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General Admission & VIP Tickets

We have been informed that Craig Ranch Park has an agreement with Ticketmaster.  In order for use to sell tickets to our event we will have to pay $17.00 per ticket to Ticketmaster.   Our entry fee for General Admission is only $20.00

We have made arrangement to solve this issue.  You can do one of the following solutions.

  1.  Click on this link in order to go to and buy a ticket to our event online.  Ticket price with Ticketmaster per ticket fee, will be $37.00.
  2.   You can go to one of the retail location that we will have our ticket available to purchase.  Currently we do not have any retail locations.  Please check back
  3. Go to Craig Ranch Park and purchase the ticket directly from them for $20.00.  Here are the details and contact information for Craig Ranch Park.

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Covid-19 Update 😷Know Before You Go

Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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