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cannabis business social network

A Cannabis business social network or a forum. Is a place where people connect with others who are like-minded and exchange ideas about a certain lifestyle. This is the primary reason why many social networks developed today are highly targeted and focused on a particular audience. One category of such platforms that has been highly adopted in the digital space is Cannabis social networks.

With Cannabis social networks, potheads, stoners and cannabis fanatics can post comments about cannabis or even directly shop for marijuana.

Are you a Marijuana enthusiast or smoker looking to join a community of like-minded people? Do you run a cannabis business and would like to market your brand? You are in the right place, as this post is specifically tailored for you.

In this guide, Errl Cup will explore various Cannabis social networks and platforms currently available for you, highlighting their key features, pros and cons.

Top 12 Cannabis social networks / platforms

Weed Life

This is a feature-packed and content-loaded Cannabis social network, a reason it is referred to as the ‘Cannabis Facebook.’ It is arguably the most trusted network by canna businesses, thanks to its clever designs with eye-catching content displays and newsfeed layout. Here, you will find any type of content regarding cannabis, including reviews, how-to-guides and news.

This platform is built for business to consumers’ interactions and it is definitely very worth giving a try. You can sign up on Weed Life directly or link it with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


Latest cannabis news

Ability to share visual content

You can create fan pages and groups

You can start a discussion in an existing forum


Not focused on business to business and consumer to consumer interactions.

This follows in this list simply because it is arguably one of the oldest cannabis-themed social networks. Although it is started out as a platform where farmers could share how-to-grow cannabis guides, it has been refined over the years to accommodate cannabis users and businesses. Here you can connect with like-minded people and share cannabis stories, product reviews, guides, etc.

You can register to this network via their official website or app.


A great platform to introduce you to the world of cannabis

Wide user base

Have a mobile app that is highly convenient to use

Provides a comprehensive list of U.S cannabis-based dispensaries.


You must be 19 years or older to use the network.


Like GrassCity Forum, MassRoots is an old social network created to connect college students who are cannabis users with reliable dispensaries. If you run a cannabis-themed health facility, this is the platform to channel your advertising efforts. 

Visit the site to sign up and start promoting your cannabis brand right away.


Highly convenient place to find a reliable dispensary

Wide user base (over 1 million connected followers)

Has a rewards program that ensures users participate actively

Customer analytics that helps businesses assess the performance of their marketing/promotional campaigns


Some features such as location finder may fail sometimes

Bud Hubz

There is so much you can achieve with this cannabis social platform. You can connect with Marijuana enthusiasts, find a health practitioner near you and get accommodation to spend time with weed lovers while traveling, and so much more.

Businesses are not left out either- you can sign up on their website and get recommendations on every canna business in your area.


You can find and book accommodation

Listing your business is one click away

Free and easy to use


Still in the development stage

CannaSOS is the to-go-for social platform when looking for well-researched content about cannabis strains, including THC and CBD. If you serve an audience interested in learning about the Cannabis manufacturing process, the educational material provided here will come in handy.

With over 400,000 monthly visitors, it is also a great network to promote your Cannabis business.


Advice from highly knowledgeable cannabis experts

Utilizes blockchain technology to ensure users’ transactions security


Some of the information here may overwhelm a beginner

LeafWire is the LinkedIn of Cannabis. It is focused on connecting investors with cannabis businesses and professionals with businesses. Here, you will get the opportunity to interact with people with a cannabis business mind and learn how you can grow yours. It is the platform to get all the business partners you’ve been searching for to ultimately push you to greater heights.

Visit LeafWire’s official website to get started with this.


There is a good pool of cannabis investors

You can connect with business owners and get investment ideas.

You can post a job listing if you want to hire professionals for your canna-business.

Good platform to find jobs in the Cannabis industry


Highly professional and may not be suitable for recreational cannabis users

This is an all-around cannabis-themed mobile app created to enhance the interaction of Cannabis fans. Businesses use this app to educate marijuana enthusiasts about its consumption while marketing their brand. People passionate about using cannabis can also use this app to interact and exchange ideas.

Just install the app and follow the prompts to join this awesome community.


Easy to use display section

You can list your products here

Provides real-time news about cannabis

Best cannabis educational platform


Lacks some features available in web-based platforms

If you are a weed lover, this platform helps you find the best strain, locate the best store, or even a dispensary for cannabis-related health services. Cannabis businesses, on the other hand, can sign up through Weedmap’s official website and list their brand.

You can also add relevant information about your business and tap into the vast audience available here.


Highly user-friendly website

Allows you to promote your products through campaigns and promotional strategies

You can insert videos and images in your posts


Their customer services are not yet refined

Weed circles

Are you a cannapreneur looking to understand how fellow businesses are going about their affairs? You can join Weed circles and connect with various stakeholders in the Cannabis industry. A cannabis lover will also find a plethora of cannabis colleagues to connect with.

