Dispensary FAQ

Dispensary FAQ

What does The Errl Cup do differently than any other cup?

We have one simple answer; Arizona Law. Before we started to develop and promote The Errl Cup, we went to one of the top attorneys in the state, Thomas Dean , to get proper legal advise, and to make sure we were not breaking any laws or rules in the AMMA. Based on the legal information we received, our organization at The Errl Cup is the best way to legally host, abd judge an MMJ Awards Festival for Arizona Patients and Dispensaries.

Is this event legal? Can you have a medicated event?

Yes. It is legal to smoke marijuana on private property. We will be at a private membership club, with a large privacy fence around the perimeter of the event, and only Valid Arizona MMJ card holders can enter this event.

Why have Patient Sponsored Tables?

A dispensary cant give medication free to a patient, everything must be tracked to each patient. Patient Sponsored Tables (PST) are only for Patients. A PST will have a patient from a select dispensary who has purchased one of the Dispensary Packages, with our PST gift cards. These patients be will giving away their own medication to other MMJ Patients as samples. After each dispensary has picked their patient, that patient can bring the gift card to The Errl Cup to get a table to give away his or her medication.

Why are dispensaries being “Secret Shopped”?

Based on legal advice, developing a “Secret Shopper” program was the best way to keep the judging process at our cup legal, and ensure the safety of all participants in the Errl Cup. Each dispensary will be part of a “Secret Shopper” program, in which a representative from the Errl Cup will visit the dispensary, and purchase medication , as any other patient would. Each dispensary will be judged based upon the overall experience of the representative.

What is the judging process and how do you determine the winner?

Our judging process at the Errl Cup is based upon a 1-10 scoring point system, including 10 different scoring categories. Of course, each category will be scored anywhere from 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, creating a grand total of x/100 points. Along with each scoring sheet is our lab test results. These will determine the winner of each of the medicinal categories. The awards for the Dispensary categories (Environment, Customer Service and Knowledge) will be based upon our “Secret Shopper” experience.

Is a dispensary backing you? Why are you doing this? What experience do you have?

We are a group of Arizona MMJ patients that believe that we should appreciate our patients by providing them with the best medication, accuracy, and the validity of claims made by Dispensaries in Arizona. We are also set up as a non profit, with any money being made going two charities; Meds for Vets and MS Society. One because we appreciate everything our active,and non-active service men and women have done for our country, and the other is one of our partner’s had a sister who recently passed from Multiple Sclerosis. We have Arizona MMJ Card holding Patients as our industry judges. We are not backed or funded by any dispensary or any other company that would have any influence that would make these awards bias in anyway.

How do you work with the Dispensaries?

We would have like to put on a normal Cannabis Awards Show like awards event, but because of Arizona laws we could not. We will do our best to work with any dispensary that would like to participate in The Errl Cup. For any Dispensary outside of Maricopa County contact us to discuss how we can get a entry from every Dispensary in Arizona.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact the Errl Cup at errlcup@gmail.com

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