The 5th annual Errl Cup entries are listed below by Secret Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entries.

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Errl Cup Testing Results Instructions

Place number of  entry in search bar, numbers like “1” and “11” will come up more than one search results.  It will show all results that have “1” or “11” on them.

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All Entries -Errl Cup

All entries are from Dispensaries and Caregivers/Patients. All samples were Lab tested and judged by MMJ patients for the Errl Cup 2020

Errl Cup Secret Shopper Entries

Entries that were purchased by the Errl Cup Team.  All Errl Cup Secret Shop entries were chosen by us for Indica, Sativa, and/or Hybrid but we asked for the Bud tenders Choice for the strain. 

420FlowerArizona Natural RemediesBanana WatermelonH
422FlowerGiving TreeGranola FunkH
431FlowerCopperstate (Sol Flower)Dr Diesel TahoeH
432FlowerThe Good DispensaryGorilla Glue #4H
434FlowerMint DispesnatyCereal KillerH
439FlowerPonderosa ReliefMACH
440FlowerArizona Cannabis SocietyGorilla ExhaustH
446FlowerAerizSundae DriverH
461FlowerHealth For LifeMarion OGH
421FlowerFarm FreshCamelback OGI
424FlowerMohave (Debbies Dispensary)Cream Pie KushI
425FlowerHarvestCrunch BerriesI
426FlowerArizona Natural SelectionsVelvet Glovei
427FlowerTru MedOG KushI
433FlowerSky DispensaryHells BellsI
436FlowerMUVGolden DeliciousI
438FlowerYiloWhite Fire Alien OGI
442FlowerAll GreensVN DaddyI
443FlowerHigh GradeBlueberry ShortcakeI
447FlowerItem 9Dosido #22I
448FlowerPotent PlanetMeat BreathI
451FlowerOrganijuana (Natures Medicines)Hindu KushI
452FlowerPhoenix Cannabis Co (Natures Medicines)Ice Cream Cake #2I
455FlowerSuperior OrganicsKush Mints x True OGI
456FlowerAbundant OrganicsStar LoardI
458FlowerValley Of The SunSlurricaneI
459FlowerGreen PharmsStrawberry FieldsI
460FlowerFarmers With AuttitudeCamelback OGI
467FlowerDesert BloomGuava DI
468FlowerDowntown DispensaryTahoe OGI
469FlowerGreen HaloChronic ThunderI
470FlowerNature MedBubblegum ChemI
471FlowerSAINTSPurple PunchI
700FlowerEarths HealingDivorce Cake 56I
423FlowerSunday Goods (Phoenix Relief)Lemon BruleeS
428FlowerHuxtonDurban PosionS
430FlowerSWCGhost Train HazeS
435FlowerZonkaNew Jack CityS
437FlowerCrescent Cannabis707 HeadbandS
441FlowerWAMTurquoise JeepS
445FlowerSwell FarmsSkunk Fighter HazeS
449FlowerCresco (Encanto)Jack FlashS
450FlowerUrban Green House (Harvest)MimosaS
453FlowerHerbal Wellness CenterJesus OGS
454FlowerArizona OrganixJ1S
457FlowerTryke (Reef)The PotionS
462FlowerNatures Wonder (Tru Infusion)Animal FaceS
466FlowerBotanicaSweet Pink GrapefruitS
Errl Cup Dispensary Entries

Errl Cup Dispensary Entries.  All these entries for the Cup were entered by each Arizona Licenced, individual dispensary, dispensary extraction company, dispensary cultivation companies, dispensary edibles company, and dispensary topical companies.

