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Errl Cup Fall 2023 Winners List

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Errl Cup Fall 2023 Labratory Testing Results

Errl Cup entries are listed below by Secert Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entires.  Find the number of your Errl Cup entry and then place it in search bar.

Search this years testing partner Level One Labs database for all the information you need on each Errl Cup entry.

Errl Cup Testing Results Instructions

Place number of Errl Cup entry in search bar, numbers like “1” and “11” will come up more than one search results.  It will show all results that have “1” or “11” on them.

Click Advanced to filter by THC Level High to Low, CBD Level High to Low, and many other options.

All Entries - Errl Cup Fall 2023

All entries for the Fall  2023 Errl Cup separated by secret shopper, dispensary and open class.

Errl Cup Secret Shopper Entries

Entries that were purchased by the Errl Cup Team.  All Errl Cup Secret Shop entries were choosen by us for Indica, Sativa, and/or Hybrid but we asked for the Budtenders Choice for these entries.

424 Sauce Goldsmith Mac 7 Hybrid
448 Concentrate All Greens Pineapple Jack Hybrid
446 Sauce Sweet Science Famous Cookies Hybrid
452 Distillate JARS RAW Distillate Hybrid
455 Concentrate VAPEN Runtz Berries Hybrid
453 Concentrate YILO Yilo Crumble Hybrid
436 Concentrate Juke Box IZZ x OG Kush Hybrid
483 Sauce Potent Planet Designer Pearl Hybrid
422 Sauce Bud Bros MSG Hybrid
433 Concentrate DRIP Pineapple Burst Hybrid
428 Sauce Nectar Farms Tropicana Cherries Hybrid
450 Concentrate Holoh Jenny Kush Hybrid
437 Concentrate Roll One Diesel Berry Hybrid
444 Concentrate Tru Infusion Horchata Hybrid
711 Concentrate ILava Zacks Cake Hybrid
435 Concentrate Clean Concentrates GMO Poop OG Hybrid
457 Concentrate Achieve Watermelon Gushers Hybrid
708 Non-Solvent Halo Cannabis The Werx Hybrid
449 Concentrate Aeriz Potus Berries Hybrid
484 Concentrate Shango Sour Garlic Cookies Hybrid
769 Non-Solvent Farm Fresh Tang Breath Hybrid
440 Non-Solvent Abundant Organics Strawberry Patch Hybrid
427 Concentrate Gas Pump Farms Baloo Cured Resin Hybrid
451 Concentrate AZCS Garlic Fusion x Pound Cake Hybrid
430 Concentrate Grow Sciences Tropical Cherry Hybrid
441 Sauce Superior Grateful Donny Burger Rosin Sauce Indica
454 Concentrate Arizona Organix Do-Si-Dos Indica
482 Concentrate VOTS Grandi Guava Indica
438 Concentrate Item 9 Labs Kiwi Kandy Indica
456 Concentrate Sticky Saguaro Kush Mints Indica
426 Concentrate High Grade Mac Stomper Indica
462 Concentrate HAZE Fried Icecream Indica
460 Concentrate Kaya Salmon River OG Indica
423 Concentrate Hi-Klas Kobe Butter Indica
429 Distillate IO Extracts Grand Daddy Purple Indica
463 Concentrate Glorious Extracts Legendary OG Indica
458 Concentrate Green Pharms Purple Punch Indica
445 Concentrate CRESCO Slurricane Indica
709 Concentrate Releaf GMO Deathstar Indica
447 Distillate Big Bud Farms Watermelon Z Indica
710 Non-Solvent Earths Extracts Ice Cream Cake Indica
442 Concentrate DIME Papaya Indica
461 Sauce Genesis Bioceuticals Lemon Reringue x Mandarin Cookies Sativa
459 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Darryl Strawberry Sativa
443 Concentrate WTF Extracts Green Haze Sativa
432 Concentrate Canamo London Pound Cake Sativa
431 Concentrate MPX Green Crack Sativa
425 Concentrate Venom Jack Diesel Cake Batter Sativa
434 Concentrate Amber Dat Flava Sativa
712 Non-Solvent CRX Guava x Creamsicle Sativa

Errl Cup Dispensary Entries

Errl Cup Dispensary Entries.  All these entries for the Errl Cup were entered by each individual dispensary, dispensary extraction company, dispensary cultavation companies, dispensary edibles company, and dispensary topical companies.

