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About Errl Cup

Arizona Cannabis Awards and Events

Errl Cup Arizona Cannabis Awards & Events

Errl Cup is a Arizona based company that is owned and operated by Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients

 About Us

We are a patient owned and operated Cannabis Awards and Events company based in Phoenix Arizona.  Our events are based on a Patient Appreciation focus and an Errl Cup Experience not to be forgotten.

All our events in Arizona our free to Medical Marijuana Card Holders and out of state Medical Marijuana Card Holders.


Our Events

about cannabis events

Errl Cup

Annual Cannabis Awards and Festival held the second week in January.  This event was the first of its kind.  Adopting a patient judged event with a secret shopper twist.

710 degree cup tickets

710 Degree Cup

Annual Concentrate Awards and Festival held the closest weekend to 7/10.  710 is oil upside down.  Oil is the way marijuana concentrates come out after they have been extracted.  You know how we get the word Errl from.

Phoenix New Times

Winner of Best of Phoenix New Times Cannabis Festival 2016


All Event Attendee Must Register to Attend any Events

To attend any Errl Cup Event please register with our Ticket service Eventbrite for Free Tickets and no additional wait at the next Event.

Information on Our Events

Arizona Cannabis Awards and Events

cannabis cup events

Errl Cup Events

All Errl Cup events in Arizona are free to attend for medical marijuana patients

We do not sell any medication at our events.  Sale of medication is prohibited.

Our events are for medical marijuana card holders only.   Everyone attending the event must have a valid Medical Marijuana Card from the State of Arizona or an out of state Medical Marijuana Card.   All attendees must have a valid State ID.


How to Attend

Free Tickets – No Admission if Not Registered

To attend an event you must register for Free Tickets from our ticket provider Eventbrite.   Since we have to check in each patient and check their medical marijuana card and State ID at each event.

Please help us speed up the process.   Every attendee must register before coming to our event.  If you do not register you will not be able to get in the event.  You can register by phone, on our site or at Eventbrite

Must Have to Enter Event

  • Your valid Medical Marijuana State issued Card and State ID with you to check in.
  •  A copy of your ticket or bar code of your ticket on electronic device.

Can take into Event

  • Cannabis Medication Allowed within your legal amount to carry.
  • Something small to smoke out of.

Not Allowed at Event

  • No Medication for Sale
  • No Alcohol
  • No Drugs
  • No Weapons
  • No Pets
  • No one under 18 years old

Come Experience being a Errl Cup Vendor

Vendors are the key to our success.  See how the Errl Cup Cannabis Awards & Events Model is great for Vendors

Information on How to Win the Cup

Arizona Cannabis Awards & Events

Who Can Enter

Entering any Errl Cup Event requires the following.

  • Must Be A Licensed Dispensary, or Dispensary Grow, Dispensary Extractor, Dispensary Kitchen or other Dispensary Licensed business
  • Patients can enter Patient Flower category ONLY if they have Cultivation Rights in Arizona
  • Any Patient can enter the Concentrate and Edibles categories if they have a valid Medical Marijuana Card from the State of Arizona
  • Patient CBD category can be enter by anyone.   CBD in Arizona is not a medicine that is seen as illegal to possess or use.


Class and Categories 


There are two classes at our event. One for Dispensary entries and other other is for Patient and Caregiver entries.


  • Flower Indica
  • Flower Sativa
  • Flower Hybrid
  • Flower CBD
  • Concentrate Indica
  • Concentrate Sativa
  • Concentrate Hybrid
  • Concentrate CBD
  • Non-Solvent
  • Edible
  • Edible CBD
  • Vape Pen
  • Topical

Who to Enter to Win the Cup

Steps for Entering to Win the Cup

  1. Make sure you meet Dispensary and Patient Class requirement to enter (Read the PDF)
  2. Fill out Entry Form completely
  3. Check to make sure your entry is put in the right Class and Category
  4. Provide sample amounts for each entry to be used for testing and judging
  5. Provide amount due for all entries before submitting
  6. Submit Entries and fees by contacting the Errl Cup Team


Make sure you to fill out your Enter to Win the Cup Entry Form




cannabis cup events

Enter to Win the Cup

More information about entering to Win an Errl Cup Event for both Dispensary and Patient Class

Information on Judging and Testing

Arizona Cannabis Awards & Events

cannabis cup events judging kit

Our Process 

Events are judged by patients and industry experts.  There is no charge for judging kit.

Our Cup are awarded  based on a judging and testing combination.   We use the judges total score, lab results and a algorithm to come up with a total score.

The process for determining our winners are based off of real data, people opinion and the lab quality of the medicine that is submitted.

How we do our Lab Testing

Our lab testing is done first by interviewing all labs within the area that we are currently doing an Errl Cup Event in.

After interviewing all labs in that area.  We determine which lab would be the best lab to work with for the year.  For that year, any events done in that State will be tested by the winning lab.






Our judging is broken up into two parts.  We use the testing results from our approved lab.  We also use the judging results from our patient and industry judges.

These two factors help use determine the winner of our Errl Cup Event.

There are no cost to be a judge for any of our events.  We pick new judges for each event.

Sign up for your chance to win a Judges spot at the next Errl Cup Event.



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