The 4th annual 710 Degree Cup entries are listed below by Secret Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entries.

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Errl Cup Testing Results Instructions

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All Entries -710 Degree Cup

All entries are from Dispensaries and Caregivers/Patients. All samples were Lab tested and judged by MMJ patients for the 710 Degree Cup 2019

710 Degree Cup Secret Shopper Entries

Entries that were purchased by the Errl Cup Team.  All 710 Degree Cup Secret Shop entries were chosen by us for Indica, Sativa, and/or Hybrid but we asked for the Bud tenders Choice for the strain. 

3sauceEarths HealingForbidden JellyH
4SauceDesert BloomAlien Rock CandyI
5ConcentrateDT DispensaryGod BudI
6ConcentratePurple MedTropicoolatoH
8ConcentrateGreen HaloChronic ThunderI
9ConcentrateHigh GradeGrease MonkeyH
10ConcentrateHarvestSour TangerineS
11ConcentrateMint DispensaryForbidden FruitI
12ConcentrateSky DispensaryBlueberryI
13ConcentrateHi-Klas (Territory)Lemon OGH
14SauceHealth 4 Life (MPX)Candyland on FireS
15ConcentrateGreen Pharms (MadTerp)GG4H
16ConcentrateNatures Wonder (HYH)GG4H
17ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Slimer OGH
18SauceNectar FarmsChronic ThunderI
19ConcentrateSWC (Squeeze)MarmalateH
20ConcentrateGoldSmithHead SpaceH
21ConcentrateVenomJamaican GelatoS
22ConcentrateAz Natural SelectionsSilver MountainH
23ConcentrateLevel Up (K.I.N.D)Ultra Blueberry KushI
24ConcentrateGrow SciencesUnderdog OGH
25ConcentrateMUVDr WhoH
26ConcentrateTru Med (DRIP)Jack HererS
27ConcentrateItem 9 LabsAlien BubbaI
28ConcentrateBloom (Echo Extracts)Orange ApricotH
34ConcentrateEncanto (Cresco)Tropical SherbetH
35ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoMohave WhiteI
36ConcentrateNatures Medicines (Phoenix Cannabis Co)Ice Cream CakeI
37ConcentrateNatures Medicines (Organijuana)Sunny DS
38ConcentrateHerbal Welness Center (VAPEN)Serpentine OGI
39ConcentrateYILOJedi KushI
40SauceUrban Green HouseCitrus SmoothieI
41ConcentrateArizona OrganixTK OGI
52SauceGiving Tree (Katatoinic)ShriekerS
53ConcentrateDesert RoseZkittlezI
54ConcentrateArizona Natural RemediesDeath StarI
57SauceSuperior OrganicsPurple GorillaH
58ConcentrateValley Of The SunFools GoldI
59SauceThe PhoenixSour OGH
60ConcentrateCanamoTropical HeatH
61ConcentrateReef (Tryke)Bubba KushI
64ConcentrateWhite Mountian Health (Sweet Sciences)Gorilla Glue #5H
65ConcentrateThe Greenhouse (Top Shelf)Lucky BannanaH
66ConcentrateAll GreensYoda OGI
67ConcentrateArizona Cannabis Society (Hashishans Ronin Resins)Blue ZkittlesI
240ConcentrateNature Med (Gold Label)Crumbled LimeS
319ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)San Dimas OGI


710 Degree Cup Dispensary Entries

710 Degree Cup Dispensary Entries.  All these entries for the Cup were entered by each Arizona Licenced, individual dispensary, dispensary extraction company, dispensary cultivation companies, dispensary edibles company, and dispensary topical companies.

