The 3rd annual 710 Degree Cup entries are listed below by Secret Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entries.  Find the number of your Errl Cup entry and then place it’s number in search bar.

Search this years testing partner C4 Lab’s database for all the information you need on each Errl Cup entry.

Errl Cup Testing Results Instructions

Place number of  entry in search bar, numbers like “1” and “11” will come up more than one search results.  It will show all results that have “1” or “11” on them.

Click Advanced to filter by THC Level High to Low, CBD Level High to Low, and many other options.

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All Entries -Errl Cup

All entries by Dispensaries and Caregivers/Patients that were tested and judges for the 710 Degree Cup Winners 2018

Errl Cup Secret Shopper Entries

Entries that were purchased by the Errl Cup Team.  All Errl Cup Secret Shop entries were chosen by us for Indica, Sativa, and/or Hybrid but we asked for the Bud tenders Choice for these Errl Cup Flower Entries


Number Category Dispensary Strain Type
1 Concentrate Ponderosa 3 Queens Indica
2 Concentrate White Mountain Sweet Science Chem 4 Hybrid
3 Concentrate AZ Cannabis Society WiFi Hybrid
4 Concentrate The Greenhouse Deadhead OG Hybrid
5 Concentrate Wickenburg Alt. Medicine GSC Hybrid
6 Concentrate MetroMeds Quantum Kush Sativa
7 Concentrate Encanto Green Cross Gas Pedal Hybrid
8 Concentrate TruMed Black Diamond Indica
9 Concentrate Arizona Organix Apricot Helix Orange Tahoe Hybrid
10 Concentrate Nature’s Medicine Super Glue Hybrid
11 Concentrate YiLo Granddaddy Purple Indica
12 Concentrate Valley Of The Sun Az Super Skywalker OG Indica
13 Concentrate Herbal Wellness Center Dr. Who/Ghost OG Hybrid
14 Concentrate Nirvana Lemon Kush Hybrid
15 Concentrate The Holistic Center OB Ripper Hybrid
16 Concentrate Reef Banana Fire OG Indica
17 Concentrate MUV Purple Glue Hybrid
18 Concentrate Urban Greenhouse Sour DIesel Sativa
19 Concentrate Downtown DIspensary D2 Designer OG Indica
20 Concentrate Desert Bloom Citrus Berry Hybrid
21 Concentrate Nature Med Cherry Hashplant Indica
22 Concentrate Southern Az Integrated Therapies Jack The Wrecker Sativa
23 Concentrate Earth’s Healing Blue Dream Sativa
24 Concentrate The Green Halo Lemon Cake Sativa
25 Distillate Level Up Jack Herer Sativa
26 Concentrate All Greens VN White Sugar Wax Indica
27 Concentrate Arizona Natural Selections Orange Fruity Pebbles Hybrid
28 Concentrate Sky Light Saber Indica
29 Concentrate Bloom Gemz-Strawberry Banana Indica
30 Concentrate Health For Life Green Crack Sativa
31 Concentrate SWC Tempe Flo Hybrid
32 Concentrate Natures Wonder GigaBud Hybrid
33 Concentrate Yavapai Black Diamond OG Shatter Indica
34 Concentrate Arizona Natural Remedies Viper CIty OG Shatter Indica
35 Concentrate Natures Medicine Undercover Kush Shatter Hybrid
36 Concentrate The Medicine Room Rude Boi Shatter Hybrid
37 Concentrate The Superior Dispensary Sweet Diesel Shatter Sativa
38 Concentrate The Healing Center Farmacy Mother Tongue Shatter Sativa
39 Concentrate High Grade Clementine Sativa
40 Concentrate Item 9 Savage Purps Hybrid
Errl Cup Dispensary Entries

710 Degree Cup Dispensary Entries.  All these entries for the Errl Cup were entered by each individual dispensary, dispensary extraction company, dispensary cultivation companies, dispensary edibles company, and dispensary topical companies.


