All Concentrate Entries 710 Degree Cup 2017

Concentrate Entries are listed in a order of total score.  Which is the total lab testing score plus the total judges score.  They are added together and are list from 1 – 133.

Thanks for all dispensaries and patients that entered the 710 Degree Cup.

Red Is to note Secret Shopped Concentrate.  Concentrate purchased by the Errl Cup Team and tested by our lab.  

Blue indicated that that is a Caregiver/Patient Entry.


Rank  Type  Entered by                                                            Strain

  1. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Blueberry Clear
  2. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Dr Who LR
  3. I       Emerald Palace                                                       Afgoo     
  4. CBD Tru Infusion                                                             Strawberry AK CBD
  5. H     Yavapai                                                                   Clementine            
  6. S      OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Kaboom
  7. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Bubble Gum Clear
  8. I       Funky Skunk Farms                                                 Golden Lemon       
  9. S      OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Durban Poison
  10. H     Arizona Organix                                                      Agent-X LR
  11. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          Elara OG
  12. S      Reef                                                                        Wizard Dick            
  13. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          El Cookie OG
  14. S      Natures Medicine                                                   Dirty Sprite Uterpia
  15. H     AZ Natural Remedies                                              Pineapple               
  16. H     Arizona Organix                                                      Papas OG LR
  17. H     Natures Medicine                                                   GDP LR
  18. CBD The Medicine Room                                               CBD Crystaline
  19. S      Natures Medicine                                                   Elderberry LR
  20. H     White Mountain Health                                         Juicy Fruit               
  21. S      Natures Medicine                                                   Dirty Sprite
  22. CBD Arizona Organix                                                      Somango LR
  23. I       Arizona Organix                                                      Sour Purple OG LR
  24. H     Natures Medicine                                                   Lemon Larry OG Clear
  25. I       Firebrand                                                                Blueberry
  26. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          Mary & Louise
  27. S      Downtown Dispensary                                           Rolls Choice
  28. H     Level UP                                                                  Sour Skittles
  29. S      Sunflower Meds                                                      Forum 404 #6 LR    
  30. H     Natures Medicine                                                   Bubble Gum LR
  31. H     Natures Medicine                                                   Girl Scout Cookies LR
  32. H     The Medicine Room                                               Super Silver Bay
  33. H     Goldsmith Extracts                                                 ChemDawg            
  34. H     High Grade AZ                                                        Pineapple Chunk LR
  35. H     Natures Medicine                                                   Larry OG
  36. I       Goldsmith Extracts                                                 Zkittles   
  37. S      Just Shattered & FSF                                              Strawberry Banana Sherbet  
  38. I       AZ Natural Selections                                             Mendodawg           
  39. H     Urban Greenhouse                                                 Sweet Haze          
  40. I       Arizona Organix                                                      Gods Gift LR
  41. H     Herbal Wellness Center                                          Bubba Skywalker
  42. S      Desert Bloom                                                          Pink
  43. H     SWC Tempe                                                            Chem Valley Kush  
  44. I       OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Purple Sherbet Afgooey
  45. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          Snake Cookies        
  46. S      Bloom                                                                     Kilimanjaro 
  47. H     Natures Medicine                                                   Tangie Gum
  48. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          MLD-2
  49. I       Level UP                                                                  Godbud
  50. H     Herbal Wellness Center                                          Girl Scout Cookie
  51. S      Desert Bloom                                                          Clementine            
  52. I       WAM                                                                       9lb hammer   
  53. I       High Grade AZ                                                        Superman OG crumble
  54. H     Ponderosa Relief                                                    Pineapple
  55. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Akorn LR
  56. H     Herbal Wellness Center                                          Gelato
  57. I       AZ Natural Selections                                             Hells Fire
  58. I       Health For Life                                                        Hogs Breath           
  59. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          SEI-10
  60. H     High Grade AZ                                                        Larry OG LR
  61. S      Arizona Organix                                                      Golden Goat LR
  62. I       Just Shattered & FSF                                              Holy Grail #4          
  63. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          King Louie
  64. H     Herbal Wellness Center                                          Bubba Sky
  65. I       High Grade AZ                                                        Black Water OG Shatter
