Who’s interested in CBD?

So you want to take CBD but you’re not sure how much you should take.  You might also be concerned about overdose, side-effects and quality of CBD. With so many CBD options and conflicting information, you’re not sure what to do.

Well don’t worry you not alone, thousands of people (Errl Cup included) like you are asking the same questions. So we went out and got the answers for you. By researching papers, talking to experts and looking at hard data. We compiled a great guide to help answer your questions. 

Types of CBD

Just asking for CBD should be simple as saying the word. However there are several varieties of CBD products made to suit different needs. The main types of CBD products are Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD. The differences in the two is in most states a felony.

That is because CBD extracted from cannabis could contain more than the legal amount of 0.3% THC. Also that Cannabis CBD can only be made in states that have medical marijuana laws protecting it. Hemp CBD however was recently blessed by the USA farm bill and can be produced, extracted, transported and sold to anyone because it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Full Spectrum or Isolate

Another big difference between CBD products is “Full Spectrum CBD” and “Isolate CBD”. Or more commonly called just “CBD”. Full spectrum CBD means there are other cannabinoids present in the product. These cannabinoids can contribute to the entourage effect giving more medical benefits.

These cannabinoids include CBN, CBG, CBA, CBD-A and even THC if it’s legal to possess in your state. Isolate CBD or just “CBD” contains no other cannabinoids other than CBD. The CBD molecule is singled out similarly to how your prescriptions medications are.

CBD Dosages

CBD can come in varying strengths based on it being from cannabis or hemp and full spectrum or not. An Isolate CBD is 99%+ potency and one gram of it could last most people a few weeks. A Full spectrum CBD could range from 1% CBD to 80% CBD potency.

This is because there are other cannabinoids, plant lipids, terpenes and oils present in the extract that reduce the total amount of CBD in the product. This means if you need high amounts of CBD then you would consume more Full Spectrum CBD than you would CBD Isolate.

How To Take CBD

Just like anything new you introduce to your body you want to start slow and evaluate the benefits. Just like your doctor would say. Remember when the doctor sends you home with a new prescription and he says you will start at half a pill every day then we will see how you feel and go up from there?

Well it’s the same thing, you want to start with trace amounts and gauge how you feel for a week. Then increase the dosing until you see no additional benefits. Then back down to the previous dosage and re-evaluate every couple of months.

How Much CBD Should You Take

Figuring out how much CBD you need starts with evaluating your body weight. The condition your treating. Your body’s chemistry, and the concentration of the product. This can be complex and is best discussed with a naturopathic or your family’s doctor. However if you decide to take it upon yourself as so many have before you then a good place to start is 2.5mg to 5mg of CBD per dose.

This means each time you take a CBD product, make sure the serving has no more than 5mg of CBD. You can take this 5mg serving up to 5 times that day if you feel the effects wearing off. This would put your daily dosing at 25mg.

From there you can increase your dosing up weekly by 5mg each serving. Most users find their CBD benefits are best around 25mg – 50mg per day. However those looking to treat severe epilepsy, anxiety and more have been known to use up to 1000mg per day.

Ways To Take CBD

are some of the most popular ways to take CBD. The CBD is suspended in a liquid, most often vegetable glycerin or coconut oil and you take your dosing using a dropper. Now one single drop of the dropper is about 0.05 milliliters (ml). That means if your tincture bottle holds 10ml and is labeled 1,000 mg of CBD oil. Then it contains about 200 drops of 5mg CBD.


are the second most popular CBD product. We think because they remind you of those delicious gummies your parents would only let you have one per day of when you were a kid. Either way they are a great and easy way to consume CBD on the go or to secretly eat CBD without anyone knowing that your gummies contain CBD. They usually come in 5mg to 10mg dosage and are dummy proof since the portions are already broken out for you.

are the third most popular CBD product. That is because it appeals to a large age group and range of conditions. Since you can slather the CBD cream anywhere on your body it really serves as a great option for anyone with body aches, skin conditions or joint pain. Getting the right dosage on a cream is really difficult. The best course of action is to slather on a dime sized amount and repeat as often as needed. Most people see creams lasting 2-5 hours, but your results may vary.

is gaining in popularity even though it’s not on anyone’s mind yet. But keep your eyes open, tomorrow you could turn the corner and your favorite pizza joint will be offering CBD on your lunch special slice. Then the Snow Cone vendor at your state fair is offering CBD in your snack for an extra dollar or two.  This is becoming the norm in many states and soon will be how many of us consume our daily doses of CBD.

have actually been around for a long time. They were sold under the guise of hemp products. Hemp h20, Love Hemp, Mellow Mood, Marley Coffee and many more have been selling CBD infused waters and beverages to the masses long before the farm bill of 2019 was put into place.

was nearly impossible to find 10 years ago. Now you can find it in nearly every smoke-shop, gas-station, corner-store, and grocery store around town. This kind of CBD comes in the form of Isolate (White crystals), Vape Pens (Liquid cartridge), or flower (Hemp flowers). Each of them has their own distinct benefits and each cater to a different form of consumption like dabbing, vaping or joints.

Side Effects and Overdose?

CBD is not regulated by the FDA yet however genuine CBD from a reputable source is considered safe even in high doses of 1500mg or more. There has been no established threshold for overdose as that threshold has not been reached or identified by anyone.

Now that might make you fell all warm and fuzzy but remember everyone body chemistry is different and especially if you are taking other prescriptions you could see adverse reactions, so take it slow and consult your doctor if you are taking any other prescriptions as well.

There are very few known side effects of CBD but it has been noted that side effects can include fatigue, diarrhea, changes in appetite and changes in weight.

So always make sure your CBD products come from a reputable source, are natural and are labeled with CBD percentages. You can also attend an Errl Cup event to learn more about CBD. 

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