Number Category Dispensary Strain Type
41 vape Augmental Blueberry Lemonaide Hybrid
42 vape Augmental Mendo Breath Hybrid
43 vape Augmental Tri-Fi Hybrid
47 Concentrate Item 9 Girls Gone Wild Indica
48 Concentrate Item 9 Cherry Private Stock Hybrid
49 Concentrate Item 9 Black Water OG LR Indica
50 Concentrate Item 9 Vanilla Bean Indica
51 Vape Item 9 Candy Land Sativa
54 Vape Phoenix Cannabis Co Cactus OG Indica
55 Vape Phoenix Cannabis Co Purple Chem Indica
56 Vape Phoenix Cannabis Co Lemon DIesel Hybrid
57 Vape Phoenix Cannabis Co Strawberry Cough Sativa
58 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Strawberry Cough Sauce Sativa
59 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Lemon Fire OG Hybrid
60 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Pudding Pop Indica
68 Beverage Level Up Keef Cola – Blue Razz Hybrid
69 Beverage Level Up Keef Cola – Blood Orange Sparkling Hybrid
70 Vape Level Up Sour Diesel Sativa
71 Vape Level Up GDP Indica
78 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Nitro Cookies Sauce Hybrid
79 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Fruity Pebbles Sauce Hybrid
80 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Sour Banana Sherbet Sauce Hybrid
81 Concentrate Phoenix Cannabis Co Cactus OG Sauce Indica
373 Flower Tru Med Candyland sativa
253 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections Banana Puddintain Sativa
84 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Do-Si-Dos Hybrid
85 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Gelato Indica
86 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Bear Candy #10 Hybrid
87 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Ice Cream Cake #16 Indica
88 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Animal Face #2 Indica
130 Flower Echo Boutiques The Juice Indica
131 Flower Echo Boutiques Zkittlez Sativa
132 Flower Echo Boutiques Royal Highness Hybrid
133 Concentrate Echo Extracts Dirty Sprite Diamonds & Sauce Hybrid
134 Concentrate Echo Extracts Kosher Kush Diamonds & Sauce Indica
135 Concentrate Echo Extracts Clementine Diamonds & Sauce Sativa
136 Flower High Mountain Health Blueberry Cough Hybrid
393 Flower Desert Bloom Sour Diesel Sativa
138 Vape High Mountain Health Mixed Indica Indica
139 Vape High Mountain Health Orange Cookies Indica
140 Vape High Mountain Health Wifi Sativa
141 Vape High Mountain Health Gelato Indica
142 Non-Solvent High Mountain Health Kaya Pressed Bubble Hash – Original Sour DIesel Sativa
143 Edible Higher Level Brands Cherry Ganja Goo Hybrid
144 Edible Higher Level Brands Dulce de Leche Budderscotch Hybrid
145 Edible Higher Level Brands Blackberry Sticky Lickies Hybrid
146 Edible Higher Level Brands Watermelon Sticky Lickies Hybrid
147 Flower Encanto Bordello Hybrid
148 Flower Encanto Do-Si-Dos x Center CBD
372 Flower Tru Med Lucid Dream sativa
150 Flower Encanto Triangle Kush Indica
151 Non-Solvent OG Clear Klondike Cookies THCA Hybrid
152 Vape OG Clear Durban Poison Sativa
153 Concentrate OG Clear Triangle Kush Indica
154 Concentrate OG Clear Gas Pedal Sativa
