Errl Cup 2017 Tempe

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2nd Annual Errl Cup

Held in Tempe, Arizona on January 14th, 2017. We are proud to bring you the second Errl Cup and our 4th Event since we started this journey with our Arizona Patients on 1/9/16. Come celebrate a year of Patient Appreciation, clean medicine and see who wins the Errl Cup.

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What to Expect

Free Admission

Providing all Patients with Free Admission to the Errl Cup, we rather you spend your money on something you really want from our vendors.

Patient Appreciation

Our events are focused on the patients, providing them information and education to make better decisions on their medication.

Secret Shopper

We secret shop the Dispensary’s in Maricopa County and others across Arizona for their highest grade flower. Last year we shopped 34 Dispensaries for flower.

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Come Experience the Errl Cup and Arizona MMJ Patients


With our Free Admission and discount feel, Vendor sales are always good at The Errl Cup. See what our past Vendors have said about their success at the Errl Cup

Arizona Cannabis

Ranked 4th in the Nation for Cannabis sales in 2015, and 3rd highest in the Nation for Cannabis investment in 2015. Arizona has the 4th largest number of register patient in the Nation, A market you want to be in

Our Events

Our last 3 events have been a huge success, and our model of Patient Appreciation has benefited our Vendors, Sponsors and Patients. Let us help you get in front of a great market for your product.

Vendor Pricing


    1st Errl Cup Attendance  = 2200, 710 Degree Cup Attendance = 3400, Winner of Errl Cup = 1

    Be Part of the Festival

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Our Sponsorship Packages

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Featured Sponsorship

Featured Sponsor Includes:

  • Presenting Sponsor of Event
  • 3,000 sq ft  VIP Lounge for patients
  • 100 VIP passes to give out to patients
  • 10 VIP passes for your crew
  • 10×40 area with tents/tables/chairs next to stage
  • Entrance & Exit banners w/ your brand
  • Logo on laynard and badges given to every attendee
  • Featured on Media, Advertising, Banners and Web
  • Social Media Marketing Prior to Event
  • Email Marketing Prior to Event
  • Stage Airtime

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Media Sponsorship

Media Sponsorship Includes:

  • Lead Media Sponsor of Event
  • Listed on all Social Media, Print Media, and other advertising
  • Promote prior to event using Email Marketing
  • Promote prior to event using Social Media Marketing

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Remote Sponsorship

Our Remote Sponsorship are:

  • User Testimonial Booth
  • Beverage Sponsor
  • Banner Wrap Sponsor (Stage)
  • Welcome Banner Sponsor (Front Entrance)
  • Welcome Bag Sponsor
  • Custom Sponsorship Available

Remote Sponsorship Sign Up to be a Judge

Glass Blowing Sponsorship

Our Glass Blowing Sponsorship Includes:

  • Only Glass Blower at Event
  • Direct marketed to our database prior to Event
  • 30×30 space with tent / tables / chairs
  • Promoted through email, social media and other avenues
  • Only Demonstration on Glass Blowing at Event

Reserve MMJ Sponsorship

Grow Room Demonstration Sponsor

Grow Room Sponsor

  • Only Grow Demonstration at Event
  • In Special Errl Cup Experience Area
  • Features in Media,

Grow Sponsor

Press Clean Medicine Sponsorship

Our Press Clean Medicine Sponsorship

  • Featured Press Company
  • Product Demonstration to Attendees
  • Exclusive Sponsor to Demonstrate Clean Medicine

Press Sponsors Wanted: Errl Cup Judges

Errl Cup 2017 Maps

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