313FlowerVapen ClearYo 11S
572TinctureTru Med1:1 Blue Raspberry TinctureH
510TopicalTru-Infusion1:1 Lidocane SalveH
455ConcentrateAZ Natural Selections1:1 ShatterCBD
354ConcentrateHighfieldAcapulco GoldS
219VapeAZ Nectar FarmsAgent OrangeS
483ConcentrateItem 9 LabsAlien Fire Fruit Sugar WaxI
207FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsAlien Ice CreamI
283FlowerHigh GradeAMFI
549ConcentrateTru MedAmnesia LR batterS
72ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoAnimal CookiesH
407VapeVenomAnnihilator OGI
298VapeVapen ClearApricotH
352ConcentrateHighfieldApricot Helix Orange TahoeS
408VapeVenomApricot OGI
209FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsApricot JellyH
199SauceAZ Nectar FarmsApricot JellyH
255Sweet EdibleThe Green HaloAunt Ellies Lemon BlondieH
169FlowerAbundant OrganicsBanana Jack OGS
307SauceVapen ClearBanana x Watermelon #3H
547ConcentrateTru MedBananas n Cream LR WaxS
536FlowerTru MedBananas & CreamS
396FlowerNature MedicinesBear CandyI
397FlowerNature MedicinesBear Candy #4I
378VapeVape Fruit (Natures Medicines)Berry CheesecakeH
221FlowerAZO CannabisBig BudH
204FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsBlack Cherry JellyI
218VapeAZ Nectar FarmsBlack Cherry JellyI
73ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoBlack JackH
347ConcentrateHighfieldBlack RozeI
78ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoBlackberry FireI
263DistillateGoldsmithBlackberry KushI
551DistillateTru MedBlackberry KushH
585VapeTru MedBlackberry Kush DistillateH
344VapeHigh GradeBlackberry Kush Sauce CartI
294VapeVapen ClearBlackberry OGI
323ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Blue DreamS
372FlowerArizona OrganixBlue DreamS
506SauceTru-InfusionBlue DreamH
548ConcentrateTru MedBlue Dream WaxS
124SauceBloom DispensaryBlue LightsS
340VapeOrion RemedyBlue SkiesH
295VapeVapen ClearBlue SkitlezH
398FlowerNature MedicinesBlue Suede ZkittlesH
127SauceBloom DispensaryBlue ZkittlesH
356DistillateArizona OrganixBlueberry AK SAP D9I
518Sweet EdibleTru-InfusionBlueberry GummiesH
461SauceAZ Natural SelectionsBlueberry Hash Plant LRH
85FlowerMohave Cannabis CoBlueberry MuffinI
293Non-SolventHigh GradeBlueberry Shortcake RosinH
296VapeVapen ClearBombsicleH
557SauceTru MedBridezilla LR SauceI
348ConcentrateHighfieldBruce BannerH
317FlowerVapen ClearBubba SkywalkerH
167FlowerAbundant OrganicsBubble Gum ChemH
400VapeVenomBubble Gum GlueH
357DistillateArizona OrganixBubblegum SAP D9H
156Sweet EdibleTerritory DispensaryButterscotch – Sea Salt 60mgI
170FlowerAbundant OrganicsCactus BreathH
450FlowerFarm FreshCamelbackI
470FlowerItem 9 LabsCandylandS
145ConcentrateHi KlasCandyland Cured ResinS
256Sweet EdibleThe Green HaloCanna Confections Honey BuzzersH
253Sweet EdibleThe Green HaloCanna Confections Vanilla Caramel 6 packH
257Sweet EdibleThe Green HaloCanna Confections Pina Chili Lime LollypopH
515BeverageTru-InfusionCanna Squeeze Grape SlushH
513BeverageTru-InfusionCanna-Squeeze Grape SlushCBD
254Sweet EdibleThe Green HaloCannabliss THC GummiesH
95TopicalCannaHempCannaHemp X Recovery CreamCBD
529FlowerTru MedCannatonicCBD
573DerivativeTru MedCannatonic 1:1 RSOCBD
574DerivativeTru MedCannatonic 2:1 RSOCBD
569Savory EdibleTru MedCannatonic High CBD RSOCBD
561ConcentrateTru MedCannatonic SapCBD
511Sweet EdibleTru-InfusionCaramelsCBD
189TopicalSublimeCBD Beauty Serum w/75mg cbdCBD
465Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryCBD Raspberry Sour GummiesCBD
462Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryCBD:THC 1:1 Blueberry Sour GummiesCBD
463Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryCBD/THC 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Sour GummiesCBD
464Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryCBD/THC 2:1 Exotic Yuzu Sour GummiesCBD
512BeverageTru-InfusionCBDzzz Blueberry MElotonin ShotCBD
479VapeItem 9 LabsCharlottes Web #9 LR PodCBD
201FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsCherry FuelH
432ConcentrateVenomCherry PieH
413VapeVenomCherry Pie NectarH
383FlowerNature MedicinesCherry PunchH
63HCPMint DispensaryCherry PunchH
401VapeVenomCherry ZkittlezI
81ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoChieselS
403VapeVenomChocolate HashberryH
431ConcentrateVenomChocolate Orange LCH
416VapeVenomChocolate Orange NectarH
115FlowerBloom DispensaryChocolatoH
259TopicalThe Green HaloChronic Health Hemp CBD OintmentCBD
247TopicalThe Green HaloChronic Health High CBD OintmentCBD
248TopicalThe Green HaloChronic Health High CBD Roll OnCBD
243TinctureThe Green HaloChronic Health High CBD TinctureCBD
244TinctureThe Green HaloChronic Health High CBD TinctureCBD
245TopicalThe Green HaloChronic Health Pain Re Leaf LotionH
246TopicalThe Green HaloChronic Health Pain Re Leaf OintmentH
242TinctureThe Green HaloChronic Health THC Glycerin TinctureH
195SauceAZ Nectar FarmsChronic ThunderI
194ConcentrateAZ Nectar FarmsChronic Thunder BadderI
171FlowerAbundant OrganicsCookie BurnH
87FlowerMohave Cannabis CoCream Pie KushI
366HCPArizona OrganixCrowns ConeH
185VapeLeaf LifeCucumber Lemonade
122FlowerBloom DispensaryCuvee CookiesI
504ConcentrateTru-InfusionDark StarI
47SauceKatatonicDeath StarI
278Non-SolventArizona Natural RemediesDeathStar RosinI
276ConcentrateArizona Natural RemediesDeathstar ShatterI
422ConcentrateVenomDo Si Dos LCI
83FlowerMohave Cannabis CoDo-sa-doH
530FlowerTru MedDosi-PunchH
282FlowerHigh GradeDosidosI
393FlowerNature MedicinesDosiDos #12I
472FlowerItem 9 LabsDosidos #22I
480ConcentrateItem 9 LabsDosidos #22 THCaI
289ConcentrateHigh GradeDosidos BatterI
576HCPTru MedDosidos CaviarI
482ConcentrateItem 9 LabsDouble OG x Sour Diesel BadderH
564IsolateTru MedDrama Queen LR THCa DiamondsI
575TopicalTru MedDRIP 1:1 Pain SalveH
300VapeVapen ClearDurban PoisonS
140FlowerTryke CompaniesDutch Treat hazeS
182VapeLeaf LifeElectric Pineapple
435ConcentrateVenomEmerald Triangle Kush LCI
188TinctureSublimeEnergy Boost 1:1 Elixer OilH
173Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeEV Dark Chocolate Bar 1:1 150mgH
174Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeEV Milk Choclate & Toffee 4.20 bar 300mgH
420ConcentrateVenomFace Off OGI
424DistillateVenomFace Off OGI
212FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsFace on fireI
321ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Flo OGI
555SauceTru MedFloruit #4 LR SauceI
62HCPMint DispensaryForbidden FruitI
399VapeVenomForbidden FruitI
192SauceAZ Nectar FarmsFrancos Lemon Cheese LRS
210FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsFruit CakeH
279Non-SolventArizona Natural RemediesFruit Cake RosinH
155Sweet EdibleTerritory DispensaryGanja Goo- Orange Cream 90mgI
120FlowerBloom DispensaryGaraniamalsI
200FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsGarlicaneI
452ConcentrateAZ Natural SelectionsGC LR BadderS
311FlowerVapen ClearGelatoH
121FlowerBloom DispensaryGelato 33I
528FlowerTru MedGelato 33H
578HCPTru MedGelato 33 CaviarH
544ConcentrateTru MedGelato 33 LR batterH
559SauceTru MedGelato 33 LR SauceH
582VapeTru MedGelato 33 LR SauceH
593VapeTru MedGelato 33 LR Sauce PAXH
562IsolateTru MedGelato 33 THCa DiamondsH
496DistillateTru-InfusionGelato BerriesI
491VapeTru-InfusionGelato BerriesI
291SauceHigh GradeGelato Diamonds & SauceH
586VapeTru MedGelato DistillateH
252ConcentrateThe Green HaloGG #4 Pull n SnapI
591VapeTru MedGG#10 LR Sauce PAXI
153ConcentrateHi KlasGG#4 BudderH
152SauceHi KlasGG#4 DiamondsH
316FlowerVapen ClearGhost OGI
267ConcentrateGoldsmithGhost Train HazeS
322ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Ghost Train HazeS
341DistillateOrion RemedyGirl Scout CookiesH
339VapeOrion RemedyGirl Scout CookiesH
370FlowerArizona OrganixGlitter ApplesH
114FlowerBloom DispensaryGluelatoH
484ConcentrateItem 9 LabsGMO Cookies LRI
441vapeGrow SciencesGMO Hash RosinI
440Non-SolventGrow SciencesGMO Live Hash RosinI
439ConcentrateGrow SciencesGMO LR BadderI
538ConcentrateTru MedGMO LR BadderI
558SauceTru MedGMO x King Louis LR SauceI
373FlowerArizona OrganixGolden GoatS
42ConcentrateKatatonicGolden LemonH
337ConcentrateOrion RemedyGolden LemonH
49SauceKatatonicGolden LemonH
147ConcentrateHi KlasGorilla Dosha BudderH
262DistillateGoldsmithGrand Daddy GuavaH
448FlowerFarm FreshGrandpaI
93FlowerMohave Cannabis CoGranimalsI
179Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeGrape Gum Drops 200mgH
187VapeLeaf LifeGrape Limeade
75ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoGrapecycle BCBD
92FlowerMohave Cannabis CoGrapecycle BCBD
425DistillateVenomGrapefruit KushH
343VapeHigh GradeGrease Monkey Sauce CartH
443Non-SolventGrow SciencesGSC Live Hash RosinH
184VapeLeaf LifeGuava Coconut
596Sweet EdibleBaked BrosGummie BearsI
100FlowerHigh Mountian HealthGummy BearsH
523FlowerTru MedGutbuster #1I
566Non-SolventTru MedGutbuster #1 Rosin BatterI
526FlowerTru MedHarle-TsuCBD
284FlowerHigh GradeGrease MonkeyH
560ConcentrateTru MedHarle-Tsu SapCBD
183VapeLeaf LifeHawaiian Hurricane
534FlowerTru MedHeadstashI
568Non-SolventTru MedHeadstash #1 Rosin batterI
133SauceBloom DispensaryHeadStash #9I
488FlowerSky DispensariesHells BellsI
451FlowerFarm FreshHells FireI
290SauceHigh GradeHemlock Diamonds & SauceH
571TinctureTru MedHigh CBD Cinnamon TinctureCBD
570TinctureTru MedHigh THC Vanilla TinctureH
97FlowerHigh Mountian HealthHoly Grail KushI
442vapeGrow SciencesHot Dog WaterH
113FlowerBloom DispensaryHumpty DumptyS
129SauceBloom DispensaryHumpty DumptyH
287ConcentrateHigh GradeIce Cream CakeI
389FlowerNature MedicinesIce Cream Cake #1I
390FlowerNature MedicinesIce Cream Cake #4I
288SauceHigh GradeIce Cream Cake Diamonds & SauceI
139FlowerTryke CompaniesIce Cream ManI
489FlowerSky DispensariesIt’s ItH
305ConcentrateVapen Clearjack HererS
502ConcentrateTru-InfusionJack HererS
301VapeVapen ClearJack HererS
286ConcentrateHigh GradeJack Herer BatterS
486ConcentrateItem 9 LabsJack Herer LRS
476VapeItem 9 LabsJack Herer LR PodS
427isolateVenomJack the RipperS
481isolateItem 9 LabsJackherer THCaS
125SauceBloom DispensaryJamaican GelatoS
428isolateVenomJamaican Gelato LCS
172SauceAbundant OrganicsJenny KushS