155 Concentrate OG Clear Do-Si-Dos x Jet Fuel Hybrid
156 Concentrate OG Clear Do-Si-Dos x Center CBD
157 Topical OG Clear THC/CBD Pain Balm Hybrid
158 Flower Downtown Dispensary Peyote Cookies Indica
366 Flower Tru Med Jack Herer sativa
160 Flower Downtown Dispensary Glueberry OG Hybrid
161 Flower Downtown Dispensary Pennywise CBD
162 Concentrate Downtown Dispensary ILAVA-Peyote Cookies Indica
163 Concentrate Downtown Dispensary ILAVA-Green Crack Sativa
164 Concentrate Downtown Dispensary ILAVA-Glueberry OG Hybrid
165 Concentrate Downtown Dispensary Peach Puree CBD
166 Vape Downtown Dispensary Zskittlez Indica
167 Topical Downtown Dispensary I-Touch Hybrid
237 Flower High Grade Clementine Sativa
291 Flower Farm Fresh Organics Sour Banana Sherbet Sativa
178 Flower Green Halo Chronic Thunder Indica
179 Flower Green Halo Yoda OG Indica
180 Concentrate Green Halo GG #4 Diamonds Hybrid
181 Concentrate Green Halo Vanilla Bean Sauce Indica
182 Vape Green Halo Lemon Cake Sativa
183 Vape Green Halo Agent Orange Sativa
184 Topical Green Halo Hi-CBD Ointment CBD
185 Tincture Green Halo Glycerin Tincture Sativa
186 Edible Green Halo Lemon Blondie Indica
187 Edible Green Halo Medical Brownie Indica
188 Vape Arizona Organix Sap 250mg/Papas OG Live Resin 250mg Hybrid
189 Vape Arizona Organix Sap 250mg/Golden Goat Live Resin 250mg Sativa
190 Vape Arizona Organix Sap 500mg Sativa
191 Derivatives Arizona Organix Sap Cap 100mg/25mgCBD Sativa
192 Derivatives Arizona Organix Sap Cap 200mg/25mgCBD Sativa
193 Derivatives Arizona Organix Sap Cap 300mg/25mgCBD Sativa
194 Distillate Arizona Organix Sap 1000mg Sativa
195 Derivatives Arizona Organix Somango 300mg Hybrid
196 Derivatives Arizona Organix CBD125mg/Sap 100mg Hybrid
197 Tincture Arizona Organix Somango 300mg Hybrid
198 Tincture Arizona Organix Sap 300mg/CBD 100mg Hybrid
199 Concentrate Arizona Organix Mendo Breath Terp Butter Indica
200 Concentrate Arizona Organix Phantom Pie Shatter Hybrid
201 Concentrate Arizona Organix Golden Goat Shatter Sativa
202 Flower Arizona Organix Platinum Gorilla Indica
203 Flower Arizona Organix Time Machine Hybrid
204 Flower Arizona Organix Sunset Kush Hybrid
205 Flower Arizona Organix Golden Goat Sativa
206 Flower Arizona Organix Dolato Indica
207 Flower Arizona Organix Cactido Indica
208 Flower Arizona Organix Forbidden Shoe Indica
209 Flower Arizona Organix Somango Indica
210 Flower Arizona Organix Platinum OG Indica
212 Concentrate Venom Extracts Outlaw Pho Terp Sauce Sativa
213 Concentrate Venom Extracts Super Lemon Haze Live Resin Sativa
214 Concentrate Venom Extracts Banana Diesel Pho Terp Sauce Hybrid
215 Concentrate Venom Extracts Banana Diesel Pho Sauce Hybrid
216 Concentrate Venom Extracts Garlic Cookies Pho THC-A Hybrid
217 Concentrate Venom Extracts Gummy Bears Sugar Crystals Hybrid
218 Concentrate Venom Extracts Dr. Confidential Pho Sauce Indica
219 Concentrate Venom Extracts Ghost Cookies Pho Sauce Indica
220 Concentrate Venom Extracts GMO Cookies Pho Sauce Indica
221 Topical Elevated By Claudene Balm Sativa
222 Hand Crafted Products Metro Meds Hindu Moondust Indica
