Why these dab rigs

To come up with a great list of favorite dabbing devices, I had to first find a serious dabber.

Errl Cup dab’s a lot, I mean they dab a-lot! They dab so much the phrase “Do You Dab Bro” was minted in their lounge!

When you dab as much as they do, you go through a lot of devices. Some they break (stoner moments) and some break themselves. Lucky for you the Errl Cup staff spent the time, money and dabs trying out all the top e-nails, vaporizers, electric dab rigs, and vapes.

Also lucky for you, I have inside access and am going to find out the Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices.

Let me say first that when I set out to write this story I did not realize it was going to be all about electric dabbing devices. I also did not realize how high I was going to be afterwards.

Though I cannot complain, I had an amazing time and am very excited to share with you the Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices.

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices – Aerie

Aerie is one of the busiest people over at Errl Cup. Her plate is always overflowing and she keeps taking on more crushing it with her determination and drive. We asked her what the secret to her success was.

After looking around cautiously. She whispers, a dank hybrid and my Yocan Vaporizor. We could hardly believe she was dabbing during the day. She says that is one of the benefits of the Yocan, you can discretely take as many needed dabs during the day without anyone knowing. Adding it really helps you woosah any crazy moments away and get back into the grove.

Get Aerie’s recommendation the Yocan Vaporizer

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices – CJ

CJ is our resident geek.  He does not wear glasses and have pocket protectors or anything, what I mean is he helps manages the technical and digital side of Errl Cup.

You can find him behind a pile of audio and video equipment with headphones on and a Milo’s sweet tea. After finally finding CJ hiding in a computer cave. I said bro. How do you do all this and keep your sanity? He stares at me for a minute. Then I notice he still has his headphones on. I signal for their removal and repeat the question.

CJ, how do you do all this and stay sane? He smiles, disappears behind a pile of electronics and returns with a rig. He presses this button and takes a fat rip. Exhaling he says “fat dabs bro”. Then passes me the rig, puts his headphones on and turns around.

Upon further investigation (two or three dabs myself) I realize he is using the Yocan Torch Enail. This electric enail could fit onto any rig and runs off battery power. I was quite impressed and CJ must have noticed, he quickly took the rig back while telling me I should get one.

Get CJ’s  recommendation the Yocan Torch Enail

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices – Jay

Jay is one of the owner/operators of Errl Cup. Jay handles social media and many of the day to day operations. Usually you can tell his location in the building by following the clickity clack sounds of his keyboard as he types 5000 words a minute (or so it seems).

So finding him was not hard, getting him to stop working for a minute took longer. Once he finally stopped he immediately opened his drawer and pulled out a slick looking small square briefcase.

I’m thinking it’s a kind of pelican case and he’s about to pull out some heady rig.

But to my surprise it was a Doctor Dabber all-in-one electric enail. After some quick assembly. We were taking fat dabs off this tiny rig that put out some massive clouds. I was having such a great time that I soon realized I am going to need about three minutes to lay on the floor.

Get Jay’s recommendation the Doctor Dabber

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices – Jim

Jim is the other owner and brainchild of Errl Cup. He is also the voice of the patients. Jim works hard fighting for patient rights while running the largest cannabis festival in Arizona. It’s rare to catch a moment with Jim. His days are so packed that he’s barely got time to throw some darts at the DL Lodge (their cannabis lounge).

Luckily for me the stars aligned and I got a few moments to throw back with Jim. Almost immediately I had the answer to my question, most certainty before I asked it.

Seemingly as an extension of his own body, was a Puffco Peak! I soon realized it was just a sweet carrying case that could hook to your belt or go over your shoulder. But none the less I had my answer. Further inquiring, why Puffco Jim?

Grinning from ear to ear he looks over and says. This bad boy right here will last all day, never spill water (he has the travel tube) and can hit as hard as and even harder than a traditional torch and nail.

I had to try it myself. Jim showed me how to start the rig with two taps of a button and how to change the temperature with one additional tap. I set the Puffco to Medium (green) and took a long drag, finally looking over at him nodding my head in agreeance. As I could no longer muster up any legible words.

Get Jim’s recommendation the Puffco Peak

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices – Main Office Rig

Lucky enough, the DL Lodge has a few couches, which were a perfect place to recuperate from the dab-a-thon I had subjected myself to today (for science of course). After a quick cat-nap and a cup of coffee I turned my attention over to the bar. Where a crowd of volunteers and staff were gathered. It quickly became clear the bar was the Errl Cup “water cooler”.

The whole crew was gathered around talking, laughing and really enjoying each other. I began to see a bag rise off the table, it continued to grow taller like a snake and was filled with smoke. I had to find out what was going on.

When I got to the bar I found out the crew was using the Volcano Vaporizor, but they were loading dabs into it. They must have seen the look on my face because someone said “it’s the Hybrid model bro it does dabs too”. Right then a huge smile grew across my face. I knew this was in fact the best day of my life.

Get Errl Cup’s recommendation the Volcano Vaporizer 


I have to tell you learning about the Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices was a freaking blast! I tried so many great products and devices. But I am still was not sure which one I liked the best.

Each of these rigs stood out in their own way and each one was perfect for a different person and situation. Well whichever you pick, rest assured Errl Cup is puffing on it with you.

One Love


One last thing, in full disclosure, if you click on one of these links and purchase a rig. Errl Cup will earn a commission. Income like this is what supports the Errl Cup events and keeps the events FREE for you. Hopefully you found this list useful and can help support Errl with your purchase.

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