2nd Annual Errl Cup

Cannabis Event Results

Cannabis Event Results for Errl Cup 2017

Below are the Cannabis Event Results to our 2nd Annual Errl Cup, held in Tempe Arizona on 1/14/2017.

Our lab testing, our industry and patient judges scores combine to calculate the Winners of the 2017 Errl Cup.

The Errl Cup Team would like to thank everyone that entered to win the 2017 Errl Cup.  We know all the dispensaries and patients that have enter and participated at our event understand the importance of Clean Medicine.  Thank you for support the Errl Cup.

Cannabis Event Results click below for testing reports



Testing Results

cannabis event results

Best Overall Dispensary

Winner:  Nature’s Medicine

Best Customer Service

Winner:  Desert Bloom Re-Leaf

Best Knowledge

Winner:  Herbal Wellness Center

Dispensary Class

Flower Indica

Winner:  Arizona Organix   Strain: Sour Purple OG

2nd Place: Arizona Grass Roots Strain: OG 18

3rd Place:  Natures Med Tucson  Strain:  Abundant OG

Flower Sativa

Winner: Arizona Organix   Strain: Golden Goat

2nd Place:  Herbal Wellness Center Strain: Sour Tangie

3rd Place:  Nature Med Tucson   Strain:  Time Wreck

Flower Hybrid

Winner:  Nature’s Medicine  Strain: Lohan

2nd Place:  Nature’s Wonder  Strain: OG Chem

3rd Place: Phoenix Relief  Strain: Chem 4

Concentrate Indica

Winner: MUV/Alt-med  Strain: Grape Ape EHO Crumble

2nd Place:  Reef Dispensary   Strain: King Louis XIII Shatter

3rd Place: Ponderosa Relief  Strain: BTY OG

Concentrate Sativa

Winner:  Natures Medicine  Strain  Clementine Live Resin

2nd Place:  Level Up  Strain Tangerine Dream

3rd Place: Arizona Organix  Strain: Golden Goat

Concentrate Hybrid

Winner:  Natures Medicine  Strain:  Uterpia

2nd Place:  Reef Dispensary  Strain: Kings Treat Crumble

3rd Place:  HWC  Strain: Sunset Orange Candy

CBD Flower

Winner: Nature Medicine: Arianna #3-8

2nd Place: Arizona Organix   Strain: SoMango

3rd Place:  Valley Healing Group  Strain: CBD Therapy

CBD Concentrate

Winner:  The Heights Dispensary  Strain: CBD Crystalline

2nd Place:  Reef Dispensary  Strain: Cannatonic Shatter

3rd Place: Natures Medicine  Strain: Arianna Live Risen

CBD Edible


tru infusion logo

Winner: Tru Infusion   Strain: Carmel 25mg

2nd Place:  Yavapai  Strain: Canna GO CBD

3rd Place: Tru Infusion Strain: Root Beer Soda 50mg


Winner:  Natures Medicine Strain: Blueberry Kush Rosin

2nd Place:  Encanto Green Cross  Strain:  Rosin Tangie Glue

3rd Place: Ponderosa Strain: BTY OG

Vape Pen

Winner:  Arizona Organix Strain: SAP 500mg

2nd Place:  Level Up   Strain: True OG

3rd Place:  MUV/Alt-Med  Strain: MUV Clear


Winner:  Monarch  Edible:  Terra Bites Blueberry

2nd Place:  Arizona Organix  Edible: SAP 100mg

3rd Place:  Tru Infusion  Edible:  200mg Tincture


tru infusion logo

Winner:  Tru Infusion   Type: 100mg Topical

2nd Place:  Yavapai  Type: Transdermal Sativa

3rd Place:  Agronomy Innovations Type Transdemal Patch






Patient/Caregiver Class

Flower Indica

Winner:   Maxx Trees Strain: Chem4

2nd Place: Advance Organic Consultants Strain: Redwood

3rd Place: Funky Skunk Farms Strain: Holy Grail

Flower Sativa

Winner: Advance Organic Consultant Strain: Lemon Skunk

2nd Place: Advance Organic Consultants Strain: Cheese

3rd Place: Funky Skunk Farms Strain: Clementine

Flower Hybrid

Winner: Funky Skunk Farms Strain: Golden Lemon

2nd Place: Advance Organic Consultants Strain: Arnold Palmer

3rd Place: Omni Potent Strain: Forset Fire OG


Winner: Funky Skunk Farms Strain: Golden Lemon

2nd Place:Goldsmith Extracts Strain: Dutch Treat Dillstate

3rd Place: Legit Extracts LLC Strain: Thin Mint GSC Live Resin


Winner:  I-Hemp  Strain: I-Hemp Dabs 56.8%



Winner: Traveler’s Edibles Edible: Kail Kush Pound Cake

2nd Place: Little Hippie Cakes Edible: Red Velvet Hippie Cakes

3rd Place: MMJ Variations  Edible: S’mores Cake

Non Solvent

No Entries





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