Errl Cup Approved

Is a program for any dispensary who would like to carry the Errl Cup Seal of Approval on their flower, concentrates, vapes or edibles. The Errl Cup Approved is a recognizable brand seal for quality tested medicine and will encourage patients to shop with you.

Their are two types of Errl Cup Approved Seals

  • Any dispensaries that have entered in an Errl Cup Competition & have not failed are given an Errl Cup Participant Seal. 


  • Any dispensary that has entered into the Errl Cup Approved program and is in good standing receive an Errl Cup Approved Seal and brand advertising. 

Lab Testing 

Once a dispensary is in the Approved program we begin with Secret Shopping.

We secret shop your dispensary for the medicine you are seeking approval for.  Our secret shopping and testing will be done without dispensary knowledge and tested at a certified lab. We secret Shop two separate strains or products per month.

Test Performed (relevant to each appropriate category)

  • CFU
  • Mold
  • Pesticides
  • Growth Regulators
  • Residual Solvents

All samples are delivered to the Certified Testing Lab.  At no point in the process will a dispensary agent or associate affiliated with the dispensary handle the medicine.

All testing reports will be published on Errl Cup website and sent to the participating dispensary.

All testing regulations are taken from Colorado Marijuana Testing Guidelines.

Live Interactions

The next step in the process is live videos at your dispensary, grow and with your staff.

  • Live Q&A with Staff
  • Live Dispensary Takeover
  • Live Grow Takeover

*The Errl Cup also does periodic Dispensary and Grow Inspections based on complaints or rumors to protect your brand reputation.

Results Review

Finally we review all the lab results in conjunction with the Q&A and takeovers. If everything is found to be of passing grade the Errl Cup Approved Seal is issued for the category selected.

Errl Cup Approval Seal

After the Results Review and approval in the program is issued we:

  • Issue You Errl Cup Approved Seals
  • Announce Your Newly Approved Status (Social Media, Email & Website)
  • List Your Results On Our Website & Share Them With You & Social Media
  • Conduct Monthly Announcements of Program Status (Social Media & Email)

*Every month your products are re-evaluated, and if passing the above announcements are conducted in cycle.

*Each approval is only for a specific category (Flower, Concentrate, Vape, Edible, Etc) Dispensary must enter the process for each one to gain each approval.

*The program fee is $495.00 per-month, per-category. (Flower, Concentrate, Vape, Edibles) Fee’s cover lab testing, Secret shopper and licensing. Cost of medication is not included and will be billed separately and must be reimbursed.

Cannabis Flower Producers

Currently Errl Cup Approved

Concentrate Producers

Currently Errl Cup Approved

Edible Producers

Currently Errl Cup Approved

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