cannabis cup winners
cannabis cup winners

710 Degree Cup Winners – Arizona Errl Cup Winners

The 710 Degree Cup was held July 9th, 2016.  Located in Phoenix Arizona, we had over 160 entries.  We also secret shopped dispensaries for concentrates in the Maricopa County Area.


Here are the Top 25 Concentrates for the 710 Degree Cup.  It has been calculated by combined score, and in the order from 1 to 25.

Every entry was tested and judged to award the winner.

We have listed Patients Entries in White.  Secret Shopped Entries in Red.  Normal Dispensary Entries.

Secret Shopped

There are 5 entries in the Top 25 Concentrates.  Different then the other Cannabis Awards  Winners, the 710 Degree Cup winners can come from a secret shopped concentrate to a dispensary entry.

Like for this 2016 event, Yavapai won for best Concentrate Indica and it was secret shopped.   Way to go Yavapai, you always supply great medication to patients.

Dispensary and Patient Class

We accept both Patient and Dispensary Entries.  As we will see the Patients came in with 2 of the Top 25 entries in this event.  Omni Potent was the only Caregiver to crack the Top 25.

Dispensaries provided this event with some great medication.  From our Top Concentrate down to number 25, they are all fine qualities of medicine.

Judging and Testing

Every event is judged by the combination of testing results, patient judging and industry judges.   We take great pride in providing a fair competition not driven by money or favoritism.

Our events are meant to give the Patients a look at what medication they have in the Arizona area.  With providing all the testing results for our entries on our website.

Our winners are different from other Cannabis Awards winners.  Our winners are truly judged and tested to give you the best information we can provided to pick the medication best for you.


Thanks to all the dispensaries and patients that entered the 2016 710 Degree Cup.  We thank you for your support and providing patients with good medication.

We hope to have you come and join us for the 2017 710 Degree Cup.  Dispensaries and Patients are welcome to enter.

Come celebrate the 710 Holiday with your friends at Errl Cup.




cannabis cup winners

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