  66. I       AZ Natural Selections                                             Hells Fire
  67. H     High Grade AZ                                                        707 Headband Shatter
  68. CBD Arizona Organix                                                      500mg CBD / 500mg SAP
  69. H     Green Halo                                                             Moe OG LR
  70. H     Arizona Organix                                                      Trainwreck LR
  71. I       The Medicine Room                                               Purple Larry
  72. I       Downtown Dispensary                                           Alien Bubba Berry  
  73. S      Monarch Wellness Center                                      King Tut  
  74. I       Earths Healing                                                        Grape LA
  75. CBD Green Halo                                                             Nordle
  76. S      Herbal Wellness Center                                          GG#4 LR
  77. S      Natures Wonder                                                     Jack Herer              
  78. H     AZ Natural Selections                                             Ghost Breath
  79. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Bubble Gum Uterpia
  80. I       OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Thin Min GSC
  81. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          Paris OG
  82. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Tahoe OG
  83. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          Snake Eyes
  84. I       Canamo                                                                   Vanilla Kush           
  85. S      Arizona Organix                                                      AZOG LR
  86. I       Green Halo                                                             Chronic Thunder
  87. CBD OG Clear by EGC                                                     Raw CBD Isolate
  88. I       The Medicine Room                                               Pineapple Chunk LR
  89. I       Valley of the Sun                                                     AZ Confidential      
  90. I       Natures Medicine                                                   Akorn      
  91. S      Yilo                                                                          Purple Haze    
  92. H     Desert Bloom                                                          Lemon Banana Sherbet LR
  93. I       High Grade AZ                                                        Triple Double         
  94. S      Goldsmith Extracts                                                 Sour Tangie            
  95. H     Herbal Wellness Center                                          Sunset Sherbet
  96. S      Goldsmith Extracts                                                 Super Jack              
  97. I       OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Mellow Creek
  98. I       The Giving Tree                                                       Death Star              
  99. H     The Medicine Room                                               Desert Fire
  100. S      Natures Medicine                                                   Strawberry Cough Uterpia
  101. H     Natures Med INC                                                    Sour Bean              
  102. S      High Desert Healing                                               Strawberry Candy  
  103. H     Phoenix Relief                                                        Purple Diesel      
  104. H     OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   West Coast Bordello
  105. H     Arizona Cannabis Society                                       Charlies Dream      
  106. H     Trumed                                                                   Bananas & Cream  
  107. I       Arizona Organix                                                      Purple OG    
  108. H     Level UP                                                                  Blueberry Melon
  109. S      Green Pharms                                                         Lemon PR               
  110. I       Herbal Wellness Center                                          King Louie
  111. CBD OG Clear by EGC                                                     CBD bordello
  112. S      Arizona Organix                                                      SAP 1000mg
  113. S      AZ Natural Selections                                             Super Lemon Haze
  114. H     Encanto Green Cross                                              Pepe Le Pew          
  115. H     Agronomy Innovations                                           Grapefruit Diesel   
  116. I       Swell Farmacy                                                        Swell Blueberry Cheesecake  
  117. I       Green Halo                                                             GDP        
  118. S      Green Halo                                                             Gorilla Glue LR
  119. I       Legitimatly Crafted Extracts                                Bubble Gum Cookies HHO    
  120. S      AZ Natural Selections                                             Trainwreck Shatter
  121. S      Funky Skunk Farms                                                 Clementine            
  122. CBD Arizona Organix                                                      500mg CBD / 500mg SAP
  123. H     Southern AZ Int Therp                                            Black master          
  124. I       Santiago and Dunbar                                              Skywalker bubba    
  125. H     Purple Med                                                             All Star Cherry        
  126. H     AZ Natural Selections                                             Urkle Train Haze
  127. H     Goldsmith Extracts                                                 Dutch Treat            
  128. H     OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Tangie x GG #4
  129. I       Desert Bloom                                                          AZ Ghost OG
  130. S      All Greens                                                               Cindy 99 
  131. I       Goldsmith Extracts                                                 Northern Lights     
  132. CBD AZ Natural Selections                                             Reeses Peace
  133. H     OG Extracts Premium Extracts by EGC                   Smarty Boys

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