553 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Peach Mango 3mg Hybrid
557 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Peach Mango 3mg Hybrid
558 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Peach Mango 10mg Hybrid
507 Beverage Sip Elixers Electric Lemon Hybrid
554 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Peach Mango 10mg Hybrid
556 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Pineapple Passion Fruit 10mg Hybrid
555 Beverage Cannabis Beverage Company “High Tide” Pineapple Passion Fuit 3mg Hybrid
788 Beverage Tonic Mango Pineapple Hybrid
505 Beverage Sip Elixers Wattermelon Hybrid
506 Beverage Sip Elixers Hurricane Hybrid
504 Beverage Sip Elixers Dreamberry 2:1 CBN Hybrid
787 Beverage Tonic Citrus Line 1:1 Hybrid
811 Beverage Halo Infusions Pure & Simple Prickly Lemonade Indica
758 Concentrate Earths Extracts High Society LR Hybrid
625 Concentrate Aeriz Gelato Mintz LR Sugar Hybrid
492 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Pink Sunset Hybrid
626 Concentrate Aeriz Grape Jelly LR Sugar Hybrid
812 Concentrate Clean Concentrates Blueberry Banana OG Hybrid
780 Concentrate Dime Industries Blue Banana Badder Hybrid
491 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Fuji Hybrid
508 Concentrate HOLOH Extracts Apples N Bananas Live Badder Hybrid
629 Concentrate Aeriz MAC 1 LR Sugar Hybrid
628 Concentrate Aeriz Lemon Cherry Gelato LR Sugar Hybrid
718 Concentrate IO Extracts Nam WA Cookies hybrid
631 Concentrate Aeriz Peanut Butter Mintz LR Sugar Hybrid
562 Concentrate Amber Platinum Garlic OG LR Sugar Hybrid
624 Concentrate Aeriz Gary Payton OG LR Sugar Hybrid
630 Concentrate Aeriz Peanut Butter & Jelly LR Sugar Hybrid
801 Concentrate Nirvana Larry 2 Hybrid
627 Concentrate Aeriz Jealousy LR Sugar Hybrid
757 Concentrate Earths Extracts Cleo LR Hybrid
823 Concentrate Bud Bros Apple Fritter Applesauce Hybrid
520 Concentrate Hashishans RS11 (AG) Live Badder Hybrid
623 Concentrate Aeriz Animal Face LR Sugar Hybrid
781 Concentrate Dime Industries Wedding Cake Sugar Hybrid
797 Concentrate PTS Farm Alien Rock Candy Hybrid
493 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Tristate Triangle Indica
495 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Slurt 3 Indica
824 Concentrate Bud Bros Cherry Cosmo Icecream Applesauce Indica
795 Concentrate PTS Farm Black Dog Indica
637 Concentrate Aeriz Jokerz 31 LR Sugar Indica
800 Concentrate Nirvana Frozay Indica
759 Concentrate Earths Extracts King Cleo LR Indica
494 Concentrate Mohave Cannabis Co Code Z Indica
560 Concentrate Amber Tahoe Brunch LR Sugar Indica
634 Concentrate Aeriz Gelatoz Z LR Sugar Indica
639 Concentrate Aeriz Up North Wedding mints LR Sugar Indica
640 Concentrate Aeriz Zeclair LR Sugar Indica
518 Concentrate Hashishans Mandarin Sunset Live Budder Indica
798 Concentrate Nirvana Golden Lemons Indica
632 Concentrate Aeriz 8″ Bagel LR Sugar Indica
638 Concentrate Aeriz Peanut Butter Ice Cream LR Sugar Indica
636 Concentrate Aeriz Ice Cream Cake LR Sugar Indica
635 Concentrate Aeriz GMO LR Sugar Indica
633 Concentrate Aeriz Florida Oranges LR Sugar Indica
796 Concentrate PTS Farm Bruce Banner Sativa
802 Concentrate Nirvana Lemon Banana Sherbet Sativa
642 Concentrate Aeriz Jenny Kush LR Sugar Sativa
822 Concentrate Bud Bros Greasy Runtz Badder Sativa
643 Concentrate Aeriz Glue LR Sugar Sativa
641 Concentrate Aeriz Up North Durban Posion LR Sugar Sativa
561 Concentrate Amber Mimosa LR Sugar Sativa
799 Concentrate Nirvana Bazookas Sativa
521 Concentrate Hashishans Boogie MAn LR Budder Sativa
756 Concentrate Earths Extracts Sour Papaya LR Sativa
474 Indoor Flower Copperstate Farms Egg Roll hybrid
