420 Events Arizona

We have complete a list of 420 Events Arizona. Broken down by events that are now being held in Arizona.

This list is for Festival, Expo’s, Cup’s, and other events related to Cannabis Events in Arizona.

To be on our list it has to be

  • A Legal Event
  • Held in Arizona
  • Involves or Associated with Cannabis


Included in our list

  • A Comparison of each event
  • Listed Event Information from website/social media



1.  Errl Cup

errl cup logo

We had to start with one of our two events.  One of these is, Errl Cup a Cannabis Event and Awards Festival that is held the second week in January each year.  Its a Free event to all Medical Marijuana Card holders.  Featuring a competition for 21 different categories that both dispensaries and patients can compete in to Win the Errl Cup.

As you can see we are a unqnie events in Tempe, and is the only medical legal event in the state, besides the 710 Degree Cup.   This event was held on January 14, 2017 had over 5500 people in attendance, with over 74 vendors booths, with 55 different vendors.

We provided a great community atmosphere for patient to come enjoy, learn and socialize with out like minded individuals.

Register to for Free Admission for our event


2.  710 Degree Cup

710 degree cup logo

Another Errl Cup Event is held annually  event that is held in July every year in Phoenix Arizona.  It to celebrate the concentrate side of the industry, and the 710 holiday.   We go out and secret shop the dispensaries for the concentrates in Maricopa county and other dispensaries in Arizona.

Patients and Dispensaries are able to enter to Win the Cup in 21 different categories.  710 Degree Cup 2016 had attendance of over 3,300 people attended our event in 2016, with over 40 booths and 35 different vendors.    We  had over 160 entries to win the Cup.   This is  just one of the 420 Events Arizona that Errl Cup Events hold a year.

All attendance for this event is free, for Medical Marijuana Card Holders in Arizona and out-of-state MMJ card holders.   All attendees must have valid ID and Valid MMJ card.  No copies of MMJ card, no paper recommendations, no submitted to AZDHS paperwork and no expired cards.  Your card must be a physical card to get into our event, and the same goes for Out of State cardholders.

Register for Free Admission Today to attend this event.

3. Southwest Cannabis Expo

420 events arizona

Our next event  is a business to business cannabis expo that is held in October.  This will be the 3rd Annual Cannabis Expo, usually held at the Phoenix Convention Center.   Basically a show for vendors, dispensaries and people looking to get in the cannabis business.  They have a lot of vendors that are looking to get their products into the dispensaries in Arizona.

SWCC has education, speakers and other informational based meeting or speakers you can go see.  There speaker list this year is not out yet, but there event is not until October 12,13, & 14.   This business to business was set at $1500.00 a space to attend as a vendor and $50.00 to come as a attendee.

In 2016 they had several vendors from companies around Arizona and the United States.


4.  Imperious Cannabis Business Expo

420 Events arizona

New to Arizona and coming April 12th and 13th is the Imperious Cannabis Business Expo.  A newcomer to the Expo market in Arizona for Cannabis, having there last show in Tacoma WA.   Imperious is your standard business to business expo focused on getting people into the cannabis business, marketing to existing cannabis products and companies, and their ultimate goal is to get dispensaries in the area to come to the show so other companies can sell them there products.

No experience at this expo but it does seem very high prices at 2000 a booth for a 10×10 space, and $99.00 to attend and $160.00 for two days.  In my opinion pretty high prices for a show that has never come to the Valley.

The website shows that they will have speakers for these areas.

  • Cultivation
  • Growing Medium
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Licensing
  • Sustainability
  • Water

Here is the speakers they have lined up.  More information on this event to come.


That is our list of the 420 Events Arizona a Complete List and Comparison.   Please go check out each of these events for yourself and come up with your own opinion.  It nice to see that there is Cannabis Events that are coming to Arizona.

We hope you have a good time at any event that you attend.

See you at the Cup.

Errl Cup Team







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