Errl Camp F.A.Q.

These are the Errl Camp F.A.Q.’s if you do not see the answer to your question please feel free to contact us in the form below.

Errl Camp FAQ 


Do I have to pay to go to Errl Camp?

NO! Errl Camp is FREE to attend!


What can I bring?

The short answer is what you cannot bring. Weapons of any kind, pets, drugs, alcohol and no open fires.




Do I have to have an AZ MMJ card?

In short yes, you will need a valid MMJ card and State ID from any Medical state. (Arizona accepts medical state’s cards for use but not for sale so you will not be able to purchase at the casa Grande dispensary or delivery service) If you need a renewal or your first card, call Half Baked Medical and ask for the Errl Cup discount! 



Is there actual camping?

No, this is due to Pinal County denying our permit because they believe MMJ is unsafe. More info at 



What time does the event start?

The Day Expo is from 11am-6pm Saturday. The Night festivities run from 7pm the 29th -2am the 30th.





Will there be food and bathrooms?

We do have restrooms and some great local food trucks serving up Cannabis themed meals!  (Purchase necessary)



What is in the VIP?

Huge lounge, FREE food & beverages, special Errl Cup Rigs to use, raffles/giveaways, big bong competition and much more!



Why Can’t I bring my pet?

We love pets at Errl Camp but cannot allow them due to the nature of the venue. Certified assistant pets with papers present at entry will be allowed.



What’s happening at Errl Camp?

Errl Camp is your chance to celebrate YOU, the patient! There is no MMJ competition for dispensaries instead we have fun competitions planned for you to win cash prizes up to $500! Throughout the property you will find a massive vendor village to check out the hottest new MMJ stuff.  Get mashed with Rosin Tech, bob for dabs with AWOL and monster mash your face off in the Costume Contest and win a dope prize! Don’t Miss out on the VIP. Shop, chill, medicate, party and jam out with the band. It’s up to you how you spend Errl Camp.


Will there be parking and how much will it be?

There is LIMITED street parking. It is best to take LYFT, or public transportation. 


Will there be ATM’s at Errl Camp?

Yes! Their is ATM access at Errl Camp. We have negotiated special discounted rate of only $2.50 per transaction! 


Can I buy Medicine at camp?

There will be dispensary deliveries available on site.


Can I bring medicine to camp?

Yes, you may bring meds for personal use! Strict policy of no sales and you must remain under your legal limit at all times, including the free samples you receive. 


Will there be live music?

Yes! Both days at camp will be filled with LIVE, LOCAL bands and at night the live DJ will bring you into the morning! 



Do you need any volunteers?

Errl Cup always needs volunteers and appreciates your help in the community. Please reach out to us at 602-540-6283 to sign up if you haven’t already. 


Where is Errl Camp at?

2125 s. industrial park ave, tempe az 

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