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Out with the Pot, In with the GOO

Medical Marijuana has become very popular over the years across all 50 states and has gained notoriety for having a plethora of medicinal effects.  These effects come from the varying mixtures of terpenes and cannabinoids associated with each strain. Consumers have...

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Errl Cup Approved

Errl Cup Announcement: Errl Cup Approved Introduced Seeing a Need One of the proud services we do for our patients is secret shop dispensary medication two times a year. While creating and presenting Errl Cup events for over 3 years, we have found a large gap in the...

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Errl Definition: The Ultimate Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Errl Definition:  The Ultimate Guide to Meaning of Errl Errl Introduction The word Errl has been going around in the cannabis industry, Here we have put together the Ultimate Guide to Errl Definition. What is the meaning? How does it relate to the cannabis industry?...

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Errl Cup Nevada Event Postponed

Errl Cup Nevada Postponed  Errl Cup, a Errl Cup Event, announces that Errl Cup Nevada will be postponed until the first quarter of 2018. This is due to the state's recent attempted definitions of their currently undefined cannabis laws. The trouble is...

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710 Degree Cup All Concentrate Entries

All Concentrate Entries 710 Degree Cup 2017 Concentrate Entries are listed in a order of total score.  Which is the total lab testing score plus the total judges score.  They are added together and are list from 1 - 133. Thanks for all dispensaries and patients that...

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710 Degree Cup Best Arizona Concentrates Secret Shopped

Best Concentrates Arizona 710 Degree Cup Secret Shopped Dispensaries Listed below are the results of the 40 Dispensaries that were Secret Shopped for the 710 Degree Cup. When we secret shop dispensaries we have the bud tender choice the strain that we will...

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Errl 710 Cup Recap

ERRL CUP : 710 CUP EVENT RECAP July hosted a milestone event for the Errl Cup team. Thanks to our Top Sponsor, Vapen Clear, the 2nd annual 710 Degree Cup Arizona went off without a hitch. It also went off with about 2500 more patients than expected. This proved to be...

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Errl Cup Results 710 Degree Cup

710 Degree Cup Testing Results 710 Degree Cup entries are listed below by Secert Shopper Entries, Dispensary Entries, and Caregiver/Patient Entires.  Find the number of your 710 Degree Cup entry and then place it in search bar. Search this years testing partner C4...

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Errl Cup Winners 2017 | 710 Degree Cup

710 Degree Cup|Errl Cup Winners 2017 710 Degree Cup - Errl Cup Winners 2017 These are the offical results for the 710 Degree Cup held July 8th, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.   Errl Cup Winners 2017 for Dispensary are as follows.  All winners are from a combination of...

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What You Should Know About Cannabis Laws Arizona

Cannabis Laws Arizona Here at Errl Cup Events, producer of Cannabis Awards and Events, is concerned about your safety and the laws in Arizona.  Here is a breakdown of the Arizona Cannabis Laws. With the passing of Prop 203, medical Cannabis patients in Arizona...

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