687 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig farms ICC x Lemon #3 Hybrid
825 Indoor Flower House Exotics Zacks Cake Hybrid
743 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Jokers Stash Hybrid
827 Indoor Flower House Exotics Creamsizzle Hybrid
686 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig Farms Lemon Cherry Gelato Hybrid
706 Indoor Flower Curaleaf Orange Apircot Hybrid
749 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Northern Sensi Hybrid
684 Indoor Flower Aeriz Jealousy Hybrid
688 Indoor Flower Aeriz Gary Payton OG LR Sugar Hybrid
804 Indoor Flower Nirvana Gush Mints Hybrid
813 Indoor Flower PTS Farm Mac 1 Hybrid
692 Indoor Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Fuji Hybrid
690 Indoor Flower Aeriz Sundaee Driver Hybrid
683 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig Farms Animal Face Hybrid
680 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig Farms Krypto Chronic #1 Hybrid
499 Indoor Flower Wonderbrett Cherry Trop Hybrid
745 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Peachy Keen Hybrid
681 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig Farms Doppelganger Hybrid
539 Indoor Flower High Variety Jungle Mints Hybrid
748 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Frosty Skunk Hybrid
682 Indoor Flower Aeriz Mac 1 Hybrid
685 Indoor Flower Aeriz Jungle Lava Hybrid
522 Indoor Flower Gas Pump Farms Wedding Cake x Banana Punch Hybrid
679 Indoor Flower Aeriz Peanut Butter mintz Hybrid
826 Indoor Flower House Exotics Buster Runtz Hybrid
544 Indoor Flower High Variety N.C.E Season 2 #4 Hybrid
546 Indoor Flower High Variety Purple Pomello #4 Hybrid
744 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Stay Puff Hybrid
746 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Funkfetti hybrid
805 Indoor Flower Nirvana Mafia Funeral Hybrid
747 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics granny Skunk Indica
673 Indoor Flower Aeriz 8: Bagel Indica
541 Indoor Flower High Variety Gush Mints Indica
689 Indoor Flower Aeriz GMO Indica
803 Indoor Flower Nirvana GMO Indica
814 Indoor Flower PTS Farm Papaya x Gelato Indica
760 Indoor Flower Shango Modified Banana Indica
742 Indoor Flower Abundant Organics Blue Blitz Indica
707 Indoor Flower Curaleaf Jordanz #4 Indica
670 Indoor Flower Aeriz Up North Wedding Mints Indica
672 Indoor Flower Aeriz Ice Cream Cake Indica
674 Indoor Flower Aeriz Fig Farms Gelato Indica
762 Indoor Flower Shango Cadillac Rainbows Indica
473 Indoor Flower Copperstate Farms Grape Gas Indica
671 Indoor Flower Aeriz Floridia Oranges Indica
523 Indoor Flower Gas Pump Farms Apes in Space Indica
545 Indoor Flower High Variety P-Wing Indica
540 Indoor Flower High Variety Kush Mints Indica
815 Indoor Flower PTS Farm Purple Kush Sativa
676 Indoor Flower Aeriz Jack Herer Sativa
751 Indoor Flower Gas Pump Farms Sugar Puss Sativa
675 Indoor Flower Aeriz Jenny Kush Sativa
705 Indoor Flower Curaleaf Modified Gas Sativa
677 Indoor Flower Aeriz Glue Sativa
543 Indoor Flower High Variety Red Bananas #3 Sativa
542 Indoor Flower High Variety Blue Tint #6 Sativa
678 Indoor Flower Aeriz UpNorth Durban Posion Sativa
763 Indoor Flower Shango Devil Driver Sativa
693 Indoor Flower Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Sour Sativa
761 Indoor Flower Shango Guava Tangie Sativa
735 Infused Pre-Roll Clean Concentrates Sin Valley Caviar Cone Hybrid
838 Infused Pre-Roll Space Rocks Chem Cake Hybrid
486 Infused Pre-Roll Mohave Cannabis Co Jungle Lava Indica
468 Infused Pre-Roll Best Budz AZ Fruitylicious Indica
834 Infused Pre-Roll Moss OG-18 Indica
733 Infused Pre-Roll Clean Concentrates Presidential Papaya Hash Hole Indica
702 Infused Pre-Roll Grassroots Diamond Infused Jordanz #4 Indica
