Errl Cup: Arizona Cannabis Festival and Awards

An Cannabis Event Experience Like No Other

 Arizona Cannabis Festival and Awards: Errl Cup

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A summary of what Errl Cup: Cannabis Awards Arizona is, what we do, how we judge, how to enter and the event day celebration.

Our History

The Errl Cup was created in 2015 to help patients get safe access to clean and consistent medicine in Arizona.

This was after Jim Morrison one of the owners lost his sister to MS.

She used cannabis to treat her symptoms but always had trouble getting clean and consistent medicine.

Shortly thereafter in 2015 Jim and Jay started their plight the Errl Cup out of their pockets bringing the first Arizona Cannabis Event and Awards. 

We are the complete opposite of any other cannabis festival or awards show.   We dont sell our judging boxes, charge patients for admission or give you a bad experience like most other cups do.  

cannabis cup arizona

Our Process

We have several process we go through before having an Errl Cup Event.   Here is the process we use.


The Lab

Before the year’s cannabis awards in Arizona festival starts. Errl Cup interviews all local labs in Arizona to evaluate their machinery, skills and staff for possible testing for the Errl Cup.

Errl Cup uses cannabinoid, pesticides, mold, growth regulators, terpenes & residual solvent testing on all its submissions.

Only one lab can be chosen due to the high cost of testing and out of pocket costs on the secret shop entries and event.

Once all interviews are completed the lab is chosen to test all the samples for the Errl Cup.

When the lab receives the samples, they are in unmarked containers with simple lettering/number combo. Essentially they are blindly entered to the lab, only the Errl Cup knows whose sample is whose.

Secret Shopping

The Errl Cup goes out and secret shops dispensaries for flowers for our January event, in Maricopa County and in 2017 all Tucson Dispensaries that grow their own flower.

For the 710 Degree Cup, the Errl Cup goes out and secret shops dispensaries for concentrates in Maricopa County and in 2017 all Tucson Dispensaries that produce their own concentrates.

We go into a dispensary already know if we need a Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, and ask the Budtender what their best medicine is and what they would recommend.

Entering to Compete in the Errl Cup

After secret shopping is complete the Errl Cup is open for self-entries where dispensaries and caregivers can enter their flower, CBD, concentrate, vapes, edibles or hand crafted products to prove they have the cleanest and best meds in the state.

By this time submission deadline has hit and all blindly labeled samples are at the lab undergoing testing. The remainder of the submissions are broken down into flower, concentrate,edible, vape and HCP judge kits. Labeled with a number and type (I, S, H, CBD).

We are completely opposite of other cannabis events, you can buy our awards you have to earn them with your medicine. 

cannabis cup arizona

Judging Cannabis Awards in Arizona Event

After our deadline for entries has come and gone we then take all dispensaries and patients submissions and secret shopped medicines are broken down and number and sent to the lab for analysis.

Judge  samples are broken down into judge kits

While submissions are being tested, the Errl Cup recruits patient judges on their website through a sign up application. Also on social media through promotions.

After the deadline to enter to be a judge has come and gone for that event, the judges pool will be draw and awarded from the submission received.

With duplicates and past winners deleted, a random number generator is used to pick 25+ judges. Those Judges chosen from our website sign up are emailed and called and given 24 hours to respond with ID, MMJ card and answer to the requirements.

If no response is received within the time frame, those judges are dropped and the random number generator is used to pick replacements, and if no response on second picks are received we will repeat the process until all judge spots are filled.

Winners of Social media judge spots are announced on the platform they won on and connected with directly.

After verification of each Judges MMJ status they are able to pick up the judge kit and get started.


All results are tracked online through a secure survey system. Each category has its own set of questions that are answered on a 1-10 scale 10 being best.

After all the judge and lab results are back to Errl Cup, they are combined within an algorithm to produce our winners. (More info in Official Rules PDF) Disqualifying anything identified as hazardous or exceeds residual solvents of 500ppm. Both the test results and judges survey play large parts in who takes home the cup as do any level of residual solvents. (The closer to 0 the better)

The Errl Cup was established for the patients by patients to have a competition to determine the best marijuana/cannabis medicine in the State of Arizona.  Our competition will be open to every  legal state, dispensary and any MMJ Card Holder.

Event Day

errl cup 2017 crowd

Finally it is event day and time for the winners and losers.

All entries and test results are displayed in a huge area for patients to review.

We fill the rest of the festival area with cannabis related vendors and dispensaries from all over the country. Then add a full stage of live, local bands alongside some of Arizona’s best food trucks.

A VIP area to kick back and special events like the taste test challenge, hands on experience and more. We celebrate Arizona and clean medicine for 12 hours and announce who has the best and cleanest medicine in Arizona.

After a short after party we rinse and repeat, starting with secret shopping of a new category.  (We have 2 competitions per year)

Our events are for MMJ patients and will be free of charge to any valid MMJ Patients.

Patients can come and see our variety of vendors presenting their products and allowing patients to test their products free of charge.

We have

  • Entertainment
  • Live music
  • Food
  • Medication area
  • Awards show
  • many other marijuana and non-marijuana products, service, and information to better educate and inform our valued patients across the globe.

This will be a medicated event, where patients can bring up to one ounce of personal medication to The Errl Cup.

The Errl Cup will not allow any transfer of cash for medication of anytime, this event is free of charge and WILL NOT ALLOW THE SALE OR THE INTENT TO SELL AT THIS EVENT

Anyone failing to follow this will be removed from the event and appropriate action will follow.

All event attendees will have to the follow:

  • Valid ID or Drivers License
  • Valid Medical Marijuana Card

All event attendees will be check when entering the event for any and all medication.

Medication will be weight if EC staff believe it is more than allowed.

No Alcohol, Firearms, Animals (we love them but can not have then here), Weapons of any kinds, and any and all things EC staff feel to be non-allowable are NOT PERMITTED.

We hope that you join us for a celebration of Clean Medicine in Arizona. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have on the process at Errl Cup Request Information.


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