Types of Cannabis Concentrate:

Live Resin, Rosin, De-waxed, Dry Sift. What the diff?

cannabis wax types

What is Marijuana/ Cannabis Concentrates

In recent years cannabis and cannabis concentrates they have become more widely accepted.  There are several types of cannabis wax types and we will describe them in this article.

Lets start out with how the law has effecting state actions.

States are turning to medical and recreational cannabis laws to supersede the federal governments schedule one.

Even though no United States lab can research on cannabis that is not grown (poorly) by the government. Junior scientist all over have been and are researching cannabis benefits and new ways to use the plant.

If you’ve used cannabis for the last 30 years you might be surprised when you first visit a dispensary.

You might see all these foreign names and subtitles on what you used to know as Kush, Haze and Hash.

Don’t worry all of what you know is truth, but there are many more delectable options available today that are easily understandable and awesome to experience!

So Errl Cup asks; Resin, Rosin, De-waxed, Dry Sift. What the diff?

Cannabis Concentrates: Hash

What happened to good ole Hash?

Hash in the traditional sense is still very much present today.

It’s actually expanded upon a great deal. The days of getting a brown brick of gooey glory wrapped in newspaper are behind you.

Now there are many ways to enjoy your hash.

Cannabis Concentrates: Ice Water Hash

Your traditional hash made with micron bags and ice water.

Manpower or more advanced “washing machines” are the creation tool.

However more care is taken now into separating the different size trichomes and offering a different experience with each one. Usually starting with an average range of 220u down to as low as 25u.

The lower the micron the more “pure” the trichomes, resulting in what most call “full melt” that can be dabbed with no leftover residue.  You will usually notice the color go from black at 220u to cream/white at 25u.

cannabis wax types

Cannabis Concentrates: Dry Sift

Here is another great way they make your favorite hash and kief now.

Dry sift is a method where dry buds are placed over a screen and gently shaken to knock off the trichome heads to be collected.

Like ice water hash, various size screens can be used to achieve the desired consistency, high and color.

Dry sift more recently includes freezing the dried buds and “bopping” them gently with dry ice. Both are considered a solvent-less extraction method and can be used to produce kief, hash or rosin.

Cannabis Concentrates:  Rosin

New name for an old method of cleaning up hash.

However today, more popular methods are available that skip the hash stage.

Rosin machines consist of two heated plates and a cylinder matched with compressor.  It can also come as a man powered jack to squeeze either whole buds, kief or hash.

With the use of micron bags, the heat and pressure give a resulting extract that is usually considered dab-able a “full melt” product.

Cannabis Concentrates: de-waxed.

Since cannabis is more widely available and accepted. People have been toying with extracting the trichome in more scientific ways.

These extracts use a solvent like

  • acetone
  • c02
  • butane
  • naphtha
  • propane
  • hexane
  • isopropyl
  • ethanol

to target the trichomes and extract them in even more pure ways.

Second Process

Since these solvents are able to target trichomes and leave behind other plant material and undesired compounds.

There is desire to further refine them through a de-waxing or winterizing of the extracted product.

In this process a second, third or even fourth solvent or compound is added to separate the layers.

Removing the lipids (fats) and other compounds from the extract.

Resulting in usually a translucent, brittle final product that is considered by many to be the ultimate full melt.

Cannabis Concentrates: Live Resin

Another experiment to achieve different cannabinoid compounds, flavors and effects.

Live resin means the plant was not dried or cured prior to extraction.

Generally the plant is cut down whole and frozen. Once frozen they are extracted while cold resulting in a unique flavor and color profile.

While there are a few ways to do live resin this is the most common.

cannabis wax types

Cannabis Concentrates: Distillate

Clear concentrates and stuff in a syringe?

Distilling cannabinoids is new to the weed world but the technology is already established and used by labs and distilleries all over the world.

One of the biggest benefits of the process is it can transform lower grade, darker product to a clear more desirable product.

Distilled cannabis or clear is cannabis extract that has been further refined through the use of short path or other distillation method (with or without solvents) to isolate the THC or other cannabinoids.

This isolated cannabinoid produces a singular group of effects versus the hundreds of cannabinoids that would produce effects when smoking cannabis flowers.

Cannbais Concentrates: Moon, Space or lunar rocks and Caviar.

Moon, space or lunar rocks, all the same but a whole new game.

Moon rocks are a new way to combine cannabis flower with various extracts.

The resulting “rock” is hard, smelly and exciting to break in half.

The moon rock process starts with a tiny high grade nug of cannabis. That is dipped in copious amounts of cannabis oil and then is rolled in kief until it can absorb no more.

Once dried the original .25 nug of flower will weigh over a gram, be firm to touch and smell wonderful.

Breaking the nug in half will result in a visual layering that adds to the appeal.

Cannabis Concentrates: RSO, Rick Simpson oil, Phoenix Tears, whole plant extract.

RSO is a form of whole plant concentrate used to cure certain types of diseases and cancers.

The appearance is a typically thick, black and gooey. It  is very strong and generally comes in a syringe.

Considered a whole plant extract because it does not single out cannabinoids and generally the whole plant (stems and leaves) are used.

Rick Simpson, credited with creating RSO uses a strong solvent naphtha to extract his RSO.

In his method the solvent is cooked off and the remaining goo is high grade cannabis oil/RSO.

Cannabis Concentrates: Shatter, wax, budder, sugar, oil, crumble or sap.

These are all names to describe the consistency of the cannabis concentrate.

Although each consistency can be attributed to various methods, all types can be made with the same starting material.

Cannabis Concentrates: Shatter

Generally is thin and translucent, it snaps or shatters into pieces when you attempt to take a piece. Wax generally is gooey but firm and can be easily molded and played with. Budder looks whipped and has a fluffy, light texture. Sugar’s look like sugar crystals, they may shimmer and take on crystal composition.

Cannabis Concentrates: Oils

Oil’s generally have a thin water like consistency, and come in syringes or vials. Crumbles will appear like crumbled crackers and will turn to powder when pressure is applied.  Sap is just like it sounds a molasses consistency that sticks to anything it touches.

Again, all they are is types of consistency and can come from the same starting material but each has a different technique, temperature and pressure they are done under; to achieve a desired aroma, effect or high.


That is our explanation for the different wax types.  Hope you have learn some information that can help you better make your choice. You can also attend an Errl Cup event to learn even more. 

We would like to hear about your experiences with all these forms of wax.  What type do you prefer?


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