821 Infused Pre-Roll Bud Bros ThaiGars Pixie Dust Indica
734 Infused Pre-Roll Clean Concentrates VVS Solventless Caviar Cone Indica
469 Infused Pre-Roll Best Budz AZ Lushcious Sativa
835 Infused Pre-Roll Moss Lemon Skunk Sativa
829 Infused Pre-Roll Moss Lemon Skunk Sativa
723 Isolate Healing Alchemist Raw THCa Hybrid
720 Isolate IO Extracts Raw THCa Hybrid
783 Isolate Dime Industries Skywalker OG Diamonds Indica
644 Isolate Aeriz Jenny Kush THCa Isolate Sativa
559 Isolate Amber Ghost Train Haze LR Diamond Dust Sativa
816 LHR Vape IO Extracts Mint Mango LHR Indica
828 Live Rosin House Exotics Lemon Hash Plant Hybrid
565 LR Vape Amber STR8 GSHR LR Hybrid
509 LR Vape HOLOH Extracts Apples N Bannanas LR Pen Hybrid
791 LR Vape Mozey The Great Ha’Tuh Hybrid
580 LR Vape Aeriz Gelato Mintz LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
575 LR Vape Aeriz Berriez LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
574 LR Vape Aeriz Star Killer LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
547 LR Vape High Variety Georgia Pie 1g Hybrid
579 LR Vape Aeriz Animal Face LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
577 LR Vape Aeriz Peanut Butter Mintz LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
578 LR Vape Aeriz Lemon Cherry Gelato LF Sauce Caet Hybrid
695 LR Vape Select Pineapple Cookies Hybrid
576 LR Vape Aeriz Crepes LF Sauce Cart Hybrid
777 LR Vape Dime Industries Grape Limeade Hybrid
716 LR Vape IO Extracts Tru OG x Platinum Kush Mints Indica
516 LR Vape Hashishans Pound Cake 20/20 POD Indica
790 LR Vape Mozey Black Dog Indica
563 LR Vape Amber Biohazard LR Indica
582 LR Vape Aeriz Florida Oranges LF Sauce Cart Indica
581 LR Vape Aeriz Cake Breath LF Sauce Cart Indica
583 LR Vape Aeriz Napalm OG LF Sauce Cart Indica
778 LR Vape Dime Industries Kush Mints Indica
698 LR Vape Select Dosi-loops Indica
717 LR Vape IO Extracts Straw & Cream x MAC Sativa
564 LR Vape Amber Ghost Train Haze GTH LR Sativa
548 LR Vape High Variety Maui Wowie 1g Sativa
789 LR Vape Mozey Bruce Banner Sativa
512 LR Vape Hashishans Boogie Man LR Pod Sativa
587 LR Vape Aeriz Figment LF Sauce Cart Sativa
585 LR Vape Aeriz NF1 LF Sauce Cart Sativa
776 LR Vape Dime Industries Jet Fuel OG Dablicator Sativa
586 LR Vape Aeriz Durban Posion LF Sauce Cart Sativa
697 LR Vape Select Sweet Diesel Sativa
584 LR Vape Aeriz Jack Herer LF Sauce Cart Sativa
830 Moon Rocks Moss OG-18 Indica
590 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Mac 1 LRosin Cart Hybrid
591 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Peanut Butter Mintz LRosin Cart Hybrid
589 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Krypto Chronic #1 LRosin Cart Hybrid
588 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Jungle Lava LRosin Cart Hybrid
502 Non-Solv Vape Tropics Truffaloha Hybrid
479 Non-Solv Vape Copperstate Farms Grape Gas Indica
594 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Grape Pie LRosin Cart Indica
595 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Jokerz 31 LRosin Cart Indica
597 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Zeclair LRosin Cart Indica
593 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz GMO LRosin Cart Indica
737 Non-Solv Vape Abundant Organics Grape Cream Rosin Cart Indica
596 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Wedding Mints LRosin Cart Indica
501 Non-Solv Vape Tropics Purple Ice Water Indica
592 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Gelato Z LRosin Cart Indica
691 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Ice Cream Cake Indica
480 Non-Solv Vape Copperstate Farms Gastro Pop #4 Sativa
478 Non-Solv Vape Copperstate Farms Pienana Sativa
