Errl Cup’s 710 Degree Cup Testing Results


The following analytical results are from samples that were independently acquired and submitted by The Errl Cup and it’s representatives. Results from C4 Laboratories were provided to and belong to the Errl Cup and it’s representatives. These samples were submitted on a “blind” basis so that C4 Laboratories did not know the name of the dispensary, caregiver, cultivator or manufacturer that the samples were obtained from or the strain or product name they have been labeled under.

Click on the link below and then view each testing results from the entries that competed for the Errl Cup, both patient and dispensary classes.

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Here are the Winners

Dispensary Indica Flower

1st Natures AZ Medicine – Sensi

2nd Herbal Wellness Center – Donna OG

3rd AZ Grass Roots – OG18

Dispensary Sativa Flower

1st Monarch – Green Crack

2nd Monarch – Durban Poison

3rd AZ Organix – Golden Goat

Dispensary CBD Flower

1st Natures AZ Medicine – Arianna #3

2nd Agronomy Innovations – Skunk Haze

3rd AZ Organix – Super Skunk

Dispensary CBD Concentrate

1st Agronomy Innovations – Kayla’s Care

2nd Natures AZ Medicine – CBD 0 Clear

3rd AZ Grass Roots – CBD OIL

Dispensary Indica Solvent

1st Yavapai Herbal – Kryptonite

2nd Urban Greenhouse – Sheila

3rd Sunflower Meds – Stink Bomb #1

Dispensary Sativa Solvent

1st Natures Wonder – Girl Scout Cookie

2nd Natures AZ Medicine – Golden Goat LR

3rd Natures Wonder – Jack Herer

Dispensary Indica Non Solvent

1st AZ Grass Roots – LR Syringe

2nd Encanto – Cherry

3rd AZ Grass Roots – Clear Syringe

Dispensary Sativa Non Solvent

1st AZ Organix – Sap

2nd AZ Grass Roots – LR Syringe

3rd AZ Grass Roots – Clear Syringe

Dispensary Vape Pen

1st AZ Organix – SAP

2nd Herbal Wellness Center – Paris OG

3rd AZ Grass Roots – LR Jack Herer

Dispensary Edible

1st Uncle Herbs – Bigfoot Bar

2nd Yavapai – Cake Pop

3rd Yavapai – Canna Honey

Patient Sativa Flower

1st Omni Potent Extract – White Fire

2nd TBR LLC – Master Kush

3rd Adv Organic Consult – Lemon Skunk

Patient Indica Flower

1st Adv Organic Consult – OG#18

2nd Adv Organic Consult – Redwood

3rd Omni Potent Extract – White Fire #1

Patient Solvent

1st Omni Potent Extract – White Fire #2

2nd Omni Potent Extract – White Fire #4

3rd TBR LLC – House Live Resin

Patient Non Solvent

1st TBR LLC – Pineapple Hash

Patient CBD

1st I hemp – I Hemp CBD

2nd Tru Infusion – Hemp CBD

3rd Tru Infusion – 5 Flavor hard Candy

Patient Edible

1st Tru Infusion – THC COLA

2nd Tru Infusion – Sour Apple Gummies

3rd Tru Infusions – Tincture

Thanks for entering the 710 Degree Cup.


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