Errl Cup F.A.Q.

Answer to some of the questions we get asked a lot and what our members have asked.

Errl Cup FAQ - Event Information

Errl Cup Arizona & Errl Cup Nevada
Errl Cup F.A.Q.
Who can attend the Errl Cup?

Arizona: Adults 21+ & Medical Marijuana Card Holders 18+ from any legal State that issues a medical marijuana card are allowed to attended Errl Cup Arizona.  

What do I need to bring in order to attend?

Arizona: Must have a valid State ID and  MMJ Card (not paper) if entering as patient.  Please pre-register to decrease your wait time to check in at event.

Nevada: MMJ Patients from any state must have valid MMJ Card and State ID for free admission.  All other attendees must have valid State ID and be over 21 years of age.

What can I bring into the Errl Cup

All events are medicated events.  You can bring medication with you to event, not over your legal limit.  Also, there is NO SALES OF MEDICATION AT ANY ERRL CUP EVENT.  Please do not package medicine in multiple containers.  All bags will be searched before entering event.

No outside food or water

No Guns or Weapons of any kind. 

No illegal drugs or alcohol.

No animals, expect service pets.

Is this a medicated event?

All Errl Cup events are medicated events.  Please only bring your legal amount and medicated responsibly.   Our events have both flower medication, edibles medication, vape medication and concentrate medication for patients to sample.  All medicine depends upon vendors/patients.

Do you accept out of state patients?

Arizona:  We accept all out of state MMJ card holders with Valid MMJ Card and Valid State ID.   Since Arizona allows for out of state patients to consume medicine, and no medicine is for sale at our event.  Out of state patients can come to our events.

Nevada:  All out of state patients can attend our events in Nevada. With valid MMJ card and State ID.

Do you accept non patients?

Arizona:  Adults 21+ are allowed to attend the Errl Cup. Under 21 and no MMJ card is not acceptd. No one under 18 allowed to attend. 

Nevada:  Yes, since Nevada is a recreational state our events are open to the public over the age of 21.

Do you charge for admission?

Arizona: All of our events are free of charge. We do sell VIP & Fast Pass’s as an additional entertanment option.

Nevada: General Admission is $20.00 before event and $35.00 the day of event.

Do vendors have to have MMJ cards?

No vendors do not have to have MMJ Cards.  They must be 21+ without an MMJ card and 18+ with an MMJ card. 

Do you sell marijuana at the event?

NO  NEVER  ARIZONA LAW states that selling cannabis outside of a dispensary is Illegal.  We do not allow any sale of medication at our events.   I look at it like this, they don’t let you sell cigarette out of a Uhaul.  We respect the state laws we do our events in and the dispensaries legal right to be the only place to purchase medicine.

Can you sell marijuana at the event?

NO.  If you are caught selling marijuana, cannabis, cannabis medicated products, illegal drugs, or anything that is not authorized by Errl Cup you will be removed from the event.

Can you smoke at the event?
All events are medicated events.  Some venues might have rules for no joint smoking, but most of our venue you are free to smoke at event.
How much medicine can I bring to the event?
Only bring your legal limit to our events and no individual packages.  All bags will be search before entering the venue area.
What can I vend at the event?
We allow are vendors to vend any products they might have, or services they may offer.  We do not allow any medication sales at our events.
Can I help or volunteer at an event?

Yes.  We would love to have you volunteer.  Please email us at to be added to the list.  Volunteers get rewarded with VIP tickets or campsites for the next Errl Cup Event.

Do you have food at your events?
Yes.  All our event will have food vendors for you to choice from.  Depending on the location and how we have to setup the venue agreement, the food could be provided by the Venue operator.  Each venue and event is different.
Can you bring in beverages or food?
No outside food and beverage.
Do you have to have a State ID?

Yes.  In order to enter an Errl Cup event you  must show Valid State ID.  All state ID are accepted, please no paper ID or paper medical marijuana cards.

Is there free medicine at your event?
Yes.  For all our events we allow vendors to medicate other patients and consumers in recreational states.  Vendors are not required to give free medication away, if they choice to do it they can based on the rules of the State our event resides in and the Errl Cup Rules.
Do you provide food or drink for free?
No.  We do not provided any food or drink for free at our event.
What type of vendors will be at Errl Cup Events?
All of our events have many different types of vendors. In and out of the cannabis business.  We try to give our attendees a range of vendors.  We do not all any sales of Cannabis at our Events, so NO CANNABIS SALE VENDORS.
Why do you charge for VIP?

Arizona:  Our VIP is everything but medication.  This is the only place we can charge at our event for patients.  So we offer a VIP experience with rigs, food, drinks, giveaways, and other Errl Cup things, but No medication.  It is illegal in the State of Arizona to charge someone access to Cannabis.

Nevada:  Our VIP area will have the same VIP experience as we have at all our events.  Event


Errl Cup FAQ - Vendor & Sponsor

Vendor & Sponsorship Information
All the information you need to know about vendor and sponsorship.
How can I get a booth?

