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When attending Errl Cup events please be aware of the precautions in place to prevent the transmission of any illness. Your co-operation is required and appreciated to ensure a safe and eventful festival.

Top 10 4/20 Gifts for Cannabis Smokers

Do you know what you’re getting your favorite cannabis friends? Well we were not sure what we wanted to get our best buds so we set out to find some of the coolest cannabis gifts to give this 420 season. We looked at value, innovation, and functionality to come up with our favorites! That we will dubb the Errl Cup’s Top 10 420 gifts for cannabis smokers!

Cannabis Business Social Network

Top 12 Best Cannabis Social NetworkA Cannabis business social network or a forum. Is a place where people connect with others who are like-minded and exchange ideas about a certain lifestyle. This is the primary reason why many social networks developed today are...

How much CBD Should I take?

Asking, how much CBD should I take? Is a critical question that should be asked, because CBD like any substance should be researched in detail

Why does CBD work

Cannabidiol or “CBD” as it’s more commonly abbreviated is one of about 113 cannabinoid compounds present in the Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis and Cannabis Hemp plants.

CBD For Pain Relief?

There’s millions of CBD users but is there any science behind CBD for pain relief?

Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices

Lucky for you the Errl Cup staff spent the time, money and dabs trying out all the top e-nails, vaporizers, electric dab rigs, and vapes. Also lucky for you, I have inside access and am going to find out the Errl Cup Staff Personal Favorite Dabbing Devices.

Best Strain for Beginners to Grow

We reached out to our network, walked through a ton of gardens, smoked a cart load of joints and finally came up with a list of the best strains for a beginner to grow. Don’t worry these picks aren’t only easy to grow, they carry some heavy weight and some euphoric highs well worth your time.

Cannabis Testing in Arizona, The last of the medical states to mandate safety testing.

No one thought about cannabis testing in November of 1996 when 65% of Arizona voters said yes to Proposition 200. An initiative that allowed the use of cannabis with a doctor’s prescription. Unfortunately Proposition 200 was repealed shortly after by state...


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Here are the things you will need to know to attend the big day.

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