402VapeVenomJesus JuiceH
421ConcentrateVenomJesus OGI
308SauceVapen ClearJesus OGI
220FlowerAZO CannabisJilly Bean x Colorado KleenH
460IsolateAZ Natural SelectionsKalanora LR DiamondsH
532FlowerTru MedKatsuI
110DerivativeHigh Mountian HealthKAYA Health Oil (RSO)I
105VapeHigh Mountian HealthKaya Mys-Stix – Grand Daddy PurpleI
106VapeHigh Mountian HealthKaya Mys-Stix – Green CrackS
107VapeHigh Mountian HealthKaya Mys-Stix – StrawnanaH
108VapeHigh Mountian HealthKaya Mys-Stix – Super Lemon HazeS
109VapeHigh Mountian HealthKaya Mys-Stix – WiFi OGS
103TinctureHigh Mountian HealthKaya Myst Tincture Spray – Honey Lemon ChamomileI
104TinctureHigh Mountian HealthKAYA Myst Tincture Spray – Lemon RaspberryS
446FlowerFarm FreshKCI
144DistillateTryke CompaniesKhalifa KushH
302VapeVapen ClearKing Louie XIIII
539ConcentrateTru MedKing Louis LR BatterI
579SauceTru MedKing Louis SauceI
355DistillateArizona OrganixKing Louis XII Sap D9I
445Non-SolventFarm FreshKoffee Cake Live RosinI
123FlowerBloom DispensaryKoolatoI
131SauceBloom DispensaryKosher ZkittlesI
175Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeKR Mini 4:1 Sun Morning Cookiescbd
176Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeKR Salted Caramel Blondie 500mgH
177Savory EdibleLeaf LifeKR White Cheddar Popcorn 300mgH
163FlowerTerritory DispensaryKryptoniteI
150ConcentrateHi KlasKryptonite Cured ResinI
90FlowerMohave Cannabis CoKush Mints #8H
477VapeItem 9 LabsLa Affie LR PodI
88FlowerMohave Cannabis CoLava CakeH
521TopicalNamaste Bath BombsLavender & Chamomile Bath BombH
249VapeThe Green HaloLemon Cake 450mgS
193ConcentrateAZ Nectar FarmsLemon Cake Batters
505ConcentrateTru-InfusionLemon CheesecakeH
509ConcentrateTru-Infusionlemon CrushCBD
222FlowerAZO CannabisLemon OG x Grateful BreathH
434ConcentrateVenomLemon TreeH
128SauceBloom DispensaryLemon Tree KoolatoH
475VapeItem 9 LabsLemon Tree LR PodH
241VapeDarwinLemongrass Green TeaH
299VapeVapen ClearLime SorbetH
96FlowerHigh Mountain HealthLouis XIII OGH
45IsolateKatatonicLove TriangleH
447FlowerFarm FreshLSS
524FlowerTru MedMACH
527FlowerTru MedMac #capscutH
453ConcentrateAZ Natural SelectionsMac LR BadderH
546ConcentrateTru MedMAC LR BatterH
556SauceTru MedMAC LR SauceH
592VapeTru MedMAC LR Sauce PAXH
377VapeVape Fruit (Natures Medicines)Juciy FruitH
119FlowerBloom DispensaryMacaroonsI
379VapeVape Fruit (Natures Medicines)CherryH
380FlowerNature MedicinesOrangeade #4H
414VapeVenomMalberry NectarI
261DistillateGoldsmithMango KushH
411VapeVenomMango KushH
384FlowerNature MedicinesWedding Pie #9H
186VapeLeaf Lifemango Passion fruit
467Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryMango Sour GummiesS
387FlowerNature MedicinesPolynesian Thin MintsH
388FlowerNature MedicinesThe REMS
315FlowerVapen Clearmary OGI
514TinctureTru-InfusionMCT 4000mg CBDCBD
391FlowerNature MedicinesIce Cream Cake #2I
433ConcentrateVenomMeat BreathH
444Non-SolventGrow SciencesMeat Breath Live Hash RosinH
280Non-SolventArizona Natural RemediesMeat Breath RosinI
395FlowerNature MedicinesAnimal Face #6I
552DistillateTru MedMelonH
584VapeTru MedMelon DistillateS
285FlowerHigh GradeMendo BreathI
419ConcentrateVenomMendo Breath LCI
503ConcentrateTru-InfusionMendo PurpI
507sauceTru-InfusionMendo PurpI
309SauceVapen ClearMimosaH
338ConcentrateOrion RemedyMimosa #3S
417VapeVenomMothership OG NectarI
260TopicalThe Green HaloMuscle and Pain Roll onI