Our booths are both easy to get and not expensive like the cannabis festivals.  We start at $500.00 and go up from there.  You will get a chance to experience what an Errl Cup Event is all about.  We take care of our vendors bottom line so they keep coming back to us.

How can I sponsor an errl cup event

If you would like to sponsor an Errl Cup Event you can check out our sponsor page and you can contact us directly for more information.   We would be happy to go over the different sponsorship opportunities we have available and what we can make custom for your business.


Errl Cup FAQ - Secret Shopping & Testing

Secret Shopping & Testing
How we go about the secret shopping process and our testing
Why do you secret shop?
We originally started our event to get a point of view from the patient/consumer vantage point.  So we decided to go out and buy from all the dispensaries in the area that produced flower medicine and then we would have a better idea of what medicine was out there for the patients.  Several winners of our Cup’s have been secret shopped medication.
When do you secret shop?
We normally secret shop the area we are doing the event in, a couple months before the event.  That way we can purchase the medicine and have that medicine put in our judges kits and give to the lab for testing.
What do you secret shop?
Depending of the event we secret shop flowers from dispensaries for our Errl Cup events and secret shop concentrates in for our 710 Degree Cup.
How do you secret shop?
When our secret shopper goes into a dispensary to purchase medicine, the only thing we will pick is if we want a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.  We allow the bud tender to choose the strain.  We ask for the best and what is grown in house or grown by a certain dispensary/marijuana product producer.
Who do you secret shop?
Arizona:  We secret shop all of Maricopa County for all dispensaries that grow their own flower and/or produce their own concentrates. Which is determined by which event we are secret shopping for.   We also secret shop Tucson and other dispensaries in Arizona.

Nevada: We secret shop all of the Greater Las Vegas Area, Reno/Tahoe and Carson City.   We also we secret shop for flower if they grow their own and concentrate is they produced their own.

Who does your testing?
All of our testing is done by the approved lab we have selected at the begin of our event year.  This lab along with most labs in the area we are having are event are interview and from the interview process we determine how we pick as our exclusive testing lab for that event year.  Each year we do the same process.

Errl Cup FAQ - Judging

Judging an Errl Cup Event
Information on how to become a patient judge at an Errl Cup Event.
How can you sign up to be a judge?

For you to sign up to be a judge for any Errl Cup event, you must be a MMJ Card holder.  All our events are judges by patients.  If you have a Medical Marijuana Card for the State of Nevada or Arizona you can sign up to be a judge for the state you have your card issued in.  Must have a valid MMJ card and State ID to judge to be a Judge.

How does your judging process work?
We use a 1 to 10 Scale system, with 10 questions for each entry.  Each judge will test their medicine before the event and put their score in the online scoring system to determine the winner of the Errl Cup Event.
Can anyone be a judge?

All judges must be an adult 21+ or a Medical Marijuana Card Holding Patient from the state in which our event is held at.

For example, only Arizona Adults or MMJ Cardholders are eligible to be a judge for an Arizona Errl Cup Event.   Only Nevada Adults or MMJ Cardholders are eligible to be a judge for a Nevada Errl Cup Event.

How much does it cost to be a judge?
No Charge to Judge an Errl Cup Event.   We believe charging people for medication outside of a dispensary is illegal.  All our judging kits are free to qualified MMJ Patients.

Errl Cup FAQ - Enter to Win the Cup

Enter to Win the Cup
Information on how your can enter to win an Errl Cup Event.
How can I enter the Errl Cup?

Head over to the enter the cup page and read the rules, entry requirements and deadlines. Submit a entry form and bring your sample down to the Errl Cup HQ. 

Can anyone enter?

Licensed Dispensaries, Cultivations, Extraction and infusion business as well as Adults 21+ and MMJ cardholders that are authorized to cultivate are allowed to enter the Errl Cup events.

Can a dispensary agent enter?

Yes a DA or FA agent can enter on behalf of their licenced facality. 

What is the process of entering and winning the Errl Cup?

Once your sample is recieved we send off a portion to our partnering laboratory and split the reamining samples amongst the judge kits. We randomly select judges who sign up on our website to recieve the kit for free. Once all judges have sumbitted their results we combine it with the laboratory results producing our winners. 

How many categories do you have?

33. 24 Dispensary categories and 9 Open class categories. 

Do you award trophies or metals?

1st place gets a glass trophy, 2nd and 3rd get medals. 

Do you have a enter deadline?

45 days before the event date

What is the criteria to enter the Cup?

Please see the rules for full details 

Do you have to have a caregiver card or cultivation rights to enter the cup?

No adults 21+ are also able to enter the open class. 

What is Non-Solvent?

Non- solvent encompasses rosin, kief, hash and the like. No solvent other than water can be used at all in the process of making a non-solvent. 

What is Solvent?

Solvent is any marijuana extract concentrate that was created with a solvent including CO2. 

What is the process for picking up or delivering entries?

You can request pickup a week before the deadline. Any entries being turned in the week of the deadline must be dropped off at Errl Cup HQ. 

What is the cost to Enter to Win the Cup?

$150 per entry. 

When are the winners announced?

Live at the event. Announcments are starting at noon ending at 5pm. 

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