223 Hand Crafted Products Metro Meds Moonrocks by Hindu Indica
224 Flower Muv Products Black Mamba Indica
225 Topical Muv Products 1:1 Evolve Trasdermal Gel Hybrid
226 Concentrate Muv Products Tangilope Crumble Sativa
227 Edible Muv Products Wana Blueberry 1:1 Gummies Hybrid
228 Concentrate High Grade 9 LB Hammer Live Resin Indica
229 Concentrate High Grade Candyland Live Resin Sativa
230 Concentrate High Grade Strawngie Live Resin Sativa
231 Concentrate High Grade Northern Lights Live Resin Indica
232 Concentrate High Grade Cherry Pie Live Resin Indica
233 Distillate High Grade Pineapple Express Hybrid
234 Flower High Grade Grease Monkey Indica
235 Flower High Grade Harlox CBD
236 Flower High Grade Arianna CBD
83 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Purple Punch Sativa
238 Flower High Grade Dr. Who Hybrid
239 Flower High Grade Dosidos Indica
240 Flower High Grade AMF OG Indica
241 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections OZ Kush Live Resin Sugar Wax Hybrid
242 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections Fire Breath Shatter Hybrid
243 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections Trap Star Crumble Indica
244 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections Reese’s Peace x Dream Temple CBD
245 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections NYC OG Sauce Sativa
246 Concentrate .Arizona Natural Selections 3D Live Resin Sugar Crystals Sativa
247 Distillate .Arizona Natural Selections House Blend x Reese’s Peace Hybrid
248 Non-Solvent .Arizona Natural Selections StarDawg Dry Sift Rosin Indica
249 Non-Solvent .Arizona Natural Selections Frosted Strawberries x Atomic Urkle Dry Sift Rosin Hybrid
250 Hand Crafted Products .Arizona Natural Selections Atomic Urkle Delux Moonrocks Hybrid
251 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections Sheeple Indica
252 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections Donkey Punch Indica
267 Flower The Medicine Room Blueberry Muffin Sativa
159 Flower Downtown Dispensary Green Crack Sativa
255 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections Velvet Glove Hybrid
256 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections FIre Breath Indica
257 Edible Metro Meds Kushly Gummies Indica
258 Edible Darwin Voyager Gummy Rasta 420 Hybrid
259 Edible Darwin Voyager Gummy Blackberry Hybrid
260 Medible-CBD Darwin Origin Single CBD Hard Caramel CBD
261 Vape Darwin Earl Gray Evolution Vape Hybrid
262 Vape Darwin Chillax + CBN Vape Hybrid
263 Vape Darwin Pure Evolution Vape Hybrid
264 Vape Darwin Origin 1:1 CBD/THC Vape Hybrid
265 Flower The Medicine Room White Fire OG Hybrid
266 Flower The Medicine Room Rude Boi OG Hybrid
149 Flower Encanto Blue Dream Sativa
177 Flower Green Halo Lemon Cake (C) Sativa
269 Flower The Medicine Room Purple Punch Indica
268 Flower The Medicine Room Sour Tangie Sativa
271 Flower The Medicine Room Purple Larry Indica
272 Concentrate The Medicine Room White Fire OG Shatter Hybrid
273 Concentrate The Medicine Room Purple Punch Shatter Indica
274 Concentrate The Medicine Room Do-Si-Dos Shatter Indica
