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3rd Annual Errl Cup Arizona


Artisitic Rolling Contest 

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Artistic Rolling Contest

Phoenician Engineering, the makes a the worlds best grinder, is sponsoring the 1st Annual Artistic Rolling Contest.

You might know it as Blunt Rolling Art, or Blunt Art.   If you are a Blunt Artist, come compete against the best in Arizona.

We supply everything you need to make your Artistic Creation.  It will be judges by industry professionals to determine who will be award the Big Joint Trophy and Title of Arizona Best Artistic Roller.








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phoenicianOur Sponsors keep our events free 

Please take the time to visit Phoenician Engineering and see why their Arizona Made product is the best in the business

How It Works?

There are a limited amount of spaces available.   All spots are on a first come first serve bases.   

Phoenician Engineering will also have select competitor pass for Artistic Roll Contest.  

All competitors will use the product, paper, tools, and space provided by Errl Cup and Phoenician Engineering.

All competitors will have from 12:00 – 4:00 pm on the day of event to complete their Artistic Blunt Art entry.  

All entries must be turned in no later than 4:05pm to judges table

Only one winner will be choosen.


Prizes and Rules

One competitor no help or assistance

Must finish on time and have creation turned into judges table no later than 4:05pm.  

No outside papers, tools, flower or help is prohibited

Must use all products that have been provided to compete artistic creation

Winner will be judged on creativite, style, rolling ability, and overall appreance

Winner will be choosen by a panel of industry judges

Prizes given to First Place, Second Place and Third Place




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Covid-19 Update 😷Know Before You Go

Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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