556BeverageBakedFieldTropical Punch Sodah
783BeverageClean ConcentratesWarm & Cozy 60mg Hot Chocolateh
784BeverageClean ConcentratesRise & Shine 30mg Medicated Coffeeh
823BeverageTRU InfusionWatermelon Syrup 200mgi
774ConcentrateClean ConcentratesCanna Wreck #2cbd
775ConcentrateClean ConcentratesDiesel Moonshinecbd
824ConcentrateTRU InfusionLemon Crush CBD Shattercbd
915ConcentrateTruMedCannatonic LR SAPcbd
916ConcentrateTruMedHarle-Tsu LR SAPcbd
510ConcentrateVenom ExtractsMonkey Mintsh
511ConcentrateVenom ExtractsStrawnanna Cookies n Creamh
512ConcentrateVenom ExtractsBanana Cream Pieh
526ConcentrateKayaLocktite KAYA Shatterh
620ConcentrateAerizWatermelon Gelato LR Sugarh
622ConcentrateAerizGG4 LR Sugarh
624ConcentrateAerizMac 1 LR Sugarh
644ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Gorilla Glue #5h
645ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Lava Cakeh
646ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Do Si Dosh
647ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Frost Machineh
654ConcentrateVenom ExtractsPHOtune CookieH
656ConcentrateAz Nectar FarmsSour Punch Batterh
690ConcentrateHigh GradeCookies & Cream Live Resin Batterh
696ConcentrateHigh GradeWookies OG Batterh
701ConcentrateEarth Extracts (Earths Healing)Topanga Cakeh
702ConcentrateEarth Extracts (Earths Healing)Gelato Skittlz Cakeh
732ConcentrateCrescent CannabisRugburn OGh
763ConcentratePhoenix Cannabis CoStrawberries n Creamh
778ConcentrateClean ConcentratesRainbow Sherbert Batterh
819concentrateItem 9 LabsOrange Cookiesh
820concentrateItem 9 LabsFruit Pieh
837ConcentrateTerritory DispensaryPineapple Chunk Sugar Waxh
901ConcentrateTruMedChemdawg LR batterh
902ConcentrateTruMedDr Who Crumbleh
903ConcentrateTruMedMAC LR BAtterh
904ConcentrateTruMedOrange Cookies LR Batterh
515ConcentrateVenom ExtractsGrandpa OGi
516ConcentrateVenom ExtractsTriple Nova Bi
517ConcentrateVenom ExtractsSunset Octanei
542ConcentrateHighFieldGrape Pie Crumblei
543ConcentrateHighFieldKing Musa Batteri
623ConcentrateAerizPuta Breath LR Sugari
625ConcentrateAerizGaranimals LR Sugari
626ConcentrateAerizLava Cake Lr Sugari
648ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Cream Pie Kushi
649ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Vanilla Frosti
650ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Garanimalsi
651ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Kush Cake #7i
652ConcentrateMohave Cannabis COMohave Candy Rain #3i
657ConcentrateAz Nectar FarmsChronic Thunder Batteri
693ConcentrateHigh GradeMendo Breath Live Resin Batteri
695ConcentrateHigh GradeBlueberry Shortcake Live Resin Batteri
703ConcentrateEarth Extracts (Earths Healing)Hashberryi
733ConcentrateCrescent CannabisPhoenix Lightsi
765ConcentratePhoenix Cannabis CoBlueberry Cookiesi
776ConcentrateClean ConcentratesLave Cakei
777ConcentrateClean ConcentratesBlue Ox Crystalinei
809ConcentrateItem 9 LabsAlien Fire Fruit Crumblei
817concentrateItem 9 LabsWatermelon Zum Zumi
818concentrateItem 9 LabsStar Fuckeri
835ConcentrateTerritory DispensaryPurple Punch Crumblei
879ConcentrateTruMedValley Girl LR batteri
881ConcentrateTruMedHeadstash LR Batteri
894ConcentrateTruMedWhite Fire OG LR b/atteri
895ConcentrateTruMedGMO LR BAtteri
896ConcentrateTruMedSFValley LR Batteri
897ConcentrateTruMedValley Girl LR Batteri
513ConcentrateVenom ExtractsGhost Train Haze SFs