275 Concentrate The Medicine Room Rude Boi OG Shatter Hybrid
276 Concentrate The Medicine Room Purple Punch Budder Indica
277 Concentrate The Medicine Room Purple Punch Crumble Indica
278 Concentrate The Medicine Room Pineapple Chunk Batter Sativa
279 Concentrate The Medicine Room White Fire OG Live Resin Hybrid
280 Concentrate The Medicine Room Blueberry Muffin Crumble Sativa
281 Distillate Goldsmith Extracts Orange Crush Hybrid
282 Distillate Goldsmith Extracts Mango Kush Hybrid
283 Vape Goldsmith Extracts Jack Straw Hybrid
284 Vape Goldsmith Extracts Blackberry Kush Indica
285 Vape Goldsmith Extracts Zkittles Indica
286 Concentrate Goldsmith Extracts The Purple Helmet Crumble Hybrid
287 Concentrate Goldsmith Extracts Lemonade Haze Crumble Sativa
288 Concentrate Goldsmith Extracts Skunky Watermelon Crumble Hybrid
289 Concentrate Goldsmith Extracts Super Lemon Haze Crumble Sativa
290 Flower Farm Fresh Organics OG-18 Indica
137 Flower High Mountain Health Bruce Banner Sativa
292 Flower Farm Fresh Organics Grape Jelly Hybrid
293 Hand Crafted Products Farm Fresh Organics Blue Dream Uthunda Rosin Stick Sativa
294 Hand Crafted Products Farm Fresh Organics Dawg Cookies Thungela Rosin Bowl Bombs Hybrid
295 Non-Solvent Farm Fresh Organics Lemon OG IFU Rosin Dabs Sativa
296 Vape Farm Fresh Organics OG-18 Okhela Rosin Pen Indica
312 Vape Zen Dispensary Sour Tangie Sauce Sativa
313 Vape Zen Dispensary Blueberry Indica
314 Vape Zen Dispensary Lemon Lime Hybrid
315 Hand Crafted Products Zen Dispensary Twax Paper Cone Hybrid
316 Beverage Zen Dispensary Watermellon Remody Syrup Hybrid
317 Vape Flav Tropical Train Wreck Black Label Vape Hybrid
318 Vape Flav Tropical Train Wreck Retractable Vape Hybrid
319 Edible Flav Watermelon Belts Hybrid
320 Edible Copia Peppermint Soft Melts Hybrid
321 Edible Copia Natural Peanut Butter Hybrid
322 Edible Copia XL Vegan Chocolate Cookie Hybrid
323 Beverage Copia Watermellon Potent-C Hybrid
324 Distillate Leaf Life Blueberry Indica
325 Vape Leaf Life King Louis XIII Indica
326 Vape Leaf Life Dutch Treat Hybrid
327 Edible Leaf Life Sublime Lemon Tea Cake Hybrid
328 Medible-CBD Leaf Life Korova CBD Mini Cookies CBD
329 Topical Leaf Life Sublime Mineral Salt Soak Hybrid
330 Vape Tru Infusion Pina Colada Kush Indica
331 Vape Tru Infusion Mango Haze Sativa
332 Vape Tru Infusion Double Diesel Sativa
333 Vape Tru Infusion Lemon Crush Sativa
334 Vape Tru Infusion Purple Bubba Indica
335 Vape Tru Infusion Knock Out Indica
336 Derivatives Tru Infusion Heavy Hitter Caps Hybrid
337 Concentrate Tru Infusion Pineapple Express CBD
338 Derivatives Tru Infusion Heavy Hitter Caps 1:1 Hybrid Hybrid
339 Edible Tru Infusion Mango/Apple Gummies Sativa
340 Topical Tru Infusion 600mg 1:1 Salve Hybrid
341 Tincture Tru Infusion 600mg 1:1 Coconut Oil Tincture Hybrid
342 Tincture Tru Infusion 1200 MG CBD Coconut Oil Tincture CBD
343 Vape Tru Med Slymer Sativa
344 Vape Tru Med Purple Punch Indica
345 Vape Tru Med King Louis indica
346 Vape Tru Med Larry OG indica
347 Vape Tru Med Mimosa Hybrid
348 Hand Crafted Products Tru Med Purple Punch Caviar Indica
