The Errl Cup provides Cannabis awards, events and festivals that are focused on a Patient Appreciation and Dispensary Accountability.  In the ever growing industry of marijuana/cannabis The Errl Cup supports clean, consistent, high quality medicine for all patients.The Errl Cup helps put the power back in the hands of the Patient.


With our Dispensary Accountability model we go out and “secret shop” dispensaries in the Errl Cup Event areas with our money.  Then we have the product independently and blindly tested by a lab and True MMJ Patients in the event city. The patient choice winners and all results are publicized at The Errl Cup event, online and in print media.


Look over our First Errl Cup in Tempe, Arizona.  Some of the articles that were written about it.

New TImes Errl Cup Article 1

New Times –  Errl Cup Article 2

Blazed 420 –   Errl Cup 2016


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