In Arizona patients have little control over the medication they get from state licensed dispensaries   The dispensaries control the price, quality, quantity, and medical beneficial marijuana strains   Recently mandatory testing was not implemented for Arizona dispensaries   Basically they are not required to even test or provide you with test information of a strain they produce and is used to help your medical aliment    They have no accountability, until The Errl Cup.

The 1st Annual Errl Cup will focus on getting the patient the information they need to make their best choice for the purchase of their medication    We have setup a “secret shopper” type program to test and judge each Maricopa County dispensaries and other random dispensaries in Arizona   Our team of experience patients will go unannouced and unknown to the dispensary to purchase various types of medication that each dispensary offers  We will test and judge flowers, concentrates, cbd products, e-juice/vape oil and other marijuana medical products   No edibles or topicals will be tested   We will have our experience group of judges and “patient” judges test, smoke and rank the product   We will also send the tested products to our lab for complete lab testing     Along with medicine we will be judging and evaluating overall environment, customer service and product knowledge   All of judge products or services will be evaluated and rank from Errl Cup Wiiner to the Cup for Worst Dispensary


We hope that the information we will provide the Arizona patient will help them get the right medication they need for their ailment    We are focus of Patient Apperciation and Dispensary Accountablity


Come join use Jan 9th 2016 for our Patient Apperciation Day at The Errl Cup. Free medication bring and your medication  for a day of apperception for all Arizona MMJ Patients


See you at the Errl Cup.



The Errl Cup Staff



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