349 Hand Crafted Products Tru Med Mac Caviar Hybrid
350 Distillate Tru Med Blueberry Kush hybrid
351 Distillate Tru Med Blackberry Kush hybrid
352 Concentrate Tru Med Harle-Tsu cbd
353 Concentrate Tru Med Candyland Batter hybrid
354 Concentrate Tru Med Kings Kush Sauce incida
355 Concentrate Tru Med GG #4 LR Batter hybrid
356 Concentrate Tru Med Sour Desiel Sauce sativa
357 Concentrate Tru Med Purple Punch Wax indica
358 Concentrate Tru Med Larry OG Batter indica
359 Non-Solvent Tru Med Mac Rosin hybrid
360 Concentrate Tru Med GG#4 Sauce hybrid
361 Flower Tru Med Valley Girl hybrid
362 Flower Tru Med Dr Who hybrid
363 Flower Tru Med Gut Buster #1 indica
364 Flower Tru Med Mac (Caps Cut) hybrid
365 Flower Tru Med Presidential OG indica
82 Flower Phoenix Cannabis Co Blue Suede Sativa
367 Flower Tru Med Purple Punch indica
368 Flower Tru Med Larry OG hybrid
369 Flower Tru Med Mac #12 hybrid
370 Flower Tru Med Floruit #4 indica
371 Flower Tru Med Headstash #1 indica
270 Flower The Medicine Room Pineapple Chunk Sativa
176 Flower Green Halo Lemon Cake (B) Sativa
374 Medible-CBD Arizona Natural Selections 1:1 160mg Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownie CBD
375 Edible Arizona Natural Selections 160mg Peanut Budder Bucket Hybrid
376 Beverage Arizona Natural Selections 80mg Strawberry Limeade Hybrid
377 Medible-CBD Higher Level Brands Sour Apple Hemp CBD Taffy CBD
378 Concentrate Item 9 Labs Chem Dawg Special Reserve Live Resin Hybrid
379 Derivatives Metro Meds Granddaddy Purple Moon Picks Indica
380 Derivatives Metro Meds Tangie Moon Picks Sativa
382 Concentrate Desert Bloom Cookies & Cream Terp Sauce Hybrid
383 Concentrate Desert Bloom White Fire Terp Sauce Sativa
384 Concentrate Desert Bloom Sizzurp Live Resin Hybrid
385 Concentrate Desert Bloom Stano OG Crumble Indica
386 Topical Desert Bloom ReLeaf Brand Muscle Jelly Hybrid
387 Topical Desert Bloom Releaf Brand Body Balm Hybrid
388 Topical Desert Bloom Releaf Brand Massage Butter Hybrid
389 Tincture Desert Bloom 1:1 Cinnamon Tincture Hybrid
390 Tincture Desert Bloom Watermelon Tincture Hybrid
391 Tincture Desert Bloom 12:1 Cherry Tincture CBD
392 Flower Desert Bloom Double Stuffed X Sungrown Hybrid
395 Flower Desert Bloom Tony Montana Sativa
394 Flower Desert Bloom Stano OG Indica
254 Flower .Arizona Natural Selections Sour Plums Sativa
396 Flower Desert Bloom Golden Strawberries Hybrid
397 Flower Desert Bloom Skywalker OG Indica
398 Flower Desert Bloom Durango OG Indica
399 Flower Desert Bloom Citrus Berry Hybrid
400 Flower Desert Bloom Gator Glue Hybrid
401 Vape Desert Bloom Island Sweet Skunk Sativa
402 Distillate Desert Bloom Orange Dream Sativa
403 Concentrate Desert Bloom White FIre Shatter Sativa
404 Concentrate Desert Bloom Double Stuffed Shatter Indica
405 Edible PARC Olive and Ivy Garlic Butter Hybrid
406 Edible PARC One Big Ass Peanut BUtter Cup Hybrid
407 Derivatives PARC Mint Canna Strips Hybrid
408 Beverage PARC Mojito Cannatail Hybrid
409 Topical PARC Lavender Bath Salts Hybrid
410 Topical PARC Body Butter Hybrid
411 Tincture PARC Dr. Burns CBD Pain Releaf CBD
Errl Cup Patient Entries