514ConcentrateVenom ExtractsCat Pisss
525ConcentrateKayaSuper Lemon Haze KAYA Shatters
527ConcentrateKayaCinderella 99 OG KAYA Shatters
544ConcentrateHighFieldGhost Train Haze Batters
571ConcentrateCresco LabsJenny Kush Live Sugars
621ConcentrateAerizTropicanna Jack LR Sugars
655ConcentrateAz Nectar FarmsTropicana Skittlz Batters
694ConcentrateHigh GradeChocolope Batters
764ConcentratePhoenix Cannabis CoLemon Fire OGs
779ConcentrateClean ConcentratesJackOnesias
780ConcentrateClean ConcentratesJet Fuels
781ConcentrateClean ConcentratesDog Shit Batters
810ConcentrateItem 9 LabsCandyland Crumbles
816concentrateItem 9 LabsVelvets
898ConcentrateTruMedAmnesia Haze LR Batters
899ConcentrateTruMedLucid Dream LR Waxs
900ConcentrateTruMedBannanas and Cream LR BAtters
822DerivativeTRU InfusionSupernova Capsules 1000mgcbd
875DerivativeTruMedHigh CBD RSOcbd
550DerivativeSAP6:1 Capsh
821DerivativeTRU InfusionSpace Capsules 1000mgh
878DerivativeTruMed1:1 RSOh
530DerivativeKayaKaya Health Oil 1:1 Hybridh / cbd
529DerivativeKayaKaya Health Oil Indicai
546DerivativeHighFieldSleep Aid Capsi
547DerivativeHighFieldRSO Capsi
528DerivativeKayaKaya Health Oil Sativas
534DistillateKayaStrawnana Kaya Dab Bucketh
738DistillateGoldsmithBlackBerry Kushh
740DistillateGoldsmithMango Kushh
773DistillateClean ConcentratesGrape Pie Distillateh
906DistillateTruMedRainbow Sherberth
535DistillateKayaGelato Kaya Dab Bucketi
549DistillateSAPSour Power OG Saucei
905DistillateTruMedCandy Canei
907DistillateTruMedPurple Punchi
548DistillateSAPThe 11 Sauces
772DistillateClean ConcentratesThe 11s
908DistillateTruMedTropicana Cookiess
909DistillateTruMedBlue Dreams
518FlowerKayaCritical Mass CBDcbd
640FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Grapecyclecbd
663FlowerAz Nectar FarmsCritical Masscbd
495FlowerAbundant OrganicsBubble Gum Chemh
497FlowerAbundant OrganicsPineapple Punchh
498FlowerAbundant OrganicsJenny Kushh
499FlowerAbundant OrganicsCactus Breathh
520FlowerKayaCookies n Creamh
641FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Frost Machineh
642FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave FKush Mints #8h
662FlowerAz Nectar FarmsSuper Duper Sherberth
665FlowerAz Nectar FarmsPatty Cakeh
666FlowerAz Nectar FarmsIDKaneh
688FlowerHigh GradeWookies OGh
714FlowerFarm FreshSaguaro Cactush
716FlowerFarm FreshHells Fireh
719FlowerEcho ExtractsAlien COokiesh
720FlowerEcho ExtractsOrange Apricoth
743FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoLemon Fireh
744FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoUnder Coverh
750FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoUnder Coverh
755FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoCherry Punchh
756FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoTrap Kuon Do #5h
757FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoCitrus Glueh
807flowerItem 9 LabsWedding Cakeh
831FlowerTRU InfusionDo Si Faceh
832FlowerTRU InfusionFace OFFh
833FlowerTRU InfusionGMO Cookiesh
839FlowerTerritory DispensaryGG#4h
842FlowerTerritory DispensaryWhite Fire Alien OGh
848FlowerTruMedMAC TM Cuth
856FlowerTruMedBiscotti x Dosidosh
857FlowerTruMedMAC #1 Caps Cuth
858FlowerTruMedSundae Driverh
860FlowerTruMedWedding Cakeh
862FlowerTruMedGrape Gash
867FlowerTruMedDr Whoh
496FlowerAbundant OrganicsGrape Apei
519FlowerKayaBlue Lime Pie #1 (Black Lime Pie)i