498DistillateTru-InfusionNana BerryI
493VapeTru-InfusionNanna BerryI
516Sweet EdibleTru-InfusionNanna Cream GummiesH
250VapeThe Green HaloNordle 450mgCBD
522TopicalNamaste Bath BombsOatmeal Milk & Honey Bath BombH
449FlowerFarm FreshOG18I
136Sweet EdibleCopia (Prime Leaf)OGeez – Orange Creamsicle 300mgI
135Sweet EdibleCopia (Prime Leaf)OGeez – Raspberry Orange 300mgI
137Sweet EdibleCopia (Prime Leaf)OGeez – Watermelon 300mgS
545ConcentrateTru MedOGKB LR BatterH
292SauceHigh GradeOrange Cake Diamonds & SauceH
485ConcentrateItem 9 LabsOrange Cookies LRH
77ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoOrange RoseH
134SauceBloom DispensaryOrange ZkittlezH
381FlowerNature MedicinesOrangeadeH
166FlowerTerritory DispensaryOregon JuiceH
351ConcentrateHighfieldOZ KushI
190TopicalSublimePain Relief 1:1 Hydro GelH
211FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsPapayahuascaH
196SauceAZ Nectar FarmsPapayahuascaH
214VapeAZ Nectar FarmsPapayahuascaH
303VapeVapen ClearParis OGI
238Sweet EdibleDefi EdiblesPate De FruitH
376ConcentrateNature MedicinesPCC Cherry Punch ShatterH
375ConcentrateNature MedicinesPCC High Octane ShatterI
517Sweet EdibleTru-InfusionPeach GummiesH
117FlowerBloom DispensaryPeach KoolatoH
264DistillateGoldsmithPeaches n DreamH
205FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsPeanut Butter PunchH
304ConcentrateVapen ClearPhoenix OGI
312FlowerVapen ClearPhoenix OGI
143ConcentrateTryke CompaniesPie HoeH
410VapeVenomPie SupriseH
438vapeMoxy (Copperstate)Pina ColadaH
118FlowerBloom DispensaryPinakoolatoH
165FlowerTerritory DispensaryPineapple ChunkH
132SauceBloom DispensaryPinkakoolatoI
206FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsPlum DriverS
215VapeAZ Nectar FarmsPlum DriverS
405VapeVenomPomegranate ParadiseS
588BeverageBaked BrosPour able THC SyrupI
454ConcentrateAZ Natural SelectionsPPK Sugar WaxI
374ConcentrateNature MedicinesPre 98′ Bubba BudderI
326TinctureNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Premium 300mg TinctureH
542ConcentrateTru MedPresidential OG LR BatterI
327Sweet EdibleNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Pucks 200mg Strawberry CherryCBD
328Sweet EdibleNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Pucks 200mg WatermelonI
394FlowerNature MedicinesPudding Pop #6I
369FlowerArizona OrganixPurple LamborghiniI
154VapeHi KlasPurple Chunk Clear CartridgeH
146ConcentrateHi KlasPurple Larry Cured Resin #1I
151ConcentrateHi KlasPurple Larry Cured Resin #2I
550DistillateTru MedPurple PunchH
164FlowerTerritory DispensaryPurple PunchI
314FlowerVapen ClearPurple PunchI
535FlowerTru MedPurple PunchI
149ConcentrateHi KlasPurple Punch BudderI
540ConcentrateTru MedPurple Punch LR waxI
392FlowerNature MedicinesPurple StarburstI
350ConcentrateHighfieldRace fuel OG KushH
346Sweet EdibleVapen KitchensRainbow Crunch ChocolateH
553DistillateTru MedRainbow SherbertH
590VapeTru MedRainbow Sherbert PAXH
46IsolateKatatonicRare DarknessH
471FlowerItem 9 LabsRussian KushI
365TopicalArizona OrganixSalve 500mg D9+CBD+THCAH
74ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoSan Fernando ValleyH
361TinctureArizona OrganixSap 1:1H
359DerivativeArizona OrganixSap 6:1 CapsuleH
362VapeArizona OrganixSap D8H
364VapeArizona OrganixSap D8H
360TinctureArizona OrganixSap D8I
358DerivativeArizona OrganixSAP D8 CapsuleH