710 Degree Cup Patient Entries.  All flower entries where entered by licensed caregivers/cultivators patients


Number Category Dispensary Strain Type
44 Flower D.A.R.K Sugar Cookie Sativa
45 Flower D.A.R.K Buckeye Purple Indica
46 Topical Happy Bubbles Happy Bubbles CBD Soap CBD
52 Concentrate Rhizo Research Candy Land Sativa
53 Concentrate Rhizo Research Jack herer x Grape Sorbet Sativa
61 Flower Greengem Lemon Meringue Sativa
62 Flower Greengem Emerald Kush Indica
63 Concentrate Lifted Farms Kryptonite Budder Indica
64 Concentrate Lifted Farms Kryptonite Shatter Indica
65 Concentrate Lifted Farms Lemon Head Sativa
66 Concentrate Lifted Farms Lifted Cookies Hybrid
67 Concentrate Lifted Farms Oregon Orange Punch Hybrid
72 Edible Herbal Ecology Acapulco Gold/Crown Royale Hybrid
309 Edible NanoPharm CBD 25 MG Gummies CBD
74 Edible AZ – Item9 Sonoran Edibles Apple Pie Cheesecake Tartletts Indica
75 Flower Greengem Diamond Candy Hybrid
76 Flower Greengem GSC Hybrid
77 Flower Greengem Thin Mint Hybrid
89 Flower Dos Bros AZ Strawberry Cough Sativa
90 Flower Dos Bros AZ Gelato #2 Indica
91 Flower Dos Bros AZ Chernobyl “Golden Ticket” Hybrid
92 Flower Oxlong Farms The D’s Indica
93 Flower Oxlong Farms U2 Kush Hybrid
94 Flower Oxlong Farms Lemon Skunk Sativa
95 Concentrate Rhizo Research Presidential OG Indica
96 Concentrate Rhizo Research Bubba Kush Indica
97 Concentrate Rhizo Research GSC Blend Hybrid
98 Concentrate Rhizo Research Fire Berry Hybrid
99 Concentrate Rhizo Research GG #4 Hybrid
100 Non-Solvent Rhizo Research OG Blend Hybrid
101 Flower Rhizo Research Web CBD
102 Flower Rhizo Research Rhizos Web CBD
103 Non-Solvent Rhizo Research Web CBD
104 Flower Rhizo Research Blue Zkittles Indica
105 Flower Rhizo Research Black Water Indica
106 Flower Rhizo Research Trap Star Indica
107 Flower Rhizo Research Chery Pie Indica
108 Flower Rhizo Research Fire OG Indica
109 Flower Rhizo Research Sin Mint Hybrid
110 Flower Rhizo Research White Lighting Hybrid
111 Flower Rhizo Research Cookies & Cream Hybrid
112 Flower Rhizo Research Fire Berry Hybrid
113 Flower Rhizo Research Ghost Breath Hybrid
114 Flower Rhizo Research Alien Brownies Hybrid
115 Flower Rhizo Research Paris Hybrid
116 Flower Rhizo Research Sour Diesel Sativa
117 Flower Rhizo Research Sophies Breath Sativa
118 Flower Rhizo Research CandyLand #11 Sativa
119 Flower Rhizo Research Jack Herer Sativa
120 Flower Rhizo Research Angus Sativa
121 Flower Rasta Masta Jon Snow Hybrid
122 Flower Grow_Master_C WiFi OG Indica
123 Concentrate AZ Happy Trees Golden Lemon Haze Indica
124 Concentrate AZ Happy Trees Az Happy Trees Special Blend Sativa
307 Edible Travler Edibles Raspberry Lemonaide King Cakes 250mg Hybrid
126 Non-Solvent Stoney Chicken Golden Lemon Rosin Hybrid
127 Flower Cartier Crops Vibranium Indica
128 Flower Heavily Connected Seed Bank Wedding Cake x Gelato Hybrid
129 Flower Heavily Connected Seed Bank MAC1 Indica
168 Concentrate Dabbs Delights Orange Crush Hybrid
169 Concentrate Dabbs Delights Berry White Indica
125 Edible Mockingbird Botanicals, LLC. Fruit Chews Hybrid
172 Edible Dabbs Delights Snickerdoodle Truffles Hybrid
73 Edible AZ – Item9 Sonoran Edibles Coconut German Brownie Indica
173 Edible Dabbs Delights Brown Sugar Truffles Hybrid
170 Edible Dabbs Delights Butterfinger Cookies Hybrid
171 Edible Dabbs Delights Mint Chip Cookies Hybrid
175 Edible Dabbs Delights Mint Chip Cookies CBD
297 Flower Mr ED’s Organics Clementine Sativa
298 Flower Mr ED’s Organics Mr ED’s OG Indica
299 Concentrate Mr ED’s Organics Lemon baannana Sherbert Hybrid
300 Flower Funky Skunk Farms Purple Punch Indica
301 Flower Funky Skunk Farms Mimosa #3 Hybrid
302 Flower Funky Skunk Farms Mimosa #21 Hybrid
303 Flower Funky Skunk Farms Future Hybrid
304 Flower Funky Skunk Farms Bannana Split Sativa
305 Beverage Cannavations Larry LemmonHead Syrup Hybrid
306 Concentrate Cannavations Pink Gorilla x Larry LemmonHead Sativa
174 Edible Dabbs Delights Butterfinger Cookies CBD
308 Concentrate NanoPharm CBD Distillate Diamonds CBD
211 Edible Dankalicious Edibles Birthday Dank-Cake Cookies Hybrid
310 Vape NanoPharm CBD Vape Cartridge CBD
311 Tincture NanoPharm CBD 500mg Full Spectrum Daytime Tincture CBD
381 Concentrate Premium Melts 420 Extracts Jamaican Ape Indica
412 Flower Funky Skunk Farms The Candy Indica
413 Concentrate Funky Skunk Farms Bannana Split Sativa
414 Concentrate Funky Skunk Farms Purplicious Indica

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