arizona marijuana attorney

Arizona Marijuana Attorney

Glove Box Lawyer Letter

Here is a valuable letter to have in your glove box at all times.

Its a “Formal Invocation of My Constitutional Rights” from Thomas Dean, Arizona Marijuana Attorney

This post might be bias because Tom has been my lawyer since I started in the industry over 4 years ago.   This is another great piece of information that you should not be without.

Ok, here is the deal.  You might have seen the videos of people getting pulled over and then pulling out a statement and there ids to an officer.  This is basically the Glove Box Lawyer Letter.


Thomas Dean, Attorney at Law

Tom has great to provide this to you Free of Charge.  Benefit to him is if you ever need an attorney, his name hopefully will be the first on your mind.  Trust me, you want it to be the first name on your mind.   He is an amazing attorney, and fights the right fight.  He is very pro patient and I would recommended him to anyone that needs an attorney.  I do all the time.


arizona marijuana attorney

Getting Pulled Over

  • Print out the Glove Box Lawyer Letter
  • Present to them with ID
  • Call Tom
arizona marijuana attorney
arizona marijuana attorny

To All Law Enforcement Personnel

  • Do Not Ask Me Any Questions
  • Do Not Comment to me About My Decision
  • I Do Not Consent to Any Search or Seizure of Myself, My Vehicle, My Home or any Property in my possession
  • Please advise me if I am Under Arrest or Investigatory Detention
  • I would like to Terminate this Contact and be on my way with my property
  • I am NOT under the influence of any impairing substance
  • I refused to perform any and all sobriety test.

Example of Glove Box Lawyer Letter


Print Copy of Letter and Keep in Your Glove Box

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