5 Signs that show Arizona is a Top Market for Marijuana Product Sales

Here are five signs that show that Arizona is one of the Top Market for Marijuana Product Sales.  Arizona has grown over the past year with increases in number of MMJ patients, growth in searches for marijuana related things, and in many other aspects.

We put together this information to give companies, patients, and anyone that would like to know that Arizona is a growing market for Marijuana and Marijuana product sales.  We will go over the top 5 signs and where we got the data and how this data will effect how business is done in Arizona regarding Marijuana.


Arizona Top market marijuana product salesSign Number 1

Arizona Ranked #10 for most Enthused State for Marijuana.

Estately.com recently put out there list of the top 10 place in America where states are Enthused about Marijuana.  There was a surprise on this list, Arizona, coming in at number 10, which is 2 ahead of Alaska ranked at #12 and they are a recreational state.   Nice job Arizona.  Why we are ranked number 10 has to do with a lot of reasons.

Lets look at a few

  • #11 for Cheapest Weed Prices
  • #10 for Google search related to Marijuana
  • #15 for Most Pot Smokers by Population
  • #5 for Expressed interest in Marijuana related publication on Facebook

These are a few of the factors that were used to come up with the list from estately.com.  We have included a link to their post for more information.   Estately.com Post


arizona top market marijuana product salesSign Number 2

Arizona Rank #3 for best place for Cannabis Investment

Brightfield Group put out a list of the top place for Cannabis Investments.   Arizona came in number 3, after California, and Oregon.  This research took into account a lot of elements to determine the score.

Arizona Scores in Each Area

(1 begin the lowest and 10 begin the highest)

  • A Regulatory Environment – 2
  • Current Size of Saturation – 9
  • Size & Potential Current Market – 4
  • States willingness to work with Investors – 10
  • Legal & Political Respect of Investments – 6
  • Possible Growth – 8
  • Current Legal Conditions (Medical/Recreational) – 5

Arizona’s Total Score : 6.29.

There are a lot of factors that lead Brightfield Group to come to this conclusion.


arizona top market marijuana product salesSign Number 3

Arizona ranked number 4 in total cannabis sales in the United States.  Ahead OR which is  recreational state.

The Top 5

  • California – 49% of Market
  • Colorado – 30% of Market
  • Washington – 8% of Market
  • ARIZONA 6% of Market
  • Oregon 4% of Market


Total Cannabis Sales 2014  2.7 Billion

Estately.com Post


arizona top market marijuana product salesSign Number 4

Every Ten Billion Dollars in Cannabis Sales


One Billion Dollars in Paraphernalia Sales.




arizona top market marijuana product salesSign Number #5

Arizona has just passed Oregon, for the total amount of registered Medical Marijuana Patients.  Now ranking number 4 for most registered MMJ Patients.





”cannabisCredit:Jim Morrison via Errl Cup



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