598 Non-Solv Vape Aeriz Glue LRosin Cart Sativa
649 Non-Solvent Aeriz Peanut Butter Mintz LHR Hybrid
648 Non-Solvent Aeriz MAC 1 LHR Hybrid
764 Non-Solvent Shango Wedding Pie Hybrid
647 Non-Solvent Aeriz Jealousy LHR Hybrid
767 Non-Solvent Origin Fifty-One Alien Grapevine x GMO Pie LHR Hybrid
646 Non-Solvent Aeriz Gelato Z LHR Hybrid
645 Non-Solvent Aeriz 8″ Bagel LHR Hybrid
752 Non-Solvent Earths Extracts Cleo LHR Hybrid
753 Non-Solvent Earths Extracts White Rainbows LHR Hybrid
650 Non-Solvent Aeriz GMO LHR Indica
653 Non-Solvent Aeriz Jokerz 31 LHR Indica
656 Non-Solvent Aeriz Zeclair LHR Indica
524 Non-Solvent Gas Pump Farms The Sweet N Beefy Indica
766 Non-Solvent Origin Fifty-One Mad Mints LHR Indica
654 Non-Solvent Aeriz Potus Berriez LHR Indica
755 Non-Solvent Earths Extracts KY Jealousy LHR Indica
655 Non-Solvent Aeriz Wedding Mints LHR Indica
651 Non-Solvent Aeriz Grape Pie LHR Indica
475 Non-Solvent Copperstate Farms First Class Funk Indica
652 Non-Solvent Aeriz Ice Cream Cake LHR Indica
476 Non-Solvent Copperstate Farms Grape Gas Indica
658 Non-Solvent Aeriz Glue LHR Sativa
659 Non-Solvent Aeriz Jenny Kush LHR Sativa
477 Non-Solvent Copperstate Farms Gastro Pop #4 Sativa
768 Non-Solvent Origin Fifty-One Mint Mango LHR Sativa
754 Non-Solvent Earths Extracts Sour Papaya LHR Sativa
657 Non-Solvent Aeriz Durban Posion LHR Sativa
765 Non-Solvent Shango Guava Tangie Sativa
532 Pre-Roll TOKE Quatro Killer Hybrid
487 Pre-Roll Mohave Cannabis Co Super Boof hybrid
549 Pre-Roll Shorties Super Silver haze Shorties Hybrid
739 Pre-Roll Abundant Organics Bue Curacao 1g Hybrid
738 Pre-Roll Abundant Organics Star Queen 1g Hybrid
741 Pre-Roll Abundant Organics Berry Crunch 1g Indica
740 Pre-Roll Abundant Organics Jenny Kush 1g Sativa
663 RSO Aeriz Jet Fuel OG Dablicator Hybrid
660 RSO Aeriz Berriez Dablicator Hybrid
662 RSO Aeriz Gorilla Butter Dablicator Hybrid
661 RSO Aeriz Crepes Dablicator Hybrid
664 RSO Aeriz MAC 1 Dablicator Hybrid
665 RSO Aeriz MSG Dablicator Hybrid
513 RSO Hashishans Red Berry Kush Indica
666 RSO Aeriz Grape Pie Dablicator Indica
667 RSO Aeriz Ice Cream Cake Dablicator Indica
668 RSO Aeriz Mangorita Dablicator Sativa
669 RSO Aeriz Trop Cookies Dablicator Sativa
616 Sauce Aeriz Gelato Mintz Diamonds & sauce Hybrid
614 Sauce Aeriz Peanut Butter Mintz Diamonds & sauce Hybrid
613 Sauce Aeriz Star Killer Diamonds & sauce Hybrid
770 Sauce Genesis Bioceuticals Lemon Meringue x Mandarin Cookies Hybrid
615 Sauce Aeriz lemon Cherry Gelato Diamonds & sauce Hybrid
519 Sauce Hashishans Garlic Fusion Live Applesauce hybrid
782 Sauce Dime Industries Vanilla Frosting Hybrid
617 Sauce Aeriz Animal Face Diamonds & sauce Hybrid
719 Sauce IO Extracts Tru OG x Platinum Kush Mints Indica
517 Sauce Hashishans GMO LR AppleSauce Indica
618 Sauce Aeriz Florida Oranges Diamonds & sauce Indica
622 Sauce Aeriz Zeclair Diamonds & sauce Indica
619 Sauce Aeriz Cake Breath Diamonds & sauce Indica
620 Sauce Aeriz Jack Herer Diamonds & sauce Sativa
621 Sauce Aeriz NF1 Diamonds & sauce Sativa
808 Savory Edible Halo Infusions Cannabliss-Green Pepper Sauce Indica
569 Sun Grown Classix Tahoe Brunch Hybrid
567 Sun Grown Classix Ice Cream Cake Indica
568 Sun Grown Seed & Strain Ghost Train Haze Sativa
831 Sweet Edible Kiva Camino Midnight Blueberry Gummies CBN
725 Sweet Edible Pucks Lil Mutha Pucka – Watermelon Gummy Hybrid
498 Sweet Edible FKN Delicious Gummies 100mg Strawberry Hybrid
497 Sweet Edible FKN Delicious Gummies 100MG Blueberry Hybrid
550 Sweet Edible LadyLike Dreamer 5mg Gummy Hybrid
704 Sweet Edible Top Shelf Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie Hybrid
503 Sweet Edible Tropics Mango Chamoy Rosin Gummy Hybrid