363VapeArizona OrganixSap D9H
367FlowerArizona OrganixSenzu BeanI
318FlowerVapen ClearSerpentine OGI
412VapeVenomSex PantherS
368FlowerArizona OrganixSheepleI
456Non-SolventAZ Natural SelectionsSilver Mountain RosinH
162FlowerTerritory DispensarySlowtown CookiesH
89FlowerMohave Cannabis CoSlurricaneH
531FlowerTru MedSlurricaneH
217VapeAZ Nectar FarmsSlurricaneI
577HCPTru MedSlurricant CaviarH
499DistillateTru-InfusionSnow ConeH
494VapeTru-InfusionSnow ConeH
306ConcentrateVapen ClearSnowCapH
71SauceMohave Cannabis CoSour Diesel Lemon HazeH
404VapeVenomSour Patch KidsS
251ConcentrateThe Green HaloSour PunchI
258FlowerThe Green HaloSour PunchH
501DerivativeTru-InfusionSpace CapsulesH
426isolateVenomSpace CoughS
157Sweet EdibleTerritory DispensarySticky Licky – Cake Batter 30mgH
79ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoStrawberry BanannaI
84FlowerMohave Cannabis CoStrawberry BanannaI
98FlowerHigh Mountian HealthStrawberry BanannaI
69SauceMohave Cannabis CoStrawberry BanannaI
508ConcentrateTru-InfusionStrawberry Cotton CandyCBD
342VapeHigh GradeStrawberry Cough Sauce CartS
492VapeTru-InfusionStrawberry IimeadeS
580VapeTru MedStrawberry Jack LR SauceS
111FlowerBloom DispensaryStrawberry LemonadeS
497DistillateTru-InfusionStrawberry LimeaideS
99FlowerHigh Mountian HealthStrawberry Short CookiesH
297VapeVapen ClearStrawberry ShortcakeH
409VapeVenomStrawberry SundaeH
80ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoStrawberry TahoeS
82FlowerMohave Cannabis CoStrawberry ThaoeS
533FlowerTru MedSundae DriverH
310SauceVapen ClearSundae DriverH
415VapeVenomSundae Driver NectarH
567Non-SolventTru MedSundae Driver Rosin batterH
168FlowerAbundant OrganicsSunshine DaydreamI
458HCPAZ Natural SelectionsSuper Deluxe MoonstickH
595VapeTru MedSuper MAX OGH
208FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsSuper SherbertH
148ConcentrateHi KlasSuper Sour Lime Cured ResinH
180Savory EdibleLeaf LifeSweet & Savory Pretzel 50mgH
101Non-SolventHigh Mountian HealthSweet Afghani Delicious HashI
102Non-SolventHigh Mountian HealthSweet Afghani Delicious RosinI
68SauceMohave Cannabis CoTHC BombH
537FlowerTru MedCandylandS
325DerivativeNirvana (Clean Concentrates)THC Capsule 100mgI
371FlowerArizona OrganixTime TravelerH
116FlowerBloom DispensaryTres LechesH
474FlowerItem 9 LabsTres LechesH
430ConcentrateVenomTri Fi CookiesH
459DistillateAZ Natural SelectionsTrifectaH
457vapeAZ Natural SelectionsTrifectaH
423DistillateVenomTropical CakeH
345Sweet EdibleVapen KitchensTropical Punch GummiesCBD
429isolateVenomTropicana CookiesS
418VapeVenomTropicana Cookies NectarS
213VapeAZ Nectar FarmsTropicana SkittlezS
202FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsTropicana SkittlzS
197ConcentrateAZ Nectar FarmsTropicana Skittlz BatterS
191SauceAZ Nectar FarmsTropicana Skittlz LRS
554DistillateTru MedTropicanna CookiesH
583VapeTru MedTropicanna Cookies DistillateH
589VapeTru MedTropicanna Cookies PAXH
126SauceBloom DispensaryTropikoolatoS
91FlowerMohave Cannabis CoTrue TriangleI
203FlowerAZ Nectar FarmsUltra Sour ChemS
216VapeAZ Nectar FarmsUltra Sour ChemS
382FlowerNature MedicinesUndercover KushH
324TopicalNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Unsented Lotion 3:1 200mgI
581VapeTru MedValley Girl LR SauceI
594VapeTru MedValley Girl LR Sauce PAXI
563IsolateTru MedValley Girl LR THCa DiamondsI
587VapeTru MedValley Girl PAXI
