C4 Labs Winner of 1st Annual Errl Cup Testing

After meeting with all the labs that we had contact The Errl Cup has decided to go with C4 Labs as its Partner at The Errl Cup. With C4 commitment to the patient and making sure the dispensaries are help accountable for the medication they are providing its patients in Arizona we know C4 is the right partner for us. Here is a quick bio and links.

Thank you to all the labs we had meet with. October 15th will be the starting date for our Secert Shopper program, we will keep you posted.

See you at The Cup!

The Errl Cup Team

C4 Lab Logo HiRes

Information on C4

C4 Laboratories uses highly advanced analytical instrumentation for the high resolution characterization of medical marijuana and its constituents.

Using various forms of liquid and gas chromatography, C4 has developed analytical methods for the quantification and differentiation of various endogenous cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds, and the detection of multiple exogenous pesticide species, respectively.

While C4 prides itself in establishing the industry standards for the characterization of marijuana compounds, we also continue to collaborate with various research institutions and instrumentation leaders to innovate new methodologies with developing technologies to expand the scientific understanding of marijuana and its therapeutic properties.

Our staff of scientists has over 40 years of experience in advanced analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal biochemistry, and has published analytical methods in multiple high-impact peer-review scientific journals.

C4 Labs Website
C4 FaceBook Page

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