521FlowerKayaStrawberry Bananai
522FlowerKayaHoly Grail Kushi
606FlowerSublimePurple Punchi
607FlowerSublimeLava Cakei
608FlowerSublimeBlack Berry Firei
612FlowerAerizPuta Breathi
614FlowerAerizLave Cakei
635FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Kush Cake #7i
636FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Skywalkeri
637FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Candy Rain #11i
643FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Purple Punchi
653FlowerMohave Cannabis COCream Pie Kushi
661FlowerAz Nectar FarmsJelly Breathi
664FlowerAz Nectar FarmsPlum Driveri
668FlowerAz Nectar FarmsSuper Sherberti
669FlowerAz Nectar FarmsPeanut Butter Punchi
689FlowerHigh GradeAMF OGi
707FlowerFarm FreshKalamath Falls Kushi
709FlowerFarm FreshCactus Breathi
710FlowerFarm FreshLA Zkittlesi
711FlowerFarm FreshKoffee Cakei
712FlowerFarm FreshTang Breathi
715FlowerFarm FreshCherry Hillsi
721FlowerEcho ExtractsDragon Fruit Juicei
722FlowerEcho ExtractsBluebeery Vintagei
723FlowerEcho ExtractsBanana Cream Piei
724FlowerEcho ExtractsSlurricanei
735FlowerDuo CannabisSpiked Punchi
736FlowerDuo CannabisPurple Starbursti
737FlowerDuo CannabisDosidos #30i
742FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoDosidos #12i
745FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoPeyotei
746FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoDosidos #9i
747FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoIce Cream Cake #1i
748FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoIce Cream Cake #3i
749FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoPudding Popi
751FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoIcecream Cake #4i
752FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoDosidos #2i
754FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoIce Cream #2i
794flowerGrow SciencesDr. Whoi
795flowerGrow SciencesKush Mintsi
798flowerGrow SciencesMiracle Alien Cookiesi
805flowerItem 9 LabsDo Si Doi
806flowerItem 9 LabsGMO Cookiesi
827FlowerTRU InfusionOrange Kushi
828FlowerTRU InfusionIce Cream Cakei
829FlowerTRU InfusionDo Si Dosi
830FlowerTRU InfusionMACi
838FlowerTerritory DispensaryPurple Punchi
841FlowerTerritory DispensaryDosidosi
843FlowerTerritory DispensaryKryptonitei
847FlowerTruMedHeadstash #1i
849FlowerTruMedBiscotti X Mentholi
850FlowerTruMedValley Girli
851FlowerTruMedHeadstash #9i
852FlowerTruMedSFV OGi
853FlowerTruMedLarry OGi
854FlowerTruMedPure Kushi
855FlowerTruMedPresidential OGi
869FlowerTruMedBannanas and Creami
615FlowerAerizTropicanna Cookiess
638FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave Super Glues
639FlowerMohave Cannabis COMohave J-1s
660FlowerAz Nectar FarmsLemon Doughs
667FlowerAz Nectar FarmsTropicana Skittlzs
706FlowerFarm FreshMelon Busters
708FlowerFarm FreshMojo Melons
713FlowerFarm FreshCrenshaw Melons
717FlowerEcho ExtractsPineapple Trainwrecks
718FlowerEcho ExtractsSuper JAcks
741FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoOrangeaides
753FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoAnimal Face #2s
758FlowerPhoenix Cannabis CoStrawberries n Creams
793flowerGrow SciencesStr8 Lemonaides
796flowerGrow SciencesStrawbery bananas
797flowerGrow SciencesGrape Durbss
804flowerItem 9 LabsTres Lechess
808flowerItem 9 LabsJack Herer Diamondss
840FlowerTerritory DispensaryCandylands
