Arizona Marijuana Farmers Market

First of all when the original law was passed the Cannabis Community needed a place to get medication.  Patients turned to the Arizona Marijuana Farmers Markets.

The primary one was held at 4853 E Thomas Road at the VFW.  There were several other locations that showed up over time, in different American Legions and VFWs across the Valley of the Sun.  In cities like Peoria, Glendale, Apache Junction, Scottsdale and Mesa.

The market where filled with Vendors that sold cannabis related products and cannabis.   They allowed patients and caregivers a place to gather, educate and obtain medication.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons the Arizona Marijuana Farmers Market got shutdown


arizona marijuana farmers market


arizona marijuana farmers marketReason One

the Arizona Marijuana Farmers Markets were Shutdown

It is illegal to charge for access to marijuana in the State of Arizona.  Anyone putting on an event that charges any money, donation or exchange for services to enter a place that has marijuana, sells marijuana or smokes marijuana is illegal.

Arizona Laws are very strict when it comes to charging anyone, for access to marijuana.  If you are paying for an event in Arizona to enter the event and there is marijuana, cannabis and/or medicine at the event then that event is not legal.  Due to it is illegal to charge for access to marijuana.



arizona marijuana farmers market

Reason Two

the Arizona Marijuana Farmers Markets were Shutdown

It is illegal to sell marijuana, cannabis and/or medicine outside of a State Licensed Dispensary.  Recently the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona ruled that patient to patient transactions was illegal.

It is also illegal for a dispensary to sell medication outside of their dispensary.  The State of Arizona wants to track all the medication that dispensaries have. Hence they will not allow them to dispense it outside of their controlled environment.

If you can buy cannabis, marijuana and/or medicine at an event in Arizona, it is illegal.  Due to the face that marijuana can only be sold in Dispensaries.


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arizona marijuana farmers market

Reason Three

the Arizona Marijuana Farmers Markets were Shutdown

A lot of companies in the cannabis industry did not like Arizona Marijuana Farmers Markets.  They did not like the fact they sold medication to patients outside of the legal dispensary channel.

They believed the law was the law and if the people handling the market did not know the law they were going to learn it.   In Arizona all medication has to be sold out of a licensed dispensary.  The state of Arizona wants to have as much control on cannabis as they can.  Due to medication being sold outside of dispensaries. It was eventually shutdown.

Most of all they did not want it begin sold at a local farmers market.  So as a result most of the cannabis related business took actions to have them shut down.

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The Arizona Marijuana Farmers Market has been shutdown, so look no further then a Errl Cup Event.  They are  Legal and for the Patients.

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