534 Sweet Edible Lush The Big One (Sour Apple) Hybrid
533 Sweet Edible Lush Watermelon Haze Hybrid
833 Sweet Edible Lost Farms Raspberry Wedding Cake Gummies Hybrid
551 Sweet Edible LadyLike Lively 5mg Gummy Hybrid
500 Sweet Edible Feel Sublime Cookies & Cream Choclate Bar Hybrid
536 Sweet Edible Chew + Chill Vanilla Matcha Hybrid
727 Sweet Edible Pucks Tropical Paradise Fruit Chew Hybrid
836 Sweet Edible Kiva Churro Chocolate Bar Hybrid
535 Sweet Edible Chew + Chill Mango Tango Hybrid
784 Sweet Edible Smokiez Watermelon Fruit Chews Hybrid
724 Sweet Edible Pucks LRosin Blue Raspberry Gummy Hybrid
552 Sweet Edible LadyLike Balance 5mg Gummy Hybrid
832 Sweet Edible Kiva Camino Watermelon Lemonade Gummies Hybrid
726 Sweet Edible Pucks Rainer Cherry Salt Water Taffy Hybrid
728 Sweet Edible Pucks Pucks PM 3:1 Sleep Gummy Hybrid
703 Sweet Edible Haze & Main FUBAR 1000mg Hybrid
701 Sweet Edible Plant Percision Slumber Sherry Hybrid
806 Sweet Edible Halo Infusions Aunt Ellie’s- Classic Brownie Indica
807 Sweet Edible Halo Infusions Canna Confections Dark Chocolate Bar Indica
786 Sweet Edible Smokiez Blueberry Fruit Chews Indica
785 Sweet Edible Smokiez Sour Peach Fruit Chews Sativa
736 Sweet Edible Abundant Organics Strawberry Gummies Sativa
467 Tincture The Happy Hippie Bad Tummy CBD
809 Tincture Halo Infusions Chronic Health 1:1 Glyercin Tincture Hybrid
528 Tincture Fazed Tropical Punch Hybrid
527 Tincture Fazed Pina Colada Hybrid
526 Tincture Fazed Mocha Hybrid
525 Tincture Fazed Cherry Limeade Hybrid
466 Topical The Happy Hippie Cream Supreme CBD
810 Topical Halo Infusions Chronic Health 1:1 Pain Relief Ointment Hybrid
531 Topical Derma Freeze Advanced Topical Nano-Gel Hybrid
537 Topical GRUV Intimate Oil Hybrid
714 Vape IO Extracts Cantalope Crush hybrid
601 Vape Aeriz Lemon Cherry Gelato Element Hybrid
489 Vape Mohave Cannabis Co Super Boof Hybrid
721 Vape Healing Alchemist Platinum OG Hybrid
515 Vape Hashishans Apple Fritter POD Hybrid
600 Vape Aeriz Crepes Element Hybrid
602 Vape Aeriz Mac 1 Element Hybrid
792 Vape Mozey Bomb Dot Com Hybrid
729 Vape Clean Concentrates Ganjaberry Blast Disposable Hybrid
694 Vape Select Pink Lemons Hybrid
771 Vape Dime Industries Pink Lemon Haze Hybrid
779 Vape Dime Industries Wedding Cake Hybrid
481 Vape Juke Box Grape Vine Hybrid
599 Vape Aeriz Berriez Element Hybrid
817 Vape Bud Bros Chem 91 Hybrid
731 Vape Clean Concentrates OG Kush Disposable Hybrid
818 Vape Bud Bros Horchata Hybrid
715 Vape IO Extracts First Class Funk Indica
488 Vape Mohave Cannabis Co Valley OG Indica
608 Vape Aeriz Rainbowz Element Indica
794 Vape Mozey Jerry Pi Indica
607 Vape Aeriz Ice Cream Cake Element Indica
606 Vape Aeriz Grape Pie Element Indica
603 Vape Aeriz 8″ Bagel Element Indica
699 Vape Select Berry Gelato Indica
773 Vape Dime Industries BubbleGum Kush Indica
605 Vape Aeriz Cake Breath Element Indica
604 Vape Aeriz Blue Face Element Indica
775 Vape Dime Industries King Louis XIII Indica
732 Vape Clean Concentrates Papaya Disposable Indica
700 Vape Select Forbidden Fruit Indica
819 Vape Bud Bros White Tuffle Indica
793 Vape Mozey Granny Jacks Sativa
713 Vape IO Extracts Lemon Haze Sativa
490 Vape Mohave Cannabis Co Mohave Sour Sativa
722 Vape Healing Alchemist Straw Lemon Sativa
611 Vape Aeriz Mangorita Element Sativa
514 Vape Hashishans Orange Apircot x Mac POD Sativa
610 Vape Aeriz Jenny Kush Element Sativa
609 Vape Aeriz Durban Posion Element Sativa
612 Vape Aeriz Trop Cookies Element Sativa
774 Vape Dime Industries Blueberry Lemon Haze Sativa
696 Vape Select Hawaiian Sativa
820 Vape Bud Bros Sherblato Sativa
730 Vape Clean Concentrates Jack Herer Disposable Sativa
772 Vape Dime Industries Cantalope Runts Dream Sativa

