Sour Apple Hybrid
617 Sweet Edible Clean Concentrates Pucks Immune Support Hybrid
421 Sweet Edible Baked Bros Peach Rings Indica
580 Sweet Edible The Green Halo Canna Confections: Halo Chocolate BAr Indica
489 Sweet Edible Bakedfield Watermelon Gummies Sativa
490 Sweet Edible Bakedfield Chocolatey Spuds & Buds Sativa
492 Sweet Edible Bakedfield Truffles Sativa
423 THC Tincture Baked Bros Mango Tincture Syrup Indica
484 THC Tincture SAP Lemon Mint Sativa
582 THC Tincture The Green Halo Chronic Health: THC Glycerin Tincture Sativa
488 Topical Wellfield Desert Blossom CBD
499 Topical Arizona Organix Sonoran Sunrise Indica
584 Topical The Green Halo Chronic Health Ointments Indica
440 Vape Rove 2:1 Remedies CBD
441 Vape Rove 1:1 Remedies CBD
437 Vape Rove Dream Black Box Hybrid
461 Vape Untaimed Herbs Mandarin Dreams Hybrid
464 Vape Untaimed Herbs Banana Puff Hybrid
474 Vape Highfield Og Pie Breath Hybrid
517 Vape Aeriz Jenny Kush Terpene Cart Hybrid
518 Vape Aeriz Do-Si-18 Terpene Cart Hybrid
525 Vape Aeriz Watermelon Gelato LR Sauce Cart Hybrid
542 Vape High Grade Gorilla Glue #4 Daytripper Hybrid
548 Vape EVOlabs Rolls Choice Alchemy 300mg AIO Hybrid
550 Vape EVOlabs Blueberry CO2LORS 300mg AIO Hybrid
578 Vape Industry Extracts Nano Green Dragon Cucumber Hybrid
635 Vape Item 9 Kosher Dawg Hybrid
435 Vape Rove Skywalker Black Box Indica
436 Vape Rove OG Black Box Indica
462 Vape Untaimed Herbs Mendo Purps indica
519 Vape Aeriz Tri-Fi Terpene Cart Indica
520 Vape Aeriz Puta Breath Terpene Cart Indica
521 Vape Aeriz Face Off OG Terpene Cart Indica
522 Vape Aeriz GMO Terpene Cart Indica
526 Vape Aeriz Puta Breath LR Sauce Cart Indica
540 Vape High Grade Ice Cream Cake Daytripper Indica
543 Vape High Grade Dosidos #55 Indica
549 Vape EVOlabs Purple Portal Alchemy 300mg AIO Indica
630 Vape Item 9 Black & Blue Kush Indica
634 Vape Item 9 Bluenana Indica
438 Vape Rove Tangie Black Box Sativa
439 Vape Rove Waui Black Box Sativa
463 Vape Untaimed Herbs Golden Goat Sativa
465 Vape Untaimed Herbs New York Diesel Sativa
475 Vape Highfield Blue Dream Sativa
523 Vape Aeriz Lemon Tree Terpene Cart Sativa
524 Vape Aeriz Tropicana Cookies Terpene Cart Sativa
527 Vape Aeriz jack & Jenny LR Sauce Cart Sativa
541 Vape High Grade Sweet Pink Grpefruit Daytripper Sativa
547 Vape EVOlabs Moonshine Haze Alchemy 300mg AIO Sativa
593 Vape Earths Healing Tropicana Cookies 1:1 Sativa
631 Vape Item 9 Mac Lemon Sativa
632 Vape Item 9 Mandarin Cookies Sativa
633 Vape Item 9 Lemon Pie LR Sativa

Errl Cup Patient Entries

Errl Cup Patient Entries.  All flower entries where entered by licensed caregivers/cultivators patients in Arizona. Names are protected when requested.


Number Category Dispensary Strain TYPE
570 Concentrate Visible Farms Mac X Kumquat Hybrid
427 Flower Zeppyz Craft Zoda Hybrid
443 Flower Caregiver Nate Rudeboi OG #1 Hybrid
562 Flower Rhizo Research Wedding Cake Hybrid
563 Flower Rhizo Research Slurricane Hybrid
567 Flower Foleum Farms OG Kush Hybrid
568 Flower Visible Farms Blue Tangie Hybrid
569 Flower Visible Farms Mac X Kumquat Hybrid
594 Flower Qualifire Farms Phantom Cookies Hybrid
595 Flower Qualifire Farms Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid
425 Flower Zeppyz Craft Pirate Milk Indica
426 Flower Zeppyz Craft Deep Sunset Indica
444 Flower Caregiver Nate Black Mamba Indica
564 Flower Rhizo Research GMO Cookies Indica
565 Flower Rhizo Research Monster Cookies Indica
597 Flower Qualifire Farms Abusive OG Indica
428 Flower Zeppyz Craft Pineapple Soda Sativa
442 Flower Caregiver Nate Blue Dream Santa Cruz Cut Sativa
566 Flower Rhizo Research Double Lemon Pie Sativa
596 Flower Qualifire Farms Liberty Haze Sativa
544 Sweet Edible Dabbs Delights Delights French Macaroon Hybrid
545 Sweet Edible 420 Grannie Carmel Drops Hybrid
573 Sweet Edible Kick Az Infusions Sour Cherry Gourmet Gummies Hybrid
574 Topical Kick Az Infusions CBD Body Balm 1800mg CBD
546 Topical 420 Grannie Pain Relief Cream Hybrid


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