You can join Weed circles directly or via the WeedLife network, which is the parent company.


Free and easy to sign up

You can connect with various companies in the cannabis industry

You can add and view your cannabis group on the platform


Less focus on recreational Marijuana information

Created with the Instagram, Tinder and Twitter idea in mind, Duby is an excellent cannabis social platform that you should check out. Weed lovers have a chance to connect with each other through images and videos and there are lots of stellar opportunities for cannabis business owners looking to promote this lifestyle.

You can find Duby on the Apple apps store and Google play store and you need to install it and sign up to join this interesting platform.


Comes with the convenience of mobile usage

The registration process is straightforward

Allows videos and images uploads for enhanced interaction


The audience may be lower compared to other cannabis social apps


This is a new cannabis business social network developed for professionals in the cannabis business world. This platform brings together experts from growers, manufacturers, distributors, vendors to traders and is a great resource for businesses in this industry.

Just sign up for a profile with MJLink to get unlimited cannabis news and listings that will help you a great deal in understanding the industry better.


Highly targeted audience

Professional advice from a wide variety of experts in the industry


Not fully established

Put more focus on the professional side of cannabis so hobbyists may feel left out

Let’s wrap up this list by discussing this High There, a social networking app that brings all your favorite cannabis platforms and forums for you to access them from one source. The networking opportunities here are limitless; from friendship-building tools that allow you to connect with other cannabis lovers to investing and career advice, there is everything for anyone.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned player in the cannabis community, you will get something that suits you in High There. The app is available in the Apple app store and Google play store.


There are articles about interesting cannabis topics

An all in one source for cannabis platforms

You can share cannabis stories with friends

Contains all information you need to know about investing in cannabis stocks


A young crowd as there are no options to choose age

Tips to promote your Cannabis-business on the above social platforms

Knowing the best networks to turn to in this niche is not enough as you also need to strategize on how to make your presence felt or recognized while using them. Note that this is the only way you will take your cannabis business to a more global market and tap into a more responsive audience. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Create educational and entertaining content

If every other post you make on these cannabis platforms looks overly promotional, it will not appeal to the people you target. In other words, just telling people to buy without showing clearly why your products will help them is just a waste of time.

People, especially new cannabis users, are always looking for ideas of recreational uses of this product and content regarding the medicinal benefits of Marijuana. If you focus on these aspects when you create your content, people will definitely find value in buying your offerings.

Create a strategic content calendar

To ensure that your presence is felt at all times, you need to plan on how you will post the content you create, as explained above. Map certain social media posts to a particular day of the week or time of the day so that your audience will always know what to expect at any given time.

Consistency is key when building your brand in an online forum as it indicates to the audience that you know what you are doing.

Create relevant hashtags

When in the cannabis business, you will always target certain people in the entire audience. By utilizing hashtags (catchy labels that connect people with certain content), you will reach your prospective buyers seamlessly and at the same time improve their information searching experience.

Examples of good hashtags that you can use include: #vapelife, #cbd, #THC, #cannabiscommunity, etc. Please avoid using hashtags that have raised controversies in the past.

Build a community

Without a community, your information (no matter how good you create it) may never reach your targeted audience. In addition to using hashtags, you need to interact with people interested in your brand or products by responding to all their questions, requests and insights.

Invite people looking for products that are similar to what you offer, interact with them maximally and there is no doubt that they will become part of your niche community.

Leverage the power of social media influencers

Some individuals have already established their presence in the social space, gaining millions of cannabis users followers. You can invest in such people to promote your business on your behalf.

Use macro-influencers (those with more than 1 million followers in various geographical regions) to create brand awareness, and micro-influencers (those with thousands of cannabis followers in a certain geographical region) to build traffic for your site and drive sales.

Engage with other brands

Cannabis social networks and forums host so many brands and unless you interact with them, you may never get to know the strategies they use to succeed. Evaluate to see what businesses offer products or services that supplement what you sell, comment on their posts, like and share their content. This way, they may end up mentioning you as a viable audience, increasing your chances of tapping into their audience fruitfully.

Don’t just partner with global industrial leaders. Interact with local brands, too, as they will give you a more relevant audience to take advantage of.


The list of Cannabis business social network cannot be exhausted in one post, but luckily for you, we have listed the best you can rely on today. Even more lucky for you we host free cannabis festivals and events where you can network with even more cannabis businesses, and consumers face to face!

The Marijuana community is growing day in day out and all forces in the industry are coming together with a goal of improving Marijuana business matters. If you are in business, you’d really miss a lot if you failed to join one of these platforms. If you are already in one, pick another one on this list and give it a shot. Who knows, it might be what will open up doors for a blooming Cannabis business.

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