Errl Cup Caregiver/Open Class Entries

Errl Cup Open Class Entries.  These entries come from Arizona Adults 21+ & MMJ cardholders. 

420 Indoor Flower Crucial Red Runtz Hybrid
464 Indoor Flower Space Man Seed Co Apple Fritters Hybrid
465 Indoor Flower Growfire Farms DIPZ Hybrid
472 Indoor Flower Freeland Farms Mysterize Hybrid
496 Indoor Flower 2Hi Farmer Apple Fritter x Do-Si-Dos Hybrid
529 Indoor Flower Derrall Peach Tropicana Cherry Hybrid
530 Indoor Flower Derrall Peach Grape Glaze Hybrid
538 Indoor Flower Phx Marz TKH Hybrid
566 Indoor Flower Zeppys Craft Trop Cherry S1 Hybrid
572 Indoor Flower Consecrated Farms Platinum Garlic Hybrid
421 Indoor Flower Crucial Moonwalker Kush Indica
470 Indoor Flower Corbins Cannabis CO Black Sugar Indica
570 Indoor Flower Consecrated Farms LA Kush Cake Indica
837 Indoor Flower Dos Bros Garlic Cocktail Indica
471 Indoor Flower Freeland Farms Cherry Punch Sativa
571 Indoor Flower Consecrated Farms Pineapple Upside Down Cake Sativa
485 Non-Solvent Ark Genetics White Widdow x Wedding Cake x Acapulco Gold x Wilson Hybrid
573 Non-Solvent Consecrated Farms Strawberries & Cream Hybrid
439 Sun Grown Vin Diesel Sour Diesel x Silerback Sunset Hybrid
510 Sweet Edible Barracuda Cannabis Tamarind Candy Hybrid
511 Sweet Edible Barracuda Cannabis Tamarind Spoon Hybrid
750 Sweet Edible Ruby Red Confections Peanut Butter Brittle Hybrid

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