865FlowerTruMedJack Herers
866FlowerTruMedOrange Cookiess
868FlowerTruMedBlue Dream Lemonaides
870FlowerTruMedBanana Larrys
892HCPTruMedMAC Caviarh
891HCPTruMedHeadstash #1 Caviari
893HCPTruMedDosi Dos Caviari
803HCPGrow SciencesStrawberry Bananas
834HCPMohave Cannabis COMohave Valley OG SnowConeS
508IsolateVenom ExtractsStrawberry Shortcakeh
509IsolateVenom ExtractsSour OG LCh
588IsolateKatatonicKatatonic Diamondsh
836IsolateTerritory DispensarySlowtown Cookies Diamondsh
872IsolateTruMedValley Firl LRh
873IsolateTruMedBlack Diamond x Forum Mendobreath LRh
505IsolateVenom ExtractsPlutos Firei
802IsolateGrow SciencesChemDogi
507IsolateVenom ExtractsGhost Train Hazes
545IsolateHighFieldThe 11 Diamondss
500Non-SolventAbundant OrganicsLemon Hashplanth
697Non-SolventHigh GradeCookies & Cream Rosinh
734Non-SolventAbundant OrganicsJenny KushH
799Non-SolventGrow SciencesZkittlesh
800Non-SolventGrow SciencesGMOh
801Non-SolventGrow SciencesBeach Weddingh
880Non-SolventTruMedMAC LR Jamh
533Non-SolventKayaSweet Afghani Delicious KAYA Hash Rosini
531Non-SolventKayaBruce Banner KAYA Hash Rosins
532Non-SolventKayaOriginal Sour Diesel KAYA Hash Rosins
882Non-SolventTruMedOrange Cookies LR Jams
506SauceVenom ExtractsSour OG LCh
566SauceCresco LabsCresco Cookies Live Sauceh
617SauceAerizWatermelon Gelato LR Diamond Sauceh
618SauceAerizAeriz Wifi #43 LR Diamond Sauceh
619SauceAerizLemon Tree LR Diamond Sauceh
673SauceAz Nectar FarmsGT Diamonds & TerpsH
725SauceEcho ExtractsBanana Cream Pieh
729SauceEcho ExtractsBlue Cookiesh
759SaucePhoenix Cannabis CoOrange Candy Sandstoneh
811sauceItem 9 LabsGG4 Diamondsh
912SauceTruMedBlack Diamond x Forum Mendobreath LRh
540SauceHighFieldSour Power OG Saucei
541SauceHighFieldCornbread Saucei
562SauceCresco LabsBirthday Cake Live Saucei
564SauceCresco LabsBordello Live Saucei
568SauceCresco LabsDSD Live Saucei
569SauceCresco LabsGrape Inferno Live Saucei
587SauceKatatonicDeathstar Terps On the Rocksi
658SauceAz Nectar FarmsChronic Thunder Saucei
659SauceAz Nectar FarmsVanilla Bean Saucei
692SauceHigh GradeMendo Breath Diamondsi
728SauceEcho ExtractsJungle MAci
730SauceEcho ExtractsJungle Smoothiei
731SauceEcho ExtractsBanana Bio Dieseli
760SaucePhoenix Cannabis CoKosher Kush Sandstonei
910SauceTruMedValley Girl LRi
911SauceTruMedMAC x Valley Girl LRi
913SauceTruMedSFValley LRi
539SauceHighFieldSuper Lemon Haze Sauces
574SauceCresco LabsStrawberry Tahoe Live Sauces
691SauceHigh GradeJack Herer Diamondss
726SauceEcho ExtractsPineapple Koolatos
727SauceEcho ExtractsDbl Tangie Bananas
761SaucePhoenix Cannabis CoWonder Woman Sandstones
914SauceTruMedOrange Cookies LRs
557Savory EdibleBakedFieldMaple Baccon Popcorn Ballsh
602Savory EdibleSublimeSweet and Savory Pretzelsh
493Savory EdibleGreen Halo420 Hot Sauce 200mgs
491Sweet EdibleGreen HaloHigh CBD Gummiescbd
559Sweet EdibleBakedField2:1 Peach Gummiescbd
771Sweet EdibleMUVStrawberry Lemonade Sour Gummies 1:1cbd
782Sweet EdibleClean ConcentratesPucks PM 200mg 3:1cbd
786Sweet EdibleClean ConcentratesPucks 200mg CBD Mango Pineapplecbd
600Sweet EdibleSublime50mg Blue Raspberry Suckerh
601sweet EdibleSublimeMellow Rainbow Treath
603sweet EdibleSublimeLemon Tea Cake 100mgh
604sweet EdibleSublimeGum Drops Variety Packh
769Sweet EdibleMUVAssorted Sour Gummiesh
785Sweet EdibleClean ConcentratesPucks 200mg 1:1 Orange Creamsicleh
