Due to Denial of Permit by Pinal County

Errl Camp has been denied a permit from the County of Pinal.

See Video Below and Find out our New Location and Time


The Bad News

Errl Camp was Denied a Special Event Permit based on Pinal County stating that it would be unsafe and dangerous for the public if Registered MMJ Patients Camped and drove home.  Same County that Approves Country Thunder every year.

The Good News

Errl Camp has been moved to 2125 S Industrial Park Lane in Tempe Arizona.  The original location for Errl Cup with over 1 & 1/2 acres for vendors, errl camp games, monster mash costume party, the smores sesh and  more just NO CAMPING.

How to Make Your Voice Heard

We need your help, lets make our voice heard and tell Pinal County how we feel about their opinion that people who drink are safer than people that medicate.  Make your voice heard and tell Pinal County how you feel about their decision against having Errl Camp.



October 19, 2016

Pinal County Board of Supervisors Meeting

After over 5 months of working with Pinal County and 8 different department heads, the Errl Cup was denied a Special Event Permit in an opinionated decision biased toward the Cannabis Community.  The County went on record stating they believe we would be a danger to the public if we were allowed to medicate and camp overnight.  The same County that approves Country Thunder a 5 day drinking and camping event every year.

Errl Cup went above and beyond to provide everything the county wanted in order for us to have our event at the Domes of Casa Grande.  We had over 20 security personal, fencing with privatization around the whole 5 acre event, 45 port a johns, 3 EMT station with mobile EMT and a golf cart, light towers, a 1000 Gallon watering truck, no parking signs, and barricades for the street, a emergency plan, insurance of over 3 million dollars, and many more requirements that were all meet by Errl Cup for Errl Camp.

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors, denied us the permit and you can see the whole hearing, except for the part where they went in the special chambers to discuss if it was legal to deny use. (The question was asked before special chambers) We are doing everything we can to protect the rights of patients and to appeal this verdict.  However legal recourse will take some time, so we are moving Errl Camp to a new location keeping all the fun minus the overnight camp.

American Legion

2125 S Industrial Park Lane

Tempe, AZ



Video of Meeting:

Video of Meeting Part 2


Our New Location:

Errl Camp has been moved to:

2125 S Industrial Park Lane

Tempe, Arizona

Cross Streets Mill and Beck

See Map Below

New Times and Dates:  Saturday 29th Only  from 11am to 6pm

Monster Mash 8pm – 2am


Make Your Voice Heard

Email:  Sheri.Cluff@pinalcountyaz.gov

Call:  520-866-6220

Go to Next Meeting and Say what You Think

Meeting:  November 2, 2016  Time: 9:30   Anyone can speak their mind at the beginning of the meeting.  We would like as many people to come speak and share your feelings.




All Errl Camp package purchases will be refunded.  Please allow up to 3 business days for your refund to hit your payment processor (IE; paypal, CC, debit, etc). VIP tickets can be re purchaced for the new location from the website. Any questions please contact us at errlcup@gmail.com

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