565Non-SolventTru MedValley Girl Rosin BatterI
86FlowerMohave Cannabis CoValley OGH
198SauceAZ Nectar FarmsVanilla BeanI
159BeverageTerritory DispensaryVital Fruit Punch DrinkI
158BeverageTerritory DispensaryVital Lemonade DrinkI
160Savory EdibleTerritory DispensaryVital PeanutbutterI
161Sweet EdibleTerritory DispensaryVital Sensi Stripe GummiesI
500DistillateTru-InfusionWatermelon BubblegumS
495VapeTru-InfusionWatermelon BubblegumS
178Sweet EdibleLeaf LifeWatermelon Grape Fruit Chews 1:1
466Sweet EdibleMUV DispensaryWatermelon Sour GummiesI
141FlowerTryke CompaniesWedding CakeH
473FlowerItem 9 LabsWedding CakeH
525FlowerTru MedWedding CakeH
70SauceMohave Cannabis CoWedding CakeH
543ConcentrateTru MedWedding Cake LR BatterH
478VapeItem 9 LabsWedding Cake LR PodH
487isolateItem 9 LabsWedding Cake THCaH
320ConcentrateNirvana (Clean Concentrates)Wedding GelatoH
386FlowerNature MedicinesWedding PieH
385FlowerNature MedicinesWedding Pie #11H
277ConcentrateArizona Natural RemediesWhite Cookies Sugar WaxH
43Non-SolventKatatonicWhite DreamH
541ConcentrateTru MedWhite Fire OG LR BatterI
50SauceKatatonicWhite WidowI
76ConcentrateMohave Cannabis CoWhooodyH
142SauceTryke CompaniesWiFi 43H
353ConcentrateHighfieldZ CubeI
112FlowerBloom DispensaryzkittlesS
130SauceBloom DispensaryZkittlesI


710 Degree Cup Patient Entries

710 Degree Cup Patient Entries.  All flower entries where entered by licensed caregivers/cultivators patients in Arizona. NAmes are protected 

55Flower(Protected)Animal Mints
235Edible(Protected)Banana Nut DANK-Cake w/Cream cheese frosting
32Distillate(Protected)Blackberry Kush
228Flower(Protected)Blue Dream
232Concentrate(Protected)Blue Dream Badder LR
226Topical(Protected)Blue Dream Pain Cream
29Edible(Protected)Blueberry Lemonade Hard Candy
437Edible(Protected)Caramel Bon Bon
330Flower(Protected)Cherry Punch
333Concentrate(Protected)Cherry Wine
30Edible(Protected)Cookies & Cream CBD Cookie
468Topical(Protected)Copper Cream
237Flower(Protected)Diamond Candy
223Flower(Protected)Emerald Kush
138Edible(Protected)Fiber Holistic Peanut Butter
33Non-Solvent(Protected)Forbidden Fruit
335Concentrate(Protected)Golden Lemon
519Edible(Protected)Guava Gourmet Gummies
225Topical(Protected)Hemp Pain Cream
56Flower(Protected)Ice Cream Cake
227Edible(Protected)Indacouch 50mg Marshmallow
270Concentrate(Protected)Jack of all lemons
274Non-Solvent(Protected)Jungle Cake x Lemon Tree
281Flower(Protected)Larry Lemon
229Flower(Protected)Lemon Skunk
233Concentrate(Protected)Lemon Skunk Badder LR
469Tincture(Protected)Mango Infusion
273Flower(Protected)Mimosa #5
94Flower(Protected)mochi cookies
271Flower(Protected)Mr. Clean
336Edible(Protected)Peanut Brittle
332Flower(Protected)Plum Wine
268Concentrate(Protected)Purple Candyland x GMO Cookies
490Edible(Protected)RootBeer Float Gourmet Gummies
436Edible(Protected)Snicker-doodle Cheesecake
331Flower(Protected)Drunk Driver
272Flower(Protected)Sundae Driver
31Distillate(Protected)Super Lemon Haze
275Non-Solvent(Protected)Suzy Q
239Edible(Protected)Terp Bear
231Flower(Protected)The D’s
269Concentrate(Protected)Tropicana Punch x GMO Cookies
234Concentrate(Protected)U2 Diamonds
230Flower(Protected)U2 Kush
334Concentrate(Protected)Wedding Cake
181Flower(Protected)White Grape
520Concentrate(Protected)Zapata Gold Hemp


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