787Sweet EdibleClean Concentrates300mg Honeyh
487Sweet EdibleGreen HaloAunt Ellies Super Mega Brownie 225mgi
488Sweet EdibleGreen HaloAunt Ellies Lemon Blondie 100mgi
489Sweet EdibleGreen HaloAunt Ellies Brownie Bites 100mgi
490Sweet EdibleGreen HaloTHC Medical Gummiesi
492Sweet EdibleGreen HaloVanilla Carmelsi
770Sweet EdibleMUVWatermelon Sour Gummiesi
558Sweet EdibleBakedFieldWatermelon Gummiess
560Sweet EdibleBakedFieldCandy Carmelss
561Sweet EdibleBakedFieldMango Syrups
768Sweet EdibleMUVMango Sour Gummiess
482TinctureGreen HaloHigh CBD TinctureCBD
788TinctureClean ConcentratesPremium CBD Tincturecbd
876TinctureTruMedDrip Drops High CBD Vanilla Tincturecbd
551TinctureSAPCitrus Tinctureh
552TinctureSAPMint Tinctureh
591TinctureSublimeEnergy Boost 1:1 Elixir Oilh
877TinctureTruMedDrip Drops High THC Vanilla Tinctureh
481TinctureGreen HaloTHC Glycerine Tincturei
523TinctureKayaKaya Myst Tincture Spray – Honey Lemon Chamomilei
524TinctureKayaKAYA Myst Tincture Spray – Lemon Raspberrys
826TinctureTRU InfusionRSO Tinctures
484TopicalGreen HaloHigh CBD OintmentCBD
486TopicalGreen HaloHigh CBD Roll OnCBD
537TopicalArizona OrganixForest Fresh Salveh
538TopicalArizona OrganixLavender Fields Salvreh
590TopicalSublimeCBD Beauty Serumh
825TopicalTRU Infusion1:1 Lidocaine Salve Stickh
890TopicalTruMedDrip 1:1 Pain Salveh
483TopicalGreen HaloPain Re-Leaf ointmenti
485TopicalGreen HaloMuscle & Joint Roll Oni
494TopicalGreen HaloCannakiss Lip Balm 25mgi
605VapeSublimeHarlequin 1:1CBD
472VapeIO ExtractsBlueberry KushH
501VapeAbundant OrganicsJenny Kushh
567VapeCresco LabsCresco Cookies Liquid Live Resinh
573VapeCresco LabsRoyal Hyness Liquid Live Resinh
596VapeSublimeCherry Cookiesh
598VapeSublimeDabTabs Swamp Gash
627VapeAerizWatermelon Gelato LR Sauce Penh
628VapeAerizWifi#43 LR Sauce Penh
629VapeAerizLemon Tree LR Sauce Penh
630VapeAerizOrange Cookies LR Sauce Penh
632VapeAerizWifi #43 LR Cannabis Penh
633VapeAerizOrange Cookies LR Cannabis Penh
672VapeAz Nectar FarmsLarry OGh
698VapeHigh GradeGrease Monkey OG Sauce Carth
791VapeClean ConcentratesSnozberryh
792vapeGrow SciencesGMOh
813vapeItem 9 LabsGG4h
814vapeItem 9 LabsOrange Cookiesh
885VapeTruMedMAC LR Sauce PAX Podsh
554VapeSAPCornbread Saucei
555VapeSAPSour Power OG Saucei
563VapeCresco LabsBirthday Cake Liquid Live Resini
565VapeCresco LabsBordello Liquid Live Resini
594VapeKorovaMendo Breathi
597VapeSublimeDabtabs Black Rozei
631VapeAerizGMO LR Cannabis Peni
671VapeAz Nectar FarmsGarlicanei
699VapeHigh GradeBlueberry Shortcake Sauce Carti
705VapeEarth Vape (Earths Healing)1:1 Earth Vape Premoim Purple Punchi
762VapePhoenix Cannabis CoAnimal Facei
789VapeClean ConcentratesBanana OGi
812vapeItem 9 LabsDo Si So #2i
883VapeTruMedValley Girl LR Sauce PAX Podi
886VapeTruMedGelato 33 LR Sauce PAX Podi
887VapeTruMedGMO LR Sauce Ccelli
888VapeTruMedKing Louis Lr Sauce CCelli
889VapeTruMedGelato 33 LR Sauce CCelli
553VapeSAPThe 11 Sauces
570VapeCresco LabsJack Flash Liquid Live Resins
572VapeCresco LabsJenny Kush Liquid Live Resins
575VapeCresco LabsStrawberry Tahoe Liquid Live Resins
592VapeKorovaSuper Silver Hazes
599VapeSublimeDabTabs Jack Herers
670VapeAz Nectar FarmsTropicana Skittlzs
704VapeEarth Vape (Earths Healing)1:1 EarthVape Premium Tropicana Cookiess
790VapeClean ConcentratesOrange Bangs
815vapeItem 9 LabsBleu Geniuss
884VapeTruMedOrange Cookies LR Sauce PAX Pods


Errl Cup Patient Entries

Errl Cup Patient Entries.  All flower entries where entered by licensed caregivers/cultivators patients in Arizona. Some Names are protected Per Request.

585ConcentrateOxlong FarmsChem Valleyh
685ConcentrateRhizo ResearchSlurricane x Mac 1h
464ConcentrateSealed Up RefineryPurple LarryI
582ConcentrateOxlong FarmsU2 Kushi
584ConcentrateOxlong FarmsThe D’si
687ConcentrateRhizo ResearchLA Affiei
581ConcentrateOxlong FarmsLemon Cakes
583ConcentrateOxlong FarmsLemon Skunks
586ConcentrateOxlong FarmsBlue Dreams
634concentratePremium MeltsBlood Oranges
686ConcentrateRhizo ResearchHead Bangers
502DistillateDabbs DelightsDutch Treath
463DistillateSealed Up RefineryMorning GloryS
504EdibleDabbs DelightsBlueberry Hard Candycbd
610Edible420GrannieStrawberry Banana CandyCBD
766EdibleNakiid10mg CBD gummiescbd
845EdibleKick Az InfusionsLemon Haze Gourmet Gummies 4:1CBD
503EdibleDabbs DelightsGrape Hard Candyh
536EdibleA EdibleLemonadeH
589EdibleDabbs DelightsMini Cookie AssortmentH
674EdibleJesse HendersonBlue Dream LemonaideH
846EdibleKickl AZ InfusionsTangie Gourmet GummiesH
767EdibleHerbin Baker50mg Truffle Bombi
475FlowerQualifire FarmzSour Dieselh
476FlowerQualifire FarmzGreen Ch
477FlowerQualifire FarmzGirl Scout Cookiesh
576FlowerOxlong FarmsWedding Cakeh
677FlowerZeppy CraftSugar Caneh
682FlowerRhizo ResearchMac 1h
683FlowerRhizo ResearchSlurricaneh
465FlowerWhite Mountian Seed CoMuffin TopI
478FlowerQualifire FarmzGorilla White Widdowi
479FlowerQualifire FarmzSkywalker OGi
577FlowerOxlong FarmsU2 Kushi
578FlowerOxlong FarmsThe D’si
676FlowerZeppy CraftChemdog D X T1000i
679FlowerRhizo ResearchPurple Punchi
680FlowerRhizo ResearchGMO Cookiesi
473FlowerQualifire FarmzJack The Rippers
474FlowerQualifire FarmzPhantom Cookies #2s
579FlowerOxlong FarmsLemon Skunks
580FlowerOxlong FarmsBlue Dreams
678FlowerZeppy CraftOrangeades
681FlowerRhizo ResearchHead Bangers
480Non-SolventQualifire FarmzSkywalker, Gorilla, Widdow, Rosin w/ Diamondsi
684Non-SolventRhizo ResearchPurple Punchi
675SauceGreen GemCherry WineCBD
844TopicalMama HempaMama Hempa Calimg CopperCBD

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