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Errl Cup is the first and only Arizona Cannabis Event that has been held legally in Arizona.  Our company has gone through a long process of understanding the laws and how they effect a Arizona Cannabis Event. Arizona’s laws are horrible when it comes it marijuana.   It has the worse laws in the U.S. in regards to penalties for possession, and it carries these laws over to any and every aspect of the marijuana industry.

Arizona Cannabis Event Lawyer

Let me break down some of the hurdles we had to over come before we were about to have an event in Arizona that would be legal, safe, fun and medicated.    We got our legal advice from Thomas Dean, he is the best marijuana attorney in the state of Arizona, in my opinion the best lawyer in the state of Arizona. His  passion to practice marijuana law does not stop his endless search for the right interpretation of the law to make sure his clients get a fair and just day in court.  When I started looking into doing an Arizona Cannabis Event I took a different approach with Tom was to go get advice first, and make sure I didn’t have to call him from jail and boy am I glad I did.  He is the best.  Here is a link to his site.  If you need legal help contact Tom, ASAP.

azfmr vs mpp protective rights

Thomas Dean, Arizona Lawyer  Phone Number 602-635-4990

Top 3 Things to Avoid when having an Arizona Cannabis Event

Here are the Top 3 things I learned to avoid when doing a Arizona Cannabis Event, like i did when  starting The Errl Cup.

azfmr vs mpp possession to sell

  1. Illegal to Charge for Access to Marijuana in Arizona.   In Arizona the law states you can not charge for access to marijuana.  Since we wanted to have our event to be medicated and medication to be supplied, we are unable to charge for entrance an Arizona Cannabis Event.   You cant not charge for any access to marijuana, if that is selling a judges kit, giving a judges kit as part of an arrangement with a Vendor and you cant take any money if their is marijuana presence on the site.  This is a big no no, and if you remember the Farmers Market they did, they were arrest for running a criminal enterprise.  They were charging to sell marijuana to patient.  Very Illegal in Arizona.arizona top market marijuana product sales
  2.  NO Marijuana sales can be done outside of Authorized Dispensary.   In Arizona, and in most states that are recreational and/or medical approved marijuana must be sold out of a licensed dispensary.  You can not sell or have marijuana for sale outside of a dispensary, so you cant sell it at an Arizona Cannabis Event  The medicine a dispensary has must be tracked by their computer system to a patient as soon as it leaves the dispensary.  The dispensary can arrange delivery, but no dispensary or any person can sell marijuana outside of a licensed dispensary.  azfmr and mpp number of dispesnaries
  3. NO Dispensary or Dispensary Agent can give way marijuana.  Its illegal for a dispensary to give free samples or free marijuana or any other medicated product to a patient, also illegal for a dispensary agent to give away medicine in a patient at an Arizona Cannabis Event.  A dispensary can provide the medication to a patient at no cost, and a patient can come to an event and give our marijuana or medicine on behalf of the dispensary.


These are important rules to look into if you think you are looking to start any Arizona Cannabis Event business in Arizona.  They law here have a issue with marijuana, even though it kills no one.


Know your rights.  Contact Thomas Dean for legal advise.

If you any questions please feel free to contact me at or 602-540-6283.


See you at the Next Cup.


710 Degree Cup 7/9


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