Arizona Cannabis Labs Interviews

Arizona Cannabis Testing Companies Interviewed for 2nd Annual Errl Cup

To insure our commitment to keeping our awards competition fair and unbiased we interviewed the main four Cannabis labs in Arizona.  When doing our research to find labs in Arizona, we were only able to find 4 laboratories that are equipped to handle the in depth, full range of cannabis testing we required.  Three labs are in the Maricopa County area and the fourth is in Tucson.

We would like to thank all the labs that we interview for their time and their professionalism.   We can see that each lab has the skills and equipment needed to keep patients safe and informed. Because of the patients, these labs have seen a large increase in Dispensaries submitting their Cannabis for lab testing. With the commitment that the patients and labs have shown for Clean Medicine, has made the dispensaries look twice at how they are producing and testing their medication. This is our ultimate goal, to achieve safe access to consistent, clean, high grade medicine. Thank you again Arizona Patients, for your support! It’s your medicine and the dispensaries would not be around if it was not for you, stand up and say something if you don’t think the medicine you are getting is up to par, or better yet up to Errl Cup standards.


The labs that were interviewed were

  • C4 Labs
  • Desert Valley Testing
  • Delta Verde Labs
  • Pre Med Testing in Tucson


Let’s take each one individually.

Arizona Cannabis Labs Interviewed

arizona cannabis labs

Desert Valley Testing

This is the second time we have spoken with Desert Valley Testing and their staff.  DVT labs and facility was very clean, professional and well kept.  Their staff were very professional, and their chain of custody and clean work environment was one of the best we had seen.   DVT by their own account does most of the test for the dispensaries in the valley, and is one of the longest running test labs in the valley.   The report they provide is a very detailed one page report, meant for more dispensary use then for analysis by a patient.  It’s a summary of the test done and the testing result the dispensary has them do for testing.   We enjoyed our time with DVT and found their overall business to be a well-run company.  We did have an issue with every one of their testing tech/employees had dispensary agent cards.  It was explaining to us based of the amount of testing they do to be able to handle the amount of medication and not have issue with legal amount they can carry, it was better to have each tech/employee have their own DA card.

Phone:   480-788-6644


arizona cannabis labs

Delta Verde Labs

We have had several meetings with Delta Verde Labs over the past year.   They were in the first set of interviews when we did our original Errl Cup interviews in 2016.   Delta Verde Labs is a very net clean and well organized laboratory.   It is the biggest lab out of the ones we had visited with the most room to do their work.   We found Delta Verde to be very professional and all about the science. You can tell from their skill level that the information they gather from there testing is very concise and accurate.   We believe that Delta Verde Labs is a very reputable lab and would be great lab for anyone to use, they are highly educated in their field and had great customer service.  The testing report they issue when they have done a sample is a one page report with all the information need to understand and know.   They have developed a good system and a good company in Arizona.

Phone:   602-466-9730


arizona cannabis labs

Pre Med Testing

Pre Med was a new lab for us to interview.   Though they have been in the lab testing business for over 30 years.   We found Pre Med lab to be a great company with an outstanding staff.   We heard wonderful things about them from other labs and people.   After speaking with Pre Med we determined that even though Pre Med is new to us, it is not new to this business.   Based out of Tucson they have a sound operation, and oversee checks and balances to assure us that all the testing they do is the information dispensaries and patients need to judge their medication.    Tucson has a great lab in Pre Med and anyone that might use them will see how they are committed to the science.

Phone: (520) 889-2607




C4 Labs

C4 Labs was the lab that we choose in our first interview process and we went over and interviewed them again.   C4 Labs has a great staff, clean environment, and a staff committed to providing accurate testing reports for both patients and dispensaries.   C4 Labs has the top equipment and some equipment other labs don’t have, and those labs must have C4 Labs do their testing they can’t do.   With a well-managed and run company, we found C4 Labs to be an outstanding lab and company.   They have been committed to being part of the Errl Cup in the beginning, and when questioned about their results they don’t not fold on us they back what they put out there.  Which is important to the Errl Cup, we do this for the Patients to hopefully one day provide all patients with Clean Medicine.  C4 Labs shares the same commitment to Clean Medicine.

Phone:   480-219-6460



Our Decision

That why we have chosen C4 Labs as our partner for our Errl Cup events for 2017.  Congratulations C4 Labs, it was a close race but based on all the things C4 Labs provides to us and to patients and dispensaries in the end it was an easy decision.


We did make progress in getting all the labs to work together to come up with a Clean Medicine solution that benefit the Patients.   Hopefully with a little work we can make it law, and everyone can know their medicine is Clean and Safe.


See you at the Cup
The Errl Cup Team


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