Designated Drivers Policy for Errl Cup Events

If You Medicate Designate

Designated Driver Pass Policy

Our policy on Designated Drivers at Errl Cup Events.    In Arizona, we are NOT allowing Designated Drivers at our events in Phoenix or Tempe.  Any event in a large metropolitan area, with mass transit systems we will NOT allow Designated Drivers at our events.

You are more than welcome to get a ride to the event be picked up, but because our event our MMJ Patients only, I cant have other Non MMJ patients at our events.

We will allow for patients that live outside the Maricopa Area to contact us and arrange a Designated Driver Pass.

Only patients living outside of Maricopa County and if we have an event where there is no mass transit we will allow Designated Drivers at those events.

Designated Drivers Policy Errl Cup Events

We understand the need to have a designated driver when you have medicated or want to medicate and not drive a motor vehicle. Most of our events our done in large metropolitan areas and have mass transit systems so we will NOT allow designated drivers in to our events, unless they have a MMJ Card.

Designated Driver Pass Issued for

Patients that live out of Maricopa County can contact us and arrange for a Designated Drivers Pass if they meet the requirements and step up the pass prior to the event.

Special Circumstances

Please contact us with any special circumstances that you might have that will allow you to have a Designated Driver Pass and live in the Maricopa County area.  We understand not all circumstances are the same and will take in consideration all requests for Designated Drivers Passes.

Errl Cup reserve